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[ANN][ANDROID MINING][AIRDROP] NewEnglandcoin: Scrypt RandomSpike

New England
New England 6 States Songs:
Symbol: NENG
NewEnglandcoin is a clone of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm with enhanced features to protect against 51% attack and decentralize on mining to allow diversified mining rigs across CPUs, GPUs, ASICs and Android phones.
Mining Algorithm: Scrypt with RandomSpike. RandomSpike is 3rd generation of Dynamic Difficulty (DynDiff) algorithm on top of scrypt.
1 minute block targets base difficulty reset: every 1440 blocks subsidy halves in 2.1m blocks (~ 2 to 4 years) 84,000,000,000 total maximum NENG 20000 NENG per block Pre-mine: 1% - reserved for dev fund ICO: None RPCPort: 6376 Port: 6377
NewEnglandcoin has dogecoin like supply at 84 billion maximum NENG. This huge supply insures that NENG is suitable for retail transactions and daily use. The inflation schedule of NengEnglandcoin is actually identical to that of Litecoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin are already proven to be great long term store of value. The Litecoin-like NENG inflation schedule will make NewEnglandcoin ideal for long term investment appreciation as the supply is limited and capped at a fixed number
Bitcoin Fork - Suitable for Home Hobbyists
NewEnglandcoin core wallet continues to maintain version tag of "Satoshi v0.8.7.5" because NewEnglandcoin is very much an exact clone of bitcoin plus some mining feature changes with DynDiff algorithm. NewEnglandcoin is very suitable as lite version of bitcoin for educational purpose on desktop mining, full node running and bitcoin programming using bitcoin-json APIs.
The NewEnglandcoin (NENG) mining algorithm original upgrade ideas were mainly designed for decentralization of mining rigs on scrypt, which is same algo as litecoin/dogecoin. The way it is going now is that NENG is very suitable for bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin hobbyists who can not , will not spend huge money to run noisy ASIC/GPU mining equipments, but still want to mine NENG at home with quiet simple CPU/GPU or with a cheap ASIC like FutureBit Moonlander 2 USB or Apollo pod on solo mining setup to obtain very decent profitable results. NENG allows bitcoin litecoin hobbyists to experience full node running, solo mining, CPU/GPU/ASIC for a fun experience at home at cheap cost without breaking bank on equipment or electricity.
MIT Free Course - 23 lectures about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Finance (Fall,2018)
CPU Minable Coin Because of dynamic difficulty algorithm on top of scrypt, NewEnglandcoin is CPU Minable. Users can easily set up full node for mining at Home PC or Mac using our dedicated cheetah software.
Research on the first forked 50 blocks on v1.2.0 core confirmed that ASIC/GPU miners mined 66% of 50 blocks, CPU miners mined the remaining 34%.
NENG v1.4.0 release enabled CPU mining inside android phones.
Youtube Video Tutorial
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 1 How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in Windows 10 Part 2
How to CPU Mine NewEnglandcoin (NENG) in macOS
Decentralization and Community Driven NewEnglandcoin is a decentralized coin just like bitcoin. There is no boss on NewEnglandcoin. Nobody nor the dev owns NENG.
We know a coin is worth nothing if there is no backing from community. Therefore, we as dev do not intend to make decision on this coin solely by ourselves. It is our expectation that NewEnglandcoin community will make majority of decisions on direction of this coin from now on. We as dev merely view our-self as coin creater and technical support of this coin while providing NENG a permanent home at ShorelineCrypto Exchange.
Twitter Airdrop
Follow NENG twitter and receive 100,000 NENG on Twitter Airdrop to up to 1000 winners
Graphic Redesign Bounty
Top one award: 90.9 million NENG Top 10 Winners: 500,000 NENG / person Event Timing: March 25, 2019 - Present Event Address: NewEnglandcoin DISCORD at:
Please complete above Twitter Bounty requirement first. Then follow Below Steps to qualify for the Bounty: (1) Required: submit your own designed NENG logo picture in gif, png jpg or any other common graphic file format into DISCORD "bounty-submission" board (2) Optional: submit a second graphic for logo or any other marketing purposes into "bounty-submission" board. (3) Complete below form.
Please limit your submission to no more than two total. Delete any wrongly submitted or undesired graphics in the board. Contact DISCORD u/honglu69#5911 or u/krypton#6139 if you have any issues.
Twitter Airdrop/Graphic Redesign bounty sign up:
NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation
RandomSpike - NENG core v1.3.0 Hardfork Upgrade Proposal
NENG Security, Decentralization & Valuation
Whitepaper v1.0
Step by step guide on how to setup an explorer:
Android with UserLand App (arm64/armhf), Chromebook (x64/arm64/armhf):
Linux Wallet (Ubuntu/Linux Mint, Debian/MX Linux, Arch/Manjaro, Fedora, openSUSE):
MacOS Wallet (10.11 El Capitan or higher):
Android with GNUroot on 32 bits old Phones (alpha release) wallet:
Windows wallet:
addnode ip address for the wallet to sync faster, frequently updated conf file:
How to Sync Full Node Desktop Wallet
Cheetah CPU Miner Software
Solo Mining with GPU or ASIC
How to Run Two Full Node in Same Desktop PC
ASIC/GPU Mining Pools Warning to Big ASIC Miners Due to DynDiff Algo on top of Scrypt, solo mining is recommended for ASIC/GPU miners. Further more, even for mining pools, small mining pool will generate better performance than big NENG mining pool because of new algo v1.2.x post hard fork.
The set up configuration of NENG for scrypt pool mining is same as a typical normal scrypt coin. In other word, DynDiff on Scrypt algo is backward compatible with Scrypt algo. Because ASIC/GPU miners rely on CPU miners for smooth blockchain movement, checkout bottom of "Latest News" section for A WARNING to All ASIC miners before you decide to dump big ASIC hash rate into NENG mining.
(1) Original DynDiff Warning: (2) New Warning on RandomSpike Spike difficulty (244k) introduced in RandomSpike served as roadblocks to instant mining and provide security against 51% attack risk. However, this spike difficulty like a roadblock that makes big ASIC mining less profitable. In case of spike block to be mined, the spike difficulty immediately serve as base difficulty, which will block GPU/ASIC miners effectively and leave CPU cheetah solo miners dominating mining almost 100% until next base difficulty reset.
Cminors' Pool
Features: anonymous sign up and trading. No restriction or limit on deposit or withdraw.
The trading pairs available: NewEnglandcoin (NENG) / Dogecoin (DOGE)
Trading commission: A round trip trading will incur 0.10% trading fees in average. Fees are paid only on buyer side. buy fee: 0.2% / sell fee: 0% Deposit fees: free for all coins Withdraw fees: ZERO per withdraw. Mining fees are appointed by each coin blockchain. To cover the blockchain mining fees, there is minimum balance per coin per account: * Dogecoin 2 DOGE * NewEnglandcoin 1 NENG
Latest News Aug 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.5 Released for Android/Chromebook Upgrade with armhf, better hardware support
Aug 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.4 Released for Android arm64 Upgrade / Chromebook Support
Jul 30, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.3 Released for Linux Wallet Upgrade with 8 Distros
Jul 21, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.2 Released for MacOS Upgrade with Catalina
Jul 19, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0.1 Released for MacOS Wallet Upgrade
Jul 15, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Released for Android Mining, Ubuntu 20.04 support
Jul 11, 2020 - NENG v1.4.0 Android Mining, randomSpike Evaluation
Jun 27, 2020 - Pre-Announce: NENG v1.4.0 Proposal for Mobile Miner Upgrade, Android Mining Start in July 2020
Jun 19, 2020 - Best Practice for Futurebit Moonlander2 USB ASIC on solo mining mode
Mar 15, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG v1.3.0.1 Released for better wallet syncing
Feb 23, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike - NENG Core v1.3.0 Relased, Hardfork on Mar 1
Feb 1, 2020 - Scrypt RandomSpike Proposal Published- NENG 1.3.0 Hardfork
Jan 15, 2020 - NewEnglandcoin Dev Team Expanded with New Kickoff
Jan 12, 2020 - Explanation of Base Diff Reset and Effect of Supply
Dec 19, 2019 - Shoreline_tradingbot version 1.0 is released
Sept 1, 2019 - NewEnglandcoin (NENG) is Selected as Shoreline Tradingbot First Supported Coin
Aug 15, 2019 - Mining Update on Effect of Base Difficulty Reset, GPU vs ASIC
Jul 7, 2019 - CPU Mining on macOS Mojave is supported under latest Cheetah_Cpuminer Release
Jun 1, 2019 - NENG Fiat project is stopped by Square, Inc
Apr 21, 2019 - NENG Fiat Project is Launched by ShorelineCrypto
Apr 7, 2019 - Announcement of Fiat Project for all U.S. Residents & Mobile Miner Project Initiation
Apr 1, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Mar 27, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Mar 17, 2019 - Disclosure on Large Buying on NENG at ShorelineCrypto Exchange
Feb 26, 2019 - Community Project - NewEnglandcoin Graphic Redesign Bounty Initiated
Feb 22, 2019 - Dev Policy on Checkpoints on NewEnglandcoin
Feb 20, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.1 Released to Secure the Hard Kork
Feb 11, 2019 - NewEnglandCoin v1.2.0 Released, Anti-51% Attack, Anti-instant Mining after Hard Fork
Jan 13, 2019 - Cheetah_CpuMiner added support for CPU Mining on Mac
Jan 12, 2019 - NENG Core v1.1.2 Released to support MacOS OSX Wallet
Jan 2, 2019 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.1.0 is released for both Linux and Windows
Dec 31, 2018 - Technical Whitepaper is Released
Dec 28, 2018 - Cheetah_Cpuminer v1.0.0 is released for Linux
Update on Dec 14, 2018 - NENG Blockchain Stuck Issue
Nov 27, 2018 - Exclusive for PC CPU Miners - How to Steal a Block from ASIC Miners
Nov 28, 2018 - How to CPU Mine a NENG block with window/linux PC
Nov 29, 2018 - A Warning to ASIC Miners
Disclosure: Dev Team Came from ShorelineCrypto, a US based Informatics Service Business offering Fee for service for Coin Creation, Coin Exchange Listing, Blockchain Consulting, etc.
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Building an Ethereum Mining Rig (13 GPU) - 4th part

Third update to the guide "Building a Mining Rig for Ethereum". The absolute first guide to building a RX Vega 64 8gb 13 GPU Mining Rig.
Reading this guide to building a 13 GPU Ethereum mining rig requires adequate knowledge of building and running an Ethereum Mining Rig. We therefore recommend a previous view of our Guide to build a Mining Rig and related updates.

