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Freebay AG

Jesus H. Christ, I nearly fell hook, line and sinker for what appears to be an innocuous triangle on the surface but is actually a lording pyramid in truth.

On Monday my friend who happens to be a semi-pro sportsman with his eyes on the financial freedom dream you see in YouTube ads rocks up to my house. He's parked outside and reckons to me, "dude, are you keen to go to a board game thing where you learn how to manage your finances?"
I'm usually against financial preaching and stuff because it usually sounds hokey and bullshit, but against my better judgement I cave in and we go. The whole ride there he's telling me about this amazing mentor that's going to make me learn about making money without any effort, a dude I'm going to call James. Now James is a charming, well-off guy with a family. He doesn't quite have the YouTube millionaire lifestyle that you usually expect in this sort of 'profession' but I'd happily trade places with him if the opportunity presented itself.

Anyhow, from moment one, James and my friend are mouthing off incessantly about how much money they're making on Freebay. Mind you, I'm oblivious to what the fuck is going on because I don't understand what's cracking - but literally the whole time there's graphs on a screen, and they're talking about these magical AI bots that guarantee returns on investment. Now this is South Africa, and these blokes are talking about making something like 10 000 USD in a month!? Do you know that 10 000 USD in South Africa is like enough to pay for an entire undergraduate degree at the best university in the country, and these geezers are making this shit in a month? Fucking hell.

Anyhow, we digress from the discussion about Bitcoin and that to get to the meat and potatoes of the meet-up, which was to play that Cashflow game that that bloke who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad formulated. Before we got to playing the game we had this zoom webinar with fellow victims... I mean participants, and they're all monotonously droning on with a despondent stare the same principles from this book that's supposed to be the Bible to financial freedom. There's a charismatic bloke leading the charge and the whole thing feels eerily reminiscent to a cult, in retrospect. You see, in the moment I'm eating all of this shit up about how wealth is a mindset and what not, and when I consider the conversation that was had around me just before the webinar - I saw two positive blokes trusting in this 'company' or whatever and seeing clear cut returns. Maybe they're right, maybe they're onto something. We play this game and that's all I'm thinking about: passive income, wealth, financial freedom - FREEBAY.

After the game, I'm sat talking to this James bloke, his missus and my mate. They're apparently all on this Freebay tip making stacks of foreign cash that doesn't get taxed by the government, and now they're sizing me up. I tell them I'm a small-time writer in uni studying to become a teacher. They tell me that I can exponentially increase my earning potential by watching the link to video that my friend had sent to me during the webinar, and then