Let's immediately list the hardware used:

- Asus Mining Master X370 mainboard
- Core i5 Coffee Lake CPU
- 480 or 500GB SSD
- 32Gb Ram
- 13 GPU RX Vega 64 8Gb
- 3 x 1000W power supplies
- 1 1200W power supply
- 8Gb USB stick

In this guide we will obviously not explain how to mount the hardware of a Rig. The only notes we wish to underline are the following:

- the 1200W power supply must be the primary one on which to connect 4 GPUs and the video output for the monitor

- all the risers, as well as obviously the GPUs, must be powered through the 8-pole connections of the power supplies. We strongly advise against the use of 6-pole ports. Therefore, have the appropriate number of cables available for all connections. Risers can also be powered in pairs.

- the model of the video card used is the Asus Rog Strixx Gaming RX Vega 64 8Gb

The operating system is Windows 10 updated to the latest version available. The tool for creating installation media is available at the following link to be able to use the USB key as a launcher for installing Windows 10 .

With the Asus Mining Master, the GPU risers can be connected directly to the motherboard via the USB cable, thus making one of the small components of the riser kits unusable.

After making all the connections on the motherboard, check that all GPUs are highlighted in green when the PC starts up. If not, move the USB cable on the motherboard one position. It may take at least 2 or 3 attempts.

Ethereum mining with 13 GPUs
Having solved this possible small inconvenience, let's proceed with the installation of the AMD Adrenaline 2020 drivers, always updated to the latest version, relating to the RX Vega Series.

If you want to proceed with more caution, the advice is to disconnect all the GPUs (remembering the locations of the USB cables) except one before installing the drivers.

The mining will be carried out on the Ethermine pool, our favorite, using the Claymore 15 software.

Once the download is complete, you will have to unzip the folder on the desktop and open the start.bat file contained in the Claymore folder using Notepad. The procedure is the usual one: delete the content and copy-paste the following command string:

start config.dll -epool -ewal "your ETH wallet address" -epsw x -worker "worker"

Where EthDcrMiner64.exe is the executable, -epool indicates the pool to mine and its port, -ewal is the wallet address and -epsw is the password that we leave blank (X).

In place of "your wallet address" you will have to put your Ethererum wallet and instead of worker you will enter an identification number in case you plan to build more RIGs (such as RIG1, RIG2, etc ...).

At the following link, many other useful commands for your Rig:

Try to run mining and check that the system is stable.

In the Payouts section, after a few minutes of mining, you can decide the minimum amount of Ether to be sent to your wallet by simply entering the IP address of the RIG.

We performed the mining directly on the Ethereum address of the Exodus wallet. Coinbase is not supported.

Overclocking with OverdriveNTool
Let's proceed now with the download of OverdrivenTool at the following link:

For those unfamiliar with it, we recommend reading our software guide.

For those who do not intend to experiment or do not completely trust their software experience, at the following link you can view the settings on the parameters of the GPUs and the RAM of the GPUs - and other small tricks - to obtain the best possible performance without forcing the cards too much. video.

On our Youtube channel (subscribe numerous !!!) you will now be able to see the video relating to the start of mining and the one concerning the stabilization phase.

To better cool the Rig we have also installed fans for the extraction of heat as caution is never too much. Moreover, there is also an aesthetic gain.

Conclusions on the guide to build a 13 gpu ethereum mining rig.
Finally, we conclude this guide by reporting what everyone was waiting for (we do not say how long we had to wait before obtaining this result) the video link complhttps: // V = k53XZn3zc9I & t = 61seto del Rig e del Mining .

We remain available for any advice, both on pools, on yield and on consumption.

Feel free to contact us in case you run into any problems where our guide to Building a 13 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig has not been completely helpful.

See you soon.

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
Ethereum: 0x8D7E456A11f4D9bB9e6683A5ac52e7DB79DBbEE7
Litecoin: LamSRc1jmwgx5xwDgzZNoXYd6ENczUZViK
Ripple: rUb8v4wbGWYrtXzUpj7TxCFfUWgfvym9xf

Telegram Channel:
Netbox Browser:
Horizen Faucet:
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I earned about 4000% more btc with my android tablet than with a $250 ASIC mini rig setup using GekkoScience Newpac USB miners!

1.) Android Device with access to Google Play Store. *I haven't tried yet but you may be able to use tis on Android TV devces as well by sideloading. If anyone has success before I try, let me know! -Note, I did this with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 so its a newer more powerful device. If your android is older, your profts will most likely be less than what I earned but to give a projected range I also tested on my Raspberry Pi 4 running a custom LineageOS rom that doesn't allow the OS to make full use of the Pi's specs and I still got 500 h/s on that with Cloud boost, so about 60% of what my Tab 6 with MUCH Higher Specs does.
**Hey guys. Before I get started i just wanted to be clear about one thing. Yes I have seen those scammy posts sharing "miracle" boosts and fixes. I have a hard time believing stuff online anymore. But this is honestly real. Ill attach photos and explain the whole story and process below. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to share any thoughts, concerns, tips, etc*
So last week I finally got started with my first mini rig type mining build. I started getting into crypto about a year ago and it has taken me a long time to even grasp half of the projects out there but its been fun thus far! Anyways my rig was 2 GekkoScience Newpac USB miners, a Moonlander USB miner to pair with an FPGA i already had mining, a 10 port 60W 3.0 USB hub and 2 usb fans. The Newpacs actually are hashing at a combined 280 g/s which is actually better than their reported max hash rate when overclocked. Pleasant surpise and they are simple!! I just wanted to get a moonlander because my fpga already mines on Odocrypt for DGB and I just wanted to experience Scrypt mining and help build the DGB project. The Newpacs are mining BTC though.
After I got everything up and running i checked my payout daily average after 1 week. I averaged .01 a day TOTAL between all three miners with them all perforing ABOVE SPEC!!! I had done research so i knew I wouldnt earn much. More than anything i just wanted to learn. But still. I was kinda surprised in a negative way. Yesterday I actually earned less than .01 Frustrated I went back to scouring the web for new ideas. About a year ago, when II was starting, I saw an app on my iphone called CryptoBrowser that claimed to mine btc on your phone without actually using phone resources using a method of cloud mining. I tried it for a week and quit because I earned like .03 after a ton of use and seemed scammy. Plus my iphone actually would get very hot when doing this so I quit using it as it seemed like a possible scam with all the cryptonight browser mining hacks and malware out there.
Anyways I was on my Galaxy Tab S6 and saw that CryptoBrowser released a "PRO" edition for 3.99 on Google Play. I bought it for Sh*ts and giggles and booted it up. It came with what they called "Cloud Boost" Essentially this is a button you press and it multiplys the estimated hashrate that it gives you device by the number shown on the boost button. (With the purchase of PRO you get one free x10 boost. You can purchase additional boosts to use with other android devices but those are actually pretty pricy. Another x10 boost was like $25 if i remember correctly).
I played with it for about an hour to see if it actually worked like it said it would this time. To my surprise, as i was browsing, my device didnt increase in temperature AT ALL!!!!! I checked my tast manager to confirm and it was indeed true, my memory and usage barely went up. it was giving me an estimated range of 80-105 on the hashrate. Once i pushed the x10 boost button, that went to 800-1150 h/s. I switched my screen to not go to sleep, plugged it to the charge and let it run on the browser page, hashing. When you push the boost button, it runs for 3 hours at the boosted speeds. After that it goes back to normal but if you press the button again, it boosts everything again. There is no limit to how many times you use it. After checking what I earned after 24 hours, I HAD MADE .40 in BTC!!!!! I JUST EARNED OVER 4000% MORE THAN MY $280 MINING RIG EARNED ME!!!! I was blown away. Maybe this was a fluke? I did it again next day. Every 3 hours or so I would push the button again but thats all. Sure enough, .35 that day. Also, it realy BTC. I requested a payout and although it took like 12 hours for them to send me an email stating they had just sent it, I actually did recieve the state amount of BTC within 24 hours in my personal wallet. The fees to send are SUPER LOW!. Like .01
Below I will list the steps I took, along with an explanation of thier "Mining" process on Androids. Reminder, this ONLY WORKS ON ANDROIDS. Also DO NOT use cryptobrowser on a physcal laptop or desktop. I ran it on an old laptop for three days last year and it fried it. It does actually use your hardware on those platforms to mine and it is not efficnet at all as I suspect they prob steal over half of your power for themselves using the REAL RandomX protocol via browser mining which is EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT DONT TRY IT!!
-----How To Do This Yourself:
Cryptotab Browser states the program works on Android devices by estimating what it thinks the hashrate would be for your device specs and siimulates what you would mine in a remote server however you still earn that estimated coin amount. It is not a SHA-256 process or coin that they say is mining, rather it is XMR and they swap that and pay it out to you in BTC Bitcoin. However I know damn well my Tab S6 doesnt hash 80-105 h/s on RandomX because I have done it with a moodified XMRig module i ported to Android. I got 5 h/s a sec if I was getting any hashes at all. But thats besides the point as I still was making money.
Now, when you press that cloud boost button it immediately boosts that hash rate it estimates by the number on the cloud boost. As stated above, you can purchase more boosts and gift them or use them on extra android devices that you may have. Again, they are pricey so I'm not doing that plus it would just mean that I have another device that I have to leave on and open. The boosts come in x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 variants. Again, they have unlimited uses.
Here is the link to grab yourself CryptoBrowser Pro from CryptoTab. This IS A REFERRAL LINK! This is where I benefit from doing tis tutorial. Like i said, I want to be transparent as this is not a scam but I'm also not doing this out of the love of my heart. Their referral system works in that people that use the donwload the app using your link are your stage 1 referrals. Anytime they are mining, you earn a 15% bonus. So say they mine $.30 one day. You would get paid out an additional $.045 in your own balance (it does not come out of the referred user balance fyi so no worries). Then lets say that referred miner also gets their own referrals. I would get a 10% bonus on whatever THOSE people mine. This goes on and on for like 8 tiers. Each tier the bonus percntage essential halves. So again, I stand to benefit from this but it also is stupid to not make this visible as its WAY CHEAPER, EASIER AND MORE PROFITABLE TO GET BTC USING THIS METHOD THAN IT IS USING ASICS!! THIS EARNS ALMOST AS MUCH BTC AS AN ANTMINER S7 DOES RUNNING 24/7 ONLY WITHOUT THE HUGE ELLECTRICTY BILL AND COSTS!!!!)
Thats it. Again, if you have concerns, let me know or if you have suggestions, other tips, etc... mention those as well!!!
Links to Picture Proof
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I literally have tens of thousands of dollars in top-shelf hardware, looking to repurpose some before selling on eBay to build a NAS system, possibly a dedicated firewall device as well. o_O

Q1) What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**

A1) This will be a dedicated NAS system for my home network. As such, I'm looking to have it:

- Host ##TB's of 720, 1080 & up resolution Movies and TV Shows I'm about to begin ripping from a MASSIVE DVD & Blueray collection I have.

- My kids are big on Minecraft. I understand it's possible to host your own "worlds" (or whatever they call the maps you can build) on your own "server". I think it would be pretty neat to offer them (& their friends - if can be done 'safely/securely') their own partition on one of my NAS HDD's.

- I also have accounts with a couple diff VPN companies... I understand it's possible (?) to sync said VPN's with a NAS, this might be a more relative topic on the next point/purpose...

- I'd like to be able to remotely link to this NAS for when I travel overseas and want to stream at my temp location from my house/this NAS.
Q2) What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**

* A2) Here's where I make matters more complicated than most others would... I've been an advocate for Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in general since 2013. I invested in a small mining outfit back in 2014 (strictly Bitcoin/ASIC's). One of my buddies is the President of a large-scale mining operation (foreign and domestic) and he convinced me to dabble in the GPU mining-space. I made my first hardware purchase in Q4, 2017 and launched a small-scale GPU-Farm in my house since then. I had the rigs mining up until Q3 of 2018 (not cost-efficient to keep on, especially living in SoFlo) and since then, the hardware's been collecting dust (& pissing off my family members since they lost access to 3X rooms in the house - I won't let anyone go near my gear). One of my New Years Resolutions for 2019 was to clear out the house of all my mining equipment so that's all about to go up on eBay. So "budget" is relative to whatever I "MUST" spend if I can't repurpose any of the parts I already have on hand for this build... (Anyone having something I "need" and is looking to barter for one of the items I'll list later on in here, LMK).
Q3) When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**

Q4) What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**

A4) Well I had a half-assed idea approximately 1 year ago that it might be wise to build a bunch of 'gaming rigs' to sell on eBay with my intended repurposed mining hardware so I went on a shopping spree for like 6 months. That said; I've got a plethora of various other components that aren't even unboxed yet. 90% of the items I've purchased for this additional project were items that were marked down via MIR (mail-in-rebates) & what-not...
AFAIK, there are only 3X items I absolutely do not have which I 'MUST' find. Those would be - 1) Motherboard which accepts "ECC RAM". 2) CPU for said MOBO. 3) Said "ECC RAM".\* 
Q5) Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**

A5) I'm located in Southwest Florida. No Microcenter's here. Best Buy is pretty much my only option although I am a member of Newegg, Amazon & Costco if that makes any difference?
Q6) If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**

A6) In an attempt to better clean up this Q&A, I'm going to list the items I have on-hand at the end of this questionnaire in-case passers-by feel like this might be a TLDR.* (Scroll to the bottom & you'll see what I mean).
Q7) Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**

A7) I don't think that's necessary for my intended purpose although - I'm not against it if that helps & FWIW, I'm pretty skilled @ this task already (it's not rocket science).
Q8) Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**

A8) As stated in A4; ECC RAM is non-negotiable... RAID seems like a logical application here as well.

- This will predominantly be receiving commands from MacOS computers. I don't think that matters really but figured it couldn't hurt to let you guys know.\*

- I'd also be quite fond of implementing "PFSENSE" (or something of that caliber) applied to this system so I could give my Netgear Nighthawks less stress in that arena, plus my limited understanding of PFSENSE is that it's ability to act as a firewall runs circles around anything that comes with consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers (like my Nighthawks). Just the same, I'm open to building a second rig just for the firewall.\*

- Another desirable feature would be that it draws as little electricity from the wall as possible. (I'm EXTREMELY skilled in this arena. I have "Kill-A-Watts" to test/gauge on, as well as an intimate understanding of the differences between Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium rated PSU's. As well as having already measured each of the PSU's I have on-hand and taken note of the 'target TDP draw' ("Peak Power Efficiency Draw") each one offers when primed with X amount of GPU's when I used them for their original purpose.\*

- Last, but not least, sound (as in noise created from the rig). I'd like to prop this device up on my entertainment center in the living room. I've (almost) all of the top-shelf consumer grade products one could dream of regarding fans and other thermal-related artifacts.

- Almost forgot; this will be hosting to devices on the KODI platform (unless you guys have better alternative suggestions?)
Q9) Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**

A9) Definitely! Desired theme would be WHITE. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, black or gray would suffice. Regarding "Case Size". Nah, that's not too important although I don't foresee a mini-ITX build making sense if I'm going to be cramming double digit amounts of TB in the system, Internal HDD's sounds better than a bunch of externals plugged in all the USB ports.
Q10) Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**

A10) I don't know. If I do need a copy of Windows, I don't have one so that's something I'll have to consider I guess. I doubt that's a necessity though.
**Extra info or particulars:*\*

AND NOW TO THE FUN-STUFF... Here's a list of everything (PARTS PARTS PARTS) I have on-hand and ready to deploy into the wild &/or negotiate a trade/barter with:

Corsair Carbide Series Air 540 Arctic White (Model# Crypto-Currency-9011048-WW) - (Probably my top pick for this build).
Cooler Master HAF XB EVO (This is probably my top 1st or 2nd pick for this build, the thing is a monster!).
Cooler Master Elite 130 - Mini ITX - Black
Cooler Master MasterBox 5 MID-Tower - Black & White
Raidmax Sigma-TWS - ATX - White
MasterBox Lite 5 - ATX - Black w/ diff. Colored accent attachments (included with purchase)
NZXT S340 Elite Matte White Steel/Tempered Glass Edition
EVGA DG-76 Alpine White - Mid Tower w/ window
EVGA DG-73 Black - Mid Tower w/ window (I have like 3 of these)

CPU's -
***7TH GEN OR BELOW INTEL's ("Code Name Class mentioned next to each one)**\*
Pentium G4400 (Skylake @54W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC CAPABLE"
Celeron G3930 (Kaby Lake @ 51W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC CAPABLE" :)
i5 6402P (Skylake @65W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i5 6600k (Skylake @ 91W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i7 6700 (Skylake @ 65W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(
i7 7700k (Kaby Lake @ 95W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(

***8TH GEN INTEL's **\*
i3-8350K (Coffee Lake @91W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "ECC FRIENDLY" :)
I5-8600K (Coffee Lake @95W TDP) - Intel ARK states is "NOT ECC CAPABLE" :(

***AMD RYZEN's **\*
Ryzen 3 2200G
Ryzen 5 1600
Ryzen 7 1700X


EVGA Z270 Stinger

GIGABYTE Z370XP SLI (Rev. 1.0)



Way too many to list, nothing but 4 & 8GB DDR4 sticks and unfortunately, none are ECC so it's not even worth mentioning/listing these unless someone reading this is willing to barter. At which time I'd be obliged to send an itemized list or see if I have what they're/you're specifically looking for.\*
BeQuiet -
Pure Wings 2 (80mm)
Pure Wings 2 (120mm)
Pure Wings 2 (140mm)
Silent Wings 3 PWM (120mm)

PoopBrown - NF-A20 PWM (200mm) Specifically for the BIG "CoolerMaster HAF XB EVO" Case
GREY - NF-P12 Redux - 1700RPM (120mm) PWM
Corsair -
Air Series AF120LED (120mm)

NT-HH 1.4ml Thermal Compound
NH-D15 6 Heatpipe system (this thing is the tits)

EVGA (Extremely crappy coding in the software here, I'm like 99.99% these will be problematic if I were to try and use in any OS outside of Windows, because they barely ever work in the intended Windows as it is).
CLC 240 (240mm Water-cooled system
Cryorig C7 Cu (Low-Profile Copper Edition*)

A few other oversized CPU cooling systems I forget off the top of my head but a CPU cooler is a CPU cooler after comparing to the previous 3 models I mentioned.
I almost exclusively am using these amazing "Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pads" as an alternative to thermal paste for my CPU's. They're not cheap but they literally last forever.

NZXT - Sentry Mesh Fan Controller
BeQuiet 550W Straight Power 11 (GOLD)

750P2 (750W, Platinum)
850P2 (850W, Platinum)
750T2 (750W, TITANIUM - yeah baby, yeah)

Quark 750W Platinum
Quark 650W Platinum

Focus 750W Platinum
HGST Ultrastar 3TB - 64mb Cache - 7200RPM Sata III (3.5)
4X Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD's
2X Team Group L5 LITE 3D 2.5" SSD's 480GB
2X WD 10TB Essential EXT (I'm cool with shucking)
+ 6X various other external HDD's (from 4-8TB) - (Seagate, WD & G-Drives)

Other accessories worth mentioning -
PCI-E to 4X USB hub-adapter (I have a dozen or so of these - might not be sufficient enough &/or needed but again, 'worth mentioning' in case I somehow ever run out of SATA & USB ports and have extra external USB HDD's. Although, I'm sure there would be better suited components if I get to that point that probably won't cost all that much).
Needless to say, I have at least 1X of everything mentioned above. In most all cases, I have multiples of these items but obviously won't be needing 2X CPU's, Cases, etc...

Naturally, I have GPU's. Specifically;

At least 1X of every. Single. NVIDIA GTX 1070 TI (Yes, I have every variation of the 1070 ti made by MSI, EVGA and Zotac. The only brand I don't have is the Gigabyte line. My partners have terrible experience with those so I didn't even bother. I'm clearly not going to be needing a GPU for this build but again, I'm cool with discussing the idea of a barter if anyone reading this is in the market for one.

I also have some GTX 1080 TI's but those are already spoken for, sorry.

It's my understanding that select CPU's I have on this list are ECC Friendly and AFAIK, only 1 of my MOBO's claims to be ECC Friendly (The ASROCK AB350M PRO4), but for the life of me, I can't find any corresponding forums that confirm this and/or direct me to a listing where I can buy compatible RAM. Just the same, if I go w/ the ASROCK MOBO, that means I'd be using one of the Ryzens. Those are DEF. power hungry little buggers. Not a deal-breaker, just hoping to find something a little more conservative in terms of TDP.

In closing, I don't really need someone to hold my hand with the build part as much as figuring out which motherboard, CPU and RAM to get. Then I'm DEFINITELY going to need some guidance on what OS is best for my desired purpose. If building 2X Rigs makes sense, I'm totally open to that as well...

Oh, I almost forgot... The current routers I'm using are...
1X Netgear Nighthawk 6900P (Modem + Router)
1X Netgear Nighthawk X6S (AC 4000 I believe - Router dedicated towards my personal devices - no IoT &/or Guests allowed on this one)
1X TP-Link Archer C5 (Router). Total overkill after implementing the Nighthawks but this old beast somehow has the best range, plus it has 2X USB ports so for now, it's dedicated towards my IoT devices.
---- I also have a few other Wi-Fi routers (Apple Airport Extreme & some inferior Netgear's but I can only allocate so many WiFi Routers to so many WiFi channels w/out pissing off my neighbors) On that note, I have managed to convince my neighbors to let me in their house/WiFi configuration so we all have our hardware locked on specific, non-competing frequencies/channels so everyone's happy. :)

Please spare me the insults as I insulted myself throughout this entire venture. Part of why I did this was because when I was a kid, I used to fantasize about building a 'DREAM PC' but could never afford such. To compensate for this deficiency, I would actually print out the latest and greatest hardware components on a word document, print the lists up & tape to wall (for motivation). I was C++ certified at the age of 14 and built my first PC when I was 7. At the age of 15 I abandoned all hope in the sector and moved on to other aspirations. This entire ordeal was largely based off me finally fulfilling a childhood fantasy. On that note = mission accomplished. Now if I'm actually able to fulfill my desires on this post, I'm definitely going to feel less shitty about blowing so much money on all this stuff over the last couple years.

TIA for assisting in any way possible. Gotta love the internets!


EDIT/UPDATE (5 hours after OP) - My inbox is being inundated with various people asking for prices and other reasonable questions about my hardware being up for sale. Not to be redundant but rather to expound on my previous remarks about 'being interested in a bartetrade' with any of you here...

I did say I was going to sell my gear on eBay in the near future, I also said I wanted to trade/barter for anything relative to helping me accomplish my OP's mission(s). I'm not desperate for the $$$ but I'm also not one of those people that likes to rip other people off. That said; I value my time and money invested in this hardware and I'm only willing to unload it all once I've established I have ZERO need for any of it here in my home first. Hence my writing this lengthy thread in an attempt to repurpose at least a grand or two I've already spent.

One of the most commonly asked questions I anticipate receiving from interested bodies is going to be "How hard were you on your hardware?" Contrary to what anyone else would have probably done in my scenario which is say they were light on it whether they were or weren't, I documented my handling of the hardware, and have no problem sharing such documentation with verified, interested buyers (WHEN THE TIME COMES) to offer you guys peace of mind.

I have photo's and video's of the venture from A-Z. I am also obliged to provide (redacted) electricity bill statements where you can correlate my photo's (power draw on each rig), and also accurately deduct the excess power my house consumed with our other household appliances. Even taking into consideration how much (more) I spent in electricity from keeping my house at a constant, cool 70-72F year-round (via my Nest thermostat). Even without the rigs, I keep my AC @ 70 when I'm home and for the last 1.5-2 years, I just so happened to spend 85% of my time here at my house. When I would travel, I'd keep it at 72 for my wife & kids.
Additionally; I had each GPU 'custom' oveunderclocke'd (MSI Afterburner for all GPU's but the EVGA's).*
I doubt everyone reading this is aware so this is for those that don't.... EVGA had the brilliant idea of implementing what they call "ICX technology" in their latest NVIDIA GTX GPU's. The short(est) explanation of this "feature" goes as follows:

EVGA GPU's w/ "ICX 9 & above" have EXTRA HEAT/THERMAL SENSORS. Unlike every other GTX 1070 ti on the market, the one's with this feature actually have each of 2/2 on-board fans connected to individual thermal sensors. Which means - if you were to use the MSI Afterburner program on one of these EVGA's and create a custom fan curve for it, you'd only be able to get 1/2 of the fans to function the way intended. The other fan simply would not engage as the MSI Afterburner software wasn't designed/coded to recognize/ communicate with an added sensor (let alone sensor'S). This, in-turn, would likely result in whoever's using it the unintended way having a GPU defect on them within the first few months I'd imagine... Perhaps if they had the TDP power settings dumbed down as much as I did (60-63%), they might get a year or two out of it since it wouldn't run as near as hot, but I doubt any longer than that since cutting off 50% of the cooling system on one of these can't be ignored too long, surely capacitors would start to blow and who knows what else...
(Warning = RANT) Another interesting side-note about the EVGA's and their "Precision-X" OveUnderclocking software is that it's designed to only recognize 4X GPU's on a single system. For miners, that's just not cool. My favorite builds had 8X and for the motherboards that weren't capable of maintaining stable sessions on 8, I set up with 6X. Only my EVGA Rigs had 3 or 4X GPU's dedicated to a single motherboard. Furthermore, and as stated in an earlier paragraph, (& this is just my opinion) = EVGA SOFTWARE SUCKS! Precision X wasn't friendly with every motherboard/CPU I threw at it and their extension software for the CLC Close-Loop-Cooling/ CPU water-coolers simply didn't work on anything, even integrating into their own Precision-X software. The amount of time it took me to finally find compatible matches with that stuff was beyond maddening. (END RANT).
Which leads me to my other comments on the matter. That's what I had every single 1070 ti set at for TDP = 60-63%. Dropping the power load that much allowed me to bring down (on average) each 1070 ti to a constant 110-115W (mind you, this is only possible w/ "Titanium" rated PSU's, Platinum comes pretty damn close to the Titanium though) while mining Ethereum and was still able to maintain a bottom of 30 MH/s and a ceiling of 32 MH/s. Increasing the TDP to 80, 90, 100% or more only increased my hashrates (yields) negligibly, like 35-36 MH/s TOPS, which also meant each one was not only pulling 160-180W+ (Vs. the aforementioned 115'ish range), it also meant my rigs were creating a significantly greater amount of heat! Fortunately for the GPU's and my own personal habits, I live in South Florida where it's hot as balls typically, last winter was nothing like this one. Increasing my yields by 10-15% didn't justify increasing the heat production in my house by >30%, nor the added electricity costs from subjecting my AC handlers to that much of an extra work-load. For anyone reading this that doesn't know/understand what I'm talking about - after spending no less than 2-3 hours with each. and. every. one. I didn't play with the settings on just one and universally apply the settings to the rest. I found the 'prime' settings and documented them with a label-maker and notepad. Here's the math in a more transparent manner:

*** I NEVER LET MY GPU's BREACH 61C, EVER. Only my 8X GPU rigs saw 60-61 & it was the ones I had in the center of the build (naturally). I have REALLY high power fans (used on BTC ASIC MINERS) that were sucking air from those GPU's which was the only way I was able to obtain such stellar results while mining with them. **\*
Mining at "acceptable" heat temps (not acceptable to me, but most of the internet would disagree = 70C) and overclocking accordingly brings in X amount of yields per unit. =
'Tweaking' (underclocking) the GPU's to my parameters reduced my yield per unit from -10-15%, but it SAVED me well over 30-35% in direct electricity consumption, and an unknown amount of passive electricity consumption via creating approximately 20%+ less heat for my AC handler to combat.

I say all this extra stuff not just for anyone interested in mining with their GPU's, but really to answer (in-depth) the apparent questions you people are asking me in PM's. Something else that should help justify my claims of being so conservative should be the fact I only have/used "Platinum and Titanium" rated PSU's. Heat production, power efficiency and longevity of the hardware were ALWAYS my top priority.* . I truly thought Crypto would continue to gain and/or recover and bounce back faster than it did. If this project had maintained positive income for 12 months+, I'd have expanded one of our sites to also cater to GPU mining on a gnarly scale.

Once I have my NAS (& possibly 2nd rig for the firewall) successfully built, I'll be willing/able to entertain selling you guys some/all of the remaining hardware prior to launching on eBay. If there's something you're specifically looking for that I listed having, feel free to PM me with that/those specific item(s). Don't count on an immediate response but what you can count on is me honoring my word in offering whoever asks first right of refusal when the time comes for me to sell this stuff. Fortunately for me, PM's are time-stamped so that's how I'll gauge everyone's place in line. I hope this extra edit answers most of the questions you guys wanted to have answered and if not, sorry I guess. I'll do my best to bring light to anything I've missed out on after I realize whatever that error was/is. The only way anyone is getting first dibs on my hardware otherwise is if they either offer compelling insight into my original questions, or have something I need to trade w/.

THE END (Round#2)

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Need some troubleshooting help! Riser 008s and R3c

This project isn't for gpu mining but I know these risers are mainly used for this purpose so I thought I might get some good feedback here. My project is that I have an itx board with a single x16 pcie slot. It also has 3 m.2 pcie gen3 x4 slots. I have one free m.2 slot and wanted to convert that to x16 via riser. I wanted a 2nd low power silent gpu added to the rig. I went with the fanless msi 1030. It has a max draw of ~30w so I figured sata power would be safe. I purchased this and this to test with. Neither work!! So it must be something on my end?? The first part is fairly standard, the difference being I'm going to a m.2 slot where most of you are coming from x1 or x4. "In theory" this should just work! I'll start with the 2nd part since it's very simple: m.2 connector -> x16 socket + sata power. I hooked this up, seated the gpu and booted up. Nothing. Not even bios. I pulled the gpu and booted. Bios worked and booted up (running a 1080ti direct on the board). Installed the gpu back and nothing. I bought the 1030 used so I pulled the 1080ti and installed the 1030 direct to the mb. Works! So then I thought maybe the riser is bad or that sata power is insufficient seeing that most gpus would also have 6+8pin direct whereas mine has no external power. So I swapped risers out. This time the 008s with additional power connectors. Exact same thing. First I powered via pci only. Then sata+pci. And finally sata+pci+molex. In all situations the red led lit up. In all situations if I do not have the gpu plugged in it boots up fine. The strange thing is I never get into bios. No speaker or post lcd on this board so my troubleshooting is limited. And to note I test both gpu hdmi ports just to make sure one vs the other was set to primary. I got lazy and just looked at my mouse to light up to see if it booted. The mouse stayed dark, implying it never posted. Any help would be greatly appreciated! solved I have two m.2. ports which are pcie only. I have 1 port that is pcie/sata. the suggestion by u/sqrtlurface was to use the pcie/sata port and now the 1030 is being recognized in both linux and windows.
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UpgradeMeAPC? Hoping to (re)build a "do-everything" PC; what devices might I need, and need to upgrade?

I already have a desktop PC, but I am planning a summer project with my roommates to upgrade some of it and have a wall-mounted, water-cooled, monster-of-a-machine that essentially "does everything," within relatively-sane reason. The wall mounting is completely up to us and still in the planning stages, but the advantage here is that it allows us to craft a case that can potentially fit all kinds of neat things in/on it, from the watercooling rig we're looking into to the buttload of additional drives (hard drives and otherwise) we may want to stick onto it.

"Does everything" essentially means that we'd be hoping to be able to do effectively anything from game, burn CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs, read ZIP (yep, we still have some of those around) and 5.5"/3.25" disks, "professionally" (one of us is a graphic designer for a local magazine, so there's that) edit photos and video, record home-studio-quality sound (I record audiobooks for my students, for example), maybe even mine bitcoin (lol?) and more.

Some of the parts I have already include:
- GeForce GTX 1080 G1 ( , probably need a better one or a second one if we do the bitcoin....erm...thing. This is probably the part I'm least willing to upgrade, as they tend to be the most expensive, but I'm still all ears)
- Intel Core i5 660K 3.5GHz CPU ( , could maybe upgrade)
- Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 D2666MHz C16 memory ( , definitely open to upgrading this)
- ASUS Z170-A Mainboard (, likely need to update this based on our "needs" for the build we're hoping to accomplish )
- FocusRite Scarlett Solo USB Audio Interface ( )
- Behringer B-1 Condenser Microphone ( , also have a pretty nice stand and filters for it but am open to further suggestions. Not looking to upgrade the microphone itself but if you want to recommend a nice desktop stand for it, or cables, or pop filters, or whatever, I'm all ears!)
- 5-port PCI USB (, willing to upgrade if this one happens to be a piece of junk )
It also has two internal hard drives (I can upgrade these how/whenever, doesn't really matter right now but I'm looking for high-capacity recommendations), and a whole lot of USB interfacing (keyboard and mouse are separate, microphone is another, have an external blu-ray drive, a Bluetooth USB dongle, a Playstation DexDrive, and more).
Recommendations for layouts are absolutely welcome (like I said, we're still just planning right now) and for other components like fans and watercooling components are also welcome and appreciated. We're not flying blind, but we ARE flying with essentially just guidance from Google and what other subreddits turn up.

I'm not super sure where or how to start, since the PC I have now is the first PC I've built since 2000, so any help is appreciated!
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Repost - I hate my Fucking Mining rig! (Not really)(Long)

Wanted to write a short write up on my journey of Crypto mining for some of the newer people and people who want to get into it. Not trying to discourage anyone from starting, but want to show the progression of a newbie.
So I am a good with computers and learned of Bitcoin when it was about $7 a coin. Laughed at the idea of some computer doing some math and getting some BS currency. Million dollar mistake on my part, but hindsight is always 20/20.
Anyways, Learned about ethereum in May. Bought some at around $180 and bought all the way up to $330. Now to the mining rig. Ran all of the calculations and with a 180 hashrate and 900 watts I was gonna get 6-7 Eth per month. Shit was gonna be profitable in under 3 months. I was gonna be a fucking crypto allstar and be rich as fuck!
Bought all of my parts literally the day before they were nonexistent. Literally bought the last RX480's from Amazon. Here is a list of my parts.
Asrock board Pentium dual core processor 4 Gb of ram 128 gb SSD 1200 watt Rosewill PSU 6 Sata to Molex PCI Risers (Junk) 6 RX480's - 2 Asus Strix, 4 Gigabyte Total cost - Roughly $2,500 (Pennies compared to my future ROI)
Please keep in mind that I am not posting every single miner issue that I ran into such as fucking with Wattman for a few weeks before learning about Trixx and Afterburner.
I've built computers before, so that part wasn't hard. Set everything up and get windows 10 running.
Problem 1 - Computer doesn't see all of the cards. Had to run the drivers a few times and tweak some shit, but got all 6 cards seen.
Miner hurdle (See what I did there) but off to the races. Let's get this bitch running so I can begin planning my retirement.
Get Claymore running, Got Trixx to overclock. Ran my cards at -96, 1200, 2200 fans at 85% (Cause I'm cool like that.) Major stability issues from the start. 1 card (Asus) would crash all the time. Didn't know about the watch dog feature in claymore that would restart my rig when a card crashed. Great feature but my computer would go into this state of having power, but not loading the operating system. Even if it did restart, most of the time claymore would get stuck right before setting the dag's and would just lock up. (Claymore program is awesome by the way, this was my rigs fault)
Could not get this fucking Asus card to stop crashing, even on stock settings. Sent the bitch back RMA style. Asus said something was wrong and sent me a new one.
Awesome, lets get this bitch running. I need to start looking at sick houses in Costa Rica to move to once I am rich as Fuck!
New card makes things better for a few days. Not 100% stable but better. Go to vegas for a driving thing (Race cars - Future rich guy stuff) and this mechanical demon starts crashing every few hours. Luckily I had Google remote desktop installed so I could log on and restart it or change settings in Trixx. Had to have my GF unplug it and plug it in a few times.
Get back home, fuck with this thing but still random crashes on random cards. Decide it is the PCI risers. Contact seller who will send me some more for free. Slow boat from china took two weeks to get them. They arrive but still some of them are bad. Can't seem to piece together 6 good ones.
Did some research online (Ethereum Forum and Reddit) and decided to get some new style of risers V007 6 Pin to Sata ($70) and they take a month to get here. Plug them all in and they seem to be working much better. Decent stability, But I ain't got time for fucking stock bios. Let's ramp these bitches up and get 32 MHs per card at 600 watts from the wall!
Actually flashing the bios was pretty easy. Thank you 6 pound 9 ounce baby jesus! Long story short had some major stability issues and bounced around with some different timing straps before finding the right ones. (Uber 3.1 for Samsung memory)
So now that we've got some good hash speeds and decent stability let's ramp this private ATM up a little bit by dual mining some Decred. Get dual mining up and running. go to sleep. Wake up the next morning expecting to see myself on the top 100 forbes list. look at my mining rig stats on my phone and see that it died roughly and hour after I went to sleep. Walked toward my rig on the red carpet I had just installed and saw that it was off. Flicked on the light to check it out. No light, WTF? Well I'll be god damned, no power in this whole fucking room. Checked my breakers and sure enough this metal motherfucker tripped my breaker.
No worries though. I'm smart as fuck. I'll just undervolt the shit out of it to get the power down. No way in hell I am just mining ether. I'm going balls to the wall!
As you can expect I had many days of stability issues and tripped breakers. But fuck it, I have homeowners insurance. Burning it to the ground will be covered. (Didn't happen)
My surge protector must be maxed out. Let's buy a bigger one ($25). Same issues.
Fuck Decred, I'll mine SIA, less power. Damn I'm smart.
Rig is more stable with Sia and no tripped breakers. Family medical emergency, have to fly north for a few days. But my rig has been fairly stable and I've got remote desktop if anything goes wrong.
Arrive at airport, check mining stats, rig is down. No worries remote desktop. FUCK, not responsive, no way to remote into the rig and no way to remotely power it off and on.
Lost 4 days of mining. But no worries the difficulty is only, Holy shit that's high! But the price of Ether will make up for it. Ether crashed to the $200's. Oh well, maybe a 10 room house in Costa instead of a 12. No sweat.
Get back to my house and this whore of a machine is just sitting there in a computer coma. It's on but it's not. LED lights glaring at me like "Fuck you human, I ain't doing your stupid math problems!" Fuck you machine, I'm your master. You will do my math problems and you will fucking like it.
My AMD Drivers seem to disappear and the computer goes into a coma like state. Someone on Reddit suggested using the 16.9.2 drivers. Installed and they worked better.
Still random crashing. This shitty PSU must be maxed out. Fuck you PSU, I'm getting you a little brother (EVGA 750 gold $120.)
What do you mean you have to jerry rig a second PSU so it starts without being connected to a motherboard? 2 more hours of my life wasted.
But finally some stability. On my way to being fucking rich. I start looking at people in bentley's and can only laugh. You dumb fuck, I'm gonna be way richer then you. Gonna get a Bugatti for each day of the week.
Damn this difficulty is a bitch. Fuck you Genesis Mining and your pallets of GPU's. You're killing me smalls!
But anyway, on my way to rolling around in my fuck you money!
Fuck you dag file 135, you're killing my future millions. Fuck you dag 138, you dropped me to 167 mhs.
Thank god AMD was there to save my ass with their dope ass blockchain drivers.
download, run DDU, Restart, install drivers, restart, run pixel patch, restart. Perfect, I'm in the money now! I can taste the caviar and champagne already.
Now my cards only run 4 Mhs each. WTF? Try a bunch of the other new drivers. Same shit. Roll back to 16.9.2 and they run fine, just at 167 instead of 180.
Someone on a forum said he had the same issue and did a fresh install of windows 10 and it worked.
So I'll just reformat my SSD (Windows wouldn't do a fresh install within the operating system. Fuck you Bill Gates! Gonna buy you once I get this thing running at 180.)
Format SSD, plug back in, throw in my gangster ass boot USB drive. Ramdisk error. Fuck you Bill Gates! Reformat SSD multiple times, lots of forum reading. Install windows from another computer through command prompt (I'm a coder now as well.) This shit has got to work, I did it in command prompt bitches!
Same fucking error. Now down to an 8 bedroom house in Costa and only 6 Bugattis.
Let's try unplugging my 6 cards and see if that works. Thank you 6 pound 9 ounce baby jesus. Windows installed.
New drivers work and I'm back at 180! Raking in the cash now.
With those speeds my Asus cards crashed. Had to dial down the hashrate to 177.5 for them to be stable. So now going to use some commands in claymore to run the Asus cards at lower speeds while letting my other cards mine harder.
I wrote this to let people know that mining isn't all Bugatti's and caviar. These machines are fickle little cunts that do what they want. No system is the same. So when you post on a forum, people will give you advice on what may work. But what works for them, may not work on your rig. In the end it's up to you to figure it out.
I have spent countless hours after work and on weekends working on this bitch. Hell I've probably spent a few hours just staring at it and thinking about all of the ways I could destroy it slowly.
While I love Etheruem and do value the knowledge gained, I would have made more money just buying Eth and holding.
The guys you see on youtube building sick rigs with crazy specs have been at it for a while. They have worked through the process and know how to solve all of the problems. You have not and will have to work them out on your own.
My whore of a rig will pay for itself soon. But I would suggest that if you want to start building a new mining rig. Check the difficulty chart and make sure you have tons of free time to fuck with it.
I'd post my wallet address for donations since I just saved you $2,600. But I am afraid hackers will steal my monies :)
Hope you enjoyed my mining life story from the past few months.
Edit - Had an Asus card die on me and replaced it with a 1070ti. Nvidia is so much easier!
My rosewill 1200 watt PSU melted the 8 pin port and cable. Had to drop $300 on Amazons last 1300 EVGA.
But my rig has well surpassed it's cost and is still mining away like a champ. Eth for life!
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New people please read this. [upvote for visibility please]

I am seeing too many new people come and and getting confused. Litecoin wiki isn't the greatest when it comes to summing up things so I will try to do things as best as I can. I will attempt to explain from what I have learned and answer some questions. Hopefully people smarter than me will also chime in. I will keep this post updated as much as I can.
Litecoin is a type to electronic currency. It is just like Bitcoin but it there are differences. Difference explained here.
If you are starting to mine now chances are that you have missed the Bitcoin mining train. If you really want your time and processing power to not go to waste you should mine LTC because the access to BTC from there is much easier.
Mining. What is it?
Let's get this straight. When making any financial commitment to this be prepared to do it with "throw away" money. Mining is all about the hashrate and is measured in KH/s (KiloHash/sec). Unlike the powerful ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) that are used to mine bitcoins using hashrates in the GH/s and even TH/s, litecoin mining has only been able to achieve at the very best MH/s. I think the highest I've seen is 130 MH/s so far. Which leads us to our next section.
Mining Hardware
While CPU mining is still a thing it is not as powerful as GPU mining. Your laptop might be able to get 1 a month. However, I encourage you to consult this list first. List of hardware comparison You will find the highest of processors can maybe pull 100 KH/s and if we put this into a litecoin mining calculator it doesn't give us much.
Another reason why you don't want to mine with your CPU is pretty simple. You are going to destroy it.
So this leaves us with GPUs. Over the past few months (and years) the HD 7950 has been the favourite because it drains less power and has a pretty good hashrate. But recently the introduction of the R9 290 (not the x) has changed the game a bit. People are getting 850 KH/s - 900 KH/s with that card. It's crazy.
Should I mine?
Honestly given the current difficulty you can make a solid rig for about $1100 with a hashrate of 1700 KH/s which would give you your investment back in about a month and a half. I am sure people out there can create something for much cheaper. Here is a good example of a setup as suggested by dystopiats
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Sempron 145 2.8GHz Single-Core Processor $36.01 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock 970 EXTREME4 ATX AM3+ Motherboard $99.48 @ OutletPC
Memory Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory $59.99 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB Video Card (3-Way CrossFire) $245.38 @ Newegg
Power Supply SeaSonic Platinum 860W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply $146.98 @ SuperBiiz
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. $1078.60
Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-11-29 00:52 EST-0500
Estimated Hashrate (with GPU overclocking) : 1900 KH/s
Hardware Fundamentals
CPU - Do you need a powerful CPU? No but make sure it is a decent one. AMD CPUs are cheap to buy right now with tons of power. Feel free to use a Sempron or Celeron depending on what Motherboard you go with.
RAM - Try to get at least 4 GB so as to not run into any trouble. Memory is cheap these days. I am saying 4 GB only because of Windoze. If you are plan to run this on Linux you can even get away with less memory.
HDD Any good ol 7200 RPM hard drive will do. Make sure it is appropriate. No point in buying a 1TB hard drive. Since, this is a newbie's guide I assumed most won't know how to run linux, but incase you do you can get a USB flash drive and run linux from it thus removing the need for hard drive all toghether. (thanks dystopiats)
GPU - Consult the list of hardware of hardware I posted above. Make sure you consider the KH/s/W ratio. To me the 290 is the best option but you can skimp down to 7950 if you like.
PSU - THIS IS BLOODY IMPORTANT. Most modern GPUs are power hungry so please make sure you are well within the limits of your power consumption.
MOTHERBOARD - Ok, so a pretty popular board right now is Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and the ASRock 970 Extreme4. Some people are even going for Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 and even the mighty Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 because it has more PCI-E slots. 6 to be exact. However you may not need that much. With risers you can get more shoved into less.
PCI-E RISERS - These are called risers. They come in x16 to x16 and x1 to x16 connections. Here is the general rule of thumb. This is very important. Always get a POWERED riser otherwise you will burn a hole in your MoBo. A powered rise as a molex connector so that additional power from PSU can be supplied.
When it comes to hardware I've provided the most basic knowledge you need. Also, take a look at cryptobader's website. This is very helpful. Please visit the mining section of Litecoin Forums and the litecoinmining subreddit for more indepth info.
Mining Software
Now that you have assembled your hardware now you need to get into a pool. But before you do that you need a mining software. There are many different ones but the one that is most popular is cgminer. Download it and make sure you read the README. It is a very robust piece of software. Please read this if you want to know more. (thanks BalzOnYer4Head)
Mining Pools
Now that your hardware and software is ready. I know nothing about solo mining other than the fact that you have to be very lucky and respectable amount of hashing power to decrypt a block. So it is better to join pools. I have been pool hopping for a bit and really liked give-me-coin previously known to the community as give-me-ltc. They have a nice mobile app and 0% pool fees. This is really a personal preference. Take a look at this list and try some yourself.
How do I connect to a pool?
Most pools will give you a tutorial on how to but the basics are as follows:
  • Signup for a pool
  • Create a worker for your account. Usually one worker per rig (Yes people have multiple rigs) is generally a good idea.
  • Create a .run file. Open up notepad and type cgminer.exe -o (address_to_the_miningpool:port_number) -u (yourusername.workername) -p (your_worker_password_if_you_made_one). Then File>Save As> (Make sure the drop down is set to "All Files" and .txt document.) and save in the same folder as cgminer. That's it.
  • Double click on (or whatever you named it) and have fun mining.
Mining Profitability
This game is not easy. If it was, practically everyone would be doing it. This is strictly a numbers game and there are calculations available that can help you determine your risk on your investments. 4 variables you need to consider when you are starting to mine:
Hardware cost: The cost of your physical hardware to run this whole operation.
Power: Measured in $/KwH is also known as the operating cost.
Difficulty rate: To put it in layman's terms the increase in difficulty is inversely proportional to amount of coin you can mine. The harder the difficulty the harder it is to mine coin. Right now difficulty is rising at about 18% per 3 days. This can and will change since all you miners are soon going to jump on the band wagon.
Your sanity: I am not going to tell you to keep calm and chive on because quiet frankly that is stupid. What I will tell you not to get too carried away. You will pull you hair out. Seriously.
Next thing you will need is a simple tool. A mining profitability calculator. I have two favourite ones.
I like this one cause it is simple. The fields are self explanatory. Try it.
I like this one because it is a more real life scenario calculator and more complicated one (not really). It also takes increasing difficulty into account.
Please note: This is the absolute basic info you need. If you have more questions feel free to ask and or google it!
More Below.
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ASUS Prime H270-Plus & multiple GPU's

Hi all, In the process of building a mining rig. Before now I've never had more than 4 cards hooked up to a single motherboard. I'm trying to up the number to 8, and I read/found videos of people using 8 cards (with 8x powered "usb cable" risers and 2x m.2 to pciex4 boards) with this motherboard.
So I install windows and the thing boots fine with any 2 of my GPU's (they are various NVIDIA 10 series.. some 1070s and some 1080 Ti's, mixed evga and MSI) plugged in, but as soon as I plug in 3 or more, the BIOS boot screen doesn't show properly and I just get a blinking underscore cursor on an otherwise blank screen. Also, the m.2 pcie adapters don't seem to function at all, no matter which or how many cards are plugged into the board.
My BIOS settings are kosher, I think - made sure to enable the "above 4G remapping", set the m.2 slots to PCIE mode. Not sure if turning on VT-x & VT-d would have any effect, my hunch is no, but I tried it both ways. Most people seem to make their builds with AMD cards, but I have gone with NVIDIA - is there some reason that more than 4 NVIDIA cards would not work on a single motherboard when AMD would?
Anyway, 1 ETH bounty to the person who solves my problem - 2 if it turns out to be anything seriously complicated or require real effort to help me - as I'm losing money on my investment right now. I'm pretty good with both software and hardware, so helping me troubleshoot shouldn't be a total pain.
Or if there are known issues with this board and y'all think I should cut my losses and order a different motherboard, let me know. Hopefully one I can use with the DDR4 & LGA 1151 Celerons I already have - i.e. an ASUS Prime Z270-P? Or am I doomed trying to set up an a build with more than 5 NVIDIA per motherboard?
Please help me /EtherMining!
UPDATE: Based on the feedback I have received, and some more tinkering I have taken the following steps:
CLOSED: Y'all are going to kill me - looks like it was a BIOS version issue. I swear I updated the BIOS when I plugged in the boards, but looks like I was still a version out of date. I updated the BIOS to version "0808" and I've gotten up to 7 cards running successfully. I have a reason to believe the 8th card may be nonfunctional and so I think I have solved my motherboard issue. Also, for the record, all my ports are running in Gen2 not Gen1 and it seems to be working. When I verify that all 8 GPU's are running correctly, I'll fully document my build. Thanks to all who helped, I will be privately messaging the comments that finally spurred me to check the BIOS version and offering an ETH donation. Thanks again /EthMining and have a happy bitcoin-fork-day!
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June Meetings 2017 - Bitcoin and Block Chain

Next Meetings July 10th, 11th, and 13th, at 5pm to 7pm.

2500 Sutherland Ave, Knoxville, TN 37919
Blockchain Study Session Subjects may include:
000 - Index
010 - Topic
020 - Syllabus
030 - Credits
040 - Major Journalist
050 - Major Investors
060 - Major Inventors
090 - Outline
100 - Preservation and Cryptography
110 - Historical Cryptography - American Revolution, Pyramids
120 - Forms of Government
130 - The State
140 - Modern Politics (Post 1900)
150 - Globalism
160 - Prosperity
170 - Generational Wealth
180 - Galactic Relations
190 - Virtue and counterfeit
200 - Tor / Tails
210 - Darknet - Dot Onion , Barrett Brown Anon, The Silk Road, Wikileaks
220 - Tor - “The Onion Browser” - Anonymous port jumping, encryption
230 - Tails - The Anonymous Operator - USB System
290 - Source of Corruption Tails & Tor
300 - Torrent
310 - Peer to Peer File Sharing
320 - Education, Movies, Music
390 - Source of Corruption Torrent
400 - Blockchain
410 - The Stack
420 - Mykle Tree
470 - Alan Turing Complete
480 - Blockchain challenges
490 - Source of Corruption Blockchain
500 - Bitcoin
510 - Satoshi - The Blog Posts
520 - The Hodler
530 - Proof of Work Security
540 - Rate of Growth
550 - Major distributions outstanding
570 - Major Investors
580 - Major Developers
590 - Challenges in Bitcoin
600 - Finance and Politics
610 - Barter System, Gold
620 - Fiat and Lockbox
630 - Tally Stick and Bitcoin
640 - Investment Banking
650 - International Monetary System
660 - International Political Machinery
670 - Nationalism and Local Government
680 - Alternative Systems
690 - Challenges in Finance and Politics
700 - AMD and Mining
710 - Source of Security
720 - Bonus System
730 - Graphics cards and Mining Rig
740 - Hardware Developers
780 - Source of Corruption
790 - Alternative Systems
800 - Ethereum and Programming
810 - Pocket calculator vs Programmable calculator
820 - Computer Programming and Code
830 - “Smart Contracts”, Finance, and Government
840 - Current Events Ethereum
850 - Metropolis and Sharding
860 - Major Investors
870 - Major Developers
880 - The DOA and Challenges
890 - Alternatives to Ethereum
900 - Futures Use and Other
910 - Alternative uses of Blockchain
920 - Effects upon national governments
930 - Effects upon international trade
940 - Globalization of Technology
950 - Intellectual Patents and Education
960 - Censorship
970 - Space Exploration
980 - Alternative Coins and systems
990 - Glossary
1000 - End of Blockchain Study Session
I'm going to gather 12 to 48 persons together to discuss, understand, and teach regarding Blockchain technology. The group will begin around April, with the hope of compiling a set of instructional materials, as well as establishing relations in order to profit from Blockchain.
After we acquire 48 Knoxvillian's with such knowledge, we will share our collective resources and likely establish a business venture, separately. If you are interested in participating, please make a note below and you'll be contacted at such time.
The goal is to get a group of people from a diverse set of age ranges, sexes, and backgrounds, from 12 on up, so that the Blockchain knowledge is profited by Knoxville, and vice-versa ;P
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[US-WA][H] 11-GPUs, My 2-in-1 Mobile Mining Rig [W] BTC/BCC/USD/PayPal

I have this posted on Craigslist at the moment, though I would be willing to ship as long as you're willing to piece it all back together once it all arrives, and pay for shipping lol.
I'll add the link so anybody can see photos, but I'll just copy/paste the entire listing below as well.
I'm selling my pride and joy of the last 4-6 months of my life, sadly I can't keep it in my apartment another day and have to hear my girlfriend nag about how much time I'm spending mining any longer.
This is really two separate rigs that I have combined into a single entity (see pictures for details).

RIG #1

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X99-Phoenix SLI CPU: 6th Gen. Intel Core i7-6800K (6-Core/12-Thread) (15M L3 Cache | 3.60 GHz) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz (x2 for a total of 16GB) Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (w/2 Fans) PSU: Corsair HX1000 1000W 80 Plus Platinum Grade Fully Modular GPU #1: MSI GTX 1060 Armor 6gb GDDR5 GPU #2: MSI GTX 1060 Armor 6gb GDDR5 GPU #3: MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6gb GDDR5 GPU #4: MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X 6gb GDDR5 GPU #5: EVGA GTX 1060 6gb FTW (Tri-Fan) Risers: Explomos Multi-Powered USB 3.0 (VER 008S) <----Newest Model

HDD: 2.5" Laptop SATA 7200rpm 1.0 TB HDD w/Windows 10 Pro

RIG #2

Motherboard: Asrock H110 Pro BTC+ (x13 PCIe Slots) CPU: 7th Gen. Intel Celeron Dual Core @ 2.60 GHz RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz (x1 for a total of 8GB) PSU: Corsair HX1000 1000W 80 Plus Platinum Grade Fully Modular GPU #1: MSI GTX 1060 OCV1 Mining Optimized 6GB GDDR5 GPU #2: MSI GTX 1060 OCV1 Mining Optimized 6GB GDDR5 GPU #3: MSI GTX 1060 OCV1 Mining Optimized 6GB GDDR5 GPU #4: EVGA GTX 1060 SC Gaming 6GB GDDR5 GPU #5: XFX RX 480 8GB RS Hard Swap Edition (Custom BIOS Mod for 29-31 MH/s + Undervolted for Lower Power Draw) GPU #6: Red Devil RX 480 8GB (Tri-Fan) (Custom BIOS Mod for 29-31 MH/s + Undervolted for Lower Power Draw) Risers: Explomos Multi-Powered USB 3.0 (VER 008S) <----Newest Model

HDD: Western Digital 7200rpm 500gb 2.5" Laptop SATA HDD w/Windows 10 Pro

The features that set this rig apart from most others is the fact that it is 100% portable and easy to move. Its compact design makes for an easy-to-manage mining experience, doubly so with the fact that the entire rig is on wheels! From RIG #1 to RIG #2 I have connected an Ethernet cable; doing this I am able to create a Bridged Network Adapter and effectively enable a constant internet connection to RIG #2 from RIG #1 without ever having to do anything more than simply power each device on. Of course, you'll have to have some way to give internet access to RIG #1 for this to work properly, though this should come as no problem considering RIG #1 has built-in Wi-Fi access, as well as a second Ethernet port on the motherboard.
If you're wondering how much effort you'll have to put in from the time you buy it and get home, I'll say that this rig takes absolutely ZERO effort to install. The entire rig is ran headless, with Teamviewer installed onto both rigs, so you don't have to have anything plug into it except for the x2 power cords from each PSU, and an Ethernet cord from your router into RIG #1. That's literally it. 3 plugs, then connect to each rig with Teamviewer from a separate device (there's an app for that).
This rig can literally mine anything you want, I have a multitude of mining software already available on the device, and custom made batch files in each folder so literally all it takes is for you to decide which coin you want to mine, then double click a single file and start raking in the coins!
Here are a few hashrates that you can expect to get if you choose to utilize all 11 GPUs to a single coin:
ETHEREUM (Ethash Algorithm) - 240 MH/s ZCASH (Equihash Algorithm) - 3300 sol/s NICEHASH (Auto Profit Switcher Software) - $20+/day in Bitcoin (which is over $7000 if you didn't know!)
I'd be happy to help you get everything squared away, and would honestly just like to see this thing go to somebody that will appreciate its glory. I spent a LOT of time building this rig, and I'm sad to have to see it go, but my girlfriend is constantly bitching about it and I'm beginning to procrastinate homework these days because of it, so sadly it is time to see it go...
I have about 90% of the original boxes that the hardware came in when I purchased it, and I've only had it up and running for about a month total, so there is massive life left to be enjoyed with this guy. With the way the crypto is going (or at least Bitcoin), it is a wise investment to get into it now while you still can ;)
You may contact me either by email via this Craigslist listing, or by phone @ show contact info .
I will accept cash, PayPal (in-person ONLY), or Bitcoin/Ethereum and other Cryptocurrencies as form of payment.
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Trying to set up RPi to mine bitcoin using Block Erupters, but nothing seems to be working correctly

Hey guys, so I'm trying to use my RPi (B+ model) to set up a rudimentary bitcoin mining rig, but nothing seems to work correctly. I've tried using cgminer on Raspbian Jessie, but cgminer seems to refuse to use the miner. Nothing shows up when I check my hash rate on Slushpool's website, the current pool I'm using. I have another microSD that I set up with minepeon, but every time I try to plug in my Block erupter (which is a dualminer Litecoin/Bitcoin miner), it keeps telling me that I don't have permissions to access the USB port that they are plugged into. I've googled various things and I keep getting closer to it actually working, but it still isn't showing any hash rate. Anyone tried something similar and had problems?
tl;dr: Using RPi B+ to mine via ASIC block erupters, both with Raspbian Jessie and cgminer, and with minepeon, neither work correctly. Help?
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My headache with ASUS PRIME Z270-P

So i was looking to upgrade my mining rig from 4x1060's to 6 or more 1060's. I browsed this reddit, read the wiki, talked to some people, and they said that the Prime Z270-P is the way to go. So i bought a openbox one on Newegg (paid with Bitcoin, of course).
I also ordered "The Unique Rig" which is a great, cheap case for mining rigs that i found on ebay. I was gone for a few days, and when i came back, both the case and the motherboard had arrived. I built the case, switched everything over to the new motherboard and turned it on. Since i use Nvidia cards, i usually use cyclenerds OS, but i heard good things about ethOS, so i bought it. ethOS worked straight out of the box, but i was only getting 19MH/s with the cards. I tried every overclock setting i could think of, and most of the time it actually brought my hashing speed down, not up, and never did it get above 20MH/s with my cards. With cyclenerds i easily get 21MH/s, and if i want to push my cards i can get 23, maybe 24.
I formatted my flash drive and installed cyclenerds OS. I started the computer and i get a PCIe Bus error. I tried installing Ubuntu Server edition and same result. Its due to the BIOS having SecureBoot on, and with that motherboard there is no way to turn it off (that i could find). It fixable, but i have to type a option to ubuntu's grub everytime the computer restarts. That was just not feasible for me. Since i was using a USB flash drive as a hard drive, i couldn't install Windows. So i went back to my B250 Pro4 - which i after realized i can get 6 GPU's hooked up (8 maybe if i use the M.2 ports). Everything is working fine on that motherboard, and im selling the Z270 (look on /hardwareswap if you are interested).
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03-16 20:33 - ' - Crypto Mining Rigs & Parts' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Minecryptobrother removed from /r/Bitcoin within 91-101min

SMART Miner 3.0 Bitcoin Miner
Post reputation: 0 Quote 
Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:22 pm [link]1
We have the pleasure to present SMART Miner 3.0 ,available on our e-Shop
SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate Rack Mount 50TH/s Bitcoin Miner
Ultimate 50TH/s bitcoin miners will be supplied in a convenient 4U Rackmount case and fully ready for mining (PSU, control unit, cables and easy setup included).
Plug-and-Mine. It doesn’t matter if your a pro or a newbie in mining Bitcoins – start mining Bitcoins in just 5 minutes. SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate has a built-in controller and is shipped with pre-installed operating system and software. It is easy to maintain and need only some minor setup.
1xDVI and 1xHDMI ports for monitor connection. 2хUSB 3.0 ports for mouse and keyboard connection. 2xLAN Ethernet for connection a network in cascade mode
SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate units can be connected in cascade mode by using 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, in this case they can be controlled by one of the miners.
Hashing Speed
Hashing Algorithm
Embedded PSU
2200 Watts
Estimate power consumption
0.045 Watt per 1GH/s
10nm HPP (High Performance Process)
Control unit
Embedded, with pre-installed OS and mining software
Data Interface
USB 3.0, Ethernet 100 Mbps
Wireless connection
Wi-Fi (802.11a, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11ac)
''' - Crypto Mining Rigs & Parts
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: Minecryptobrother
1: Minecryp*obr*t*er.*o*
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SMART Miner 3.0 Bitcoin Miner
Post reputation: 0 Quote 
Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:22 pm [link]1
We have the pleasure to present SMART Miner 3.0 ,available on our e-Shop
SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate Rack Mount 50TH/s Bitcoin Miner
Ultimate 50TH/s bitcoin miners will be supplied in a convenient 4U Rackmount case and fully ready for mining (PSU, control unit, cables and easy setup included).
Plug-and-Mine. It doesn’t matter if your a pro or a newbie in mining Bitcoins – start mining Bitcoins in just 5 minutes. SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate has a built-in controller and is shipped with pre-installed operating system and software. It is easy to maintain and need only some minor setup.
1xDVI and 1xHDMI ports for monitor connection. 2хUSB 3.0 ports for mouse and keyboard connection. 2xLAN Ethernet for connection a network in cascade mode
SMART Miner 3.0 Ultimate units can be connected in cascade mode by using 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN, in this case they can be controlled by one of the miners.
Hashing Speed
Hashing Algorithm
Embedded PSU
2200 Watts
Estimate power consumption
0.045 Watt per 1GH/s
10nm HPP (High Performance Process)
Control unit
Embedded, with pre-installed OS and mining software
Data Interface
USB 3.0, Ethernet 100 Mbps
Wireless connection
Wi-Fi (802.11a, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11ac)
''' - Crypto Mining Rigs & Parts
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Author: Minecryptobrother
1: M***cryptobroth**
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The Anatomy of Genesis Mining Rig

Crypto mania is taking the world by storm! From reaching a combined $600 billion market cap, to Bitcoin trading at $20k on some exchanges, there seems to be no stopping the rise of digital currencies.
There are many ways to cash in on the potential that crypto has to offer, one of them being mining. This is the process where each transaction or record on the blockchain network is verified. As a reward for their contribution to the network, the miners receive freshly generated cryptocoins.
The cryptocurrency mining process is extremely processor as well as power intensive, and can get expensive if tried individually at home. Not to mention, the mining process requires specialized hardware, which has to be set up by oneself along with the power supply to feed the hardware. Genesis Mining steps in here to make the whole process easier, allowing interested cryptocurrency community members to be part of the mining community without going through any of these hassles. On a mission to “democratize mining”, the company is providing accessible and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to the masses.
Genesis Mining provides cloud-based mining services to small- and large-scale investors. Their mining farms already have all of the equipment set up. In fact, the platform has the best Bitcoin and Altcoin-mining hardware and software available and running already.
The representatives of Genesis Mining have recently taken an initiative through their “EvolveWithUs” campaign to explain cryptocurrency mining and their services in the sector to the general public to increase awareness about the process and the company’s offering.
What is a Mining Rig?
Stefan Schindler, CTO representing Genesis Mining offers a simple definition for the most crucial hardware in the mining operation by saying,
“A mining rig is basically a computer, but is stripped down to the minimum in terms of computing, and up to the maximum in terms of mining.”
The Evolution of Mining
Mining had previously been done on a computer’s processor. However, as the industry grew, so did its mining requirements. Processor mining took an enormous amount of power, and an alternative was eventually adopted — Graphic cards. Graphics Cards or GPUs, proved to be more efficient at processing transactions, and didn’t use nearly as much power, resulting in a classic ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach. Since then the industry has advanced, creating specialized hardware called ASIC miners. However, GPUs still play a vital role in mining some of the popular alternative cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) in the market.
The Structure of a Mining Rig
In appearance, it looks like your average computer mainboard. The key difference is that is filled with lots of GPUs. The USB port contains USBs holding the actual mining software, which is not stored on the processor. It also has plenty of connecting cables to make everything run.
GPU processing
In the case of Genesis Mining, their specialized mining rigs can hold about six GPUs each. The mainboards available on the market do not have the internal space or slots for all of these GPUs that goes into Genesis Mining’s version of mining hardware. This is where PCI risers come in, which are extension cables that allow the mainboard to be fitted with many GPUs. These risers also help with even heat distribution so that the rig doesn’t overheat.
The power supply unit is also fitted with a strong cable, and powers all of the GPUs and the mainboard.
The company manufactures, stores and operates the mining rings at their mining farms in Iceland and other locations. These equipment can be quickly and efficiently assembled and are completely mobile for added convenience.
Have a look at the video if you’d like to know more.
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[USA-DC][H] Asus P6T Deluxe, Intel core i7 i920, Cooler Master V8 w/8 pipes, (6 sticks) of OCZ 2GB OCZ3G1600LV6GK DDR3 1600, (2 SLI) GTX 260 [W] Venmo Paypal or Amazon

Item Info Price
ASUS P6T Deluxe new bios overclocks great now with the 920 and cooler up to over 4.6 GHz stable $115 shipped
Intel core i7 i920 Used in a minor rig bought new only about a year old $60 shipped
Cooler Master V8 w/8 pipes Works great with the i920 bought it new six months ago to test the i920 rig works great! $30 shipped
all 6, 2 sets of 3 or 6 individual 2B sticks available OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK DDR3 PC3-12800 1600 MHz Gold XTC 6GB Triple Channel Kits I ran through a ton of memory trying to get the P6T to work, Patriot Crucial etc. I was shocked but these are RELIABLE Posting and overclockable 8-8-8-24 Note that the low priced one on amazon is not an 8-8-8-24 timing! (that can be changed in bios) that ACTUALLY WORK. Huge headache to find. Ideally I would sell all of the 6 sticks (12GB of OC capable 1600 speed DDR) The P6T will NOT accept sticks larger than 2GB individually $80 Shipped for all of them Offers for break down
Holy Crap 2 SLI EVGA GTX 260s Holy Crap! Who could pass up a deal this sweet on such amazing graphics! These have been used and overclocked pretty well. I honestly used them for a cheap but effective bitcoin mining machine I will throw them in if you buy the whole shebang or whatever you decide $50 shipped
The whole thing all together! I would prefer to sell it all in one swoop, it is a good PC that can still run games and is great for kids etc. If you want I can include the case but it is a heavy beast and some of the USB ports are messed up. I can also talk about throwing in a monitor $225 OBO Shipped tell me what parts you want or other items
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Unintentionally executed ol' Bessie and I'd like some help with a replacement on $1-1.5k

EDIT: I think I've got this figured out.
PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor $220.98 @ Newegg
CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS9900ALED Ball Bearing CPU Cooler $49.99 @ Newegg
Motherboard ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX LGA1155 Motherboard $134.97 @ Outlet PC
Memory Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory $104.98 @ Amazon
Storage Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Disk $89.99 @ NCIX US
Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $58.98 @ Outlet PC
Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $58.98 @ Outlet PC
Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 670 4GB Video Card $426.99 @ Amazon
Case Cooler Master CM 690 II (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case $89.99 @ NCIX US
Power Supply Rosewill Capstone 650W 80 PLUS Gold Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply $84.99 @ Newegg
Optical Drive Lite-On iHAS124-04 DVD/CD Writer $17.98 @ Outlet PC
Speakers Logitech Z523 30W 2.1ch Speakers $74.99 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available. $1400.81
Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-04-17 07:11 EDT-0400
So yeah, I knew it would happen eventually, I knocked a glass off my desk and gruesomely murdered my desktop, my friend for the last 5 years.
What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc. If you need a Workstation, be specific on the programs you'll be using.
Gaming. I'd like to be able to run Bioshock Infinite, and the most intensive game I have is Dark Souls. Also, some bitcoin mining on the side wouldn't hurt.
What is your maximum preferred budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
See title. :p
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? (note: if you're planning on buying more than 2 weeks from now, it's very much recommended you wait and come back then, to ensure you get the most recent and accurate price data)
ASAP. I am without a computer until I get it replaced. Pardon if some of my writing is odd, can't make it perfect typing on a phone.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? "Everything" is not specific enough. Just the tower? Operating System? Keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers/headset, WiFi adapter, etc?
Motherboard, cpu, ram, cpu heat sink/fan, SSD, HDD, Gpu, and an E-sata adapter if the motherboard doesn't have a port.
Which country will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in the US, are you near a Microcenter store?
The USA. And heck no, but I'm fine with Newegg if that's still regarded as highly if I remember.
If reusing any parts, what parts will you be reusing? Please be especially specific about the power supply. List make and model. If you have a monitor, list the size/resolution.
I have an E-sata external drive, das keyboard, a Razer Naga mouse, and can probably salvage the dvd drive from the corpse.
Have two DVI monitors, one 19201200, one 19201080, and an aging sound system, which could stand to be replaced (stereo + subwoofer)
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line?
I'm comfortable with the process and I think I still have some AS6 for the heatsink, so yes.
If there's any specific features you want/need from the rig, please list them. Examples might include rear and/or front-panel USB 3.0, a RAID setup, etc.
I'd like a lot of ram, at least 8 GB. And as mentioned, need to be able to connect to the E-sata external. And... A minimum of 6? USB ports, I think.
Do you already have a legit and reusable/transferable OS key/license? If yes, what OS? Is it 32bit or 64bit?
I'll be using my old 64-bit copy of windows 7.
Extra info or specifics:
Thanks so much for helping me out!
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    1. i love this sub (3981 points, 301 comments)
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    2. [META] If someone has a color scheme, don't ruin it. If someone has mismatched parts, clean it up and ask for a color scheme preference. (1135 points, 522 comments)
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  2. Just built my first PC, everything is working except my monitor won't turn on by Nastehs (18328 points, 759 comments)
  3. [PSA] As of today, Tigerdirect no longer offers ANY returns, refunds, or exchanges under any circumstances. I suggest you not buy from them anymore. by luckybuilder (7757 points, 558 comments)
  4. Did you build a PC with a GTX 970? If so, Nvidia owes you $30 after settling their class action lawsuit over the 3.5GB fiasco. by Pour_Spelling (7648 points, 751 comments)
  5. As someone who isn't very knowledgeable about PC parts and builds, I find it difficult to receive feedback or help in this subreddit. by WockItOut (7532 points, 584 comments)
  6. Can anyone recommend a PC Gaming Chair for ass sweat? by cheeseburgerdonkey (6511 points, 1156 comments)
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  4. 5050 points: MisterBland's comment in Just built my first PC, everything is working except my monitor won't turn on
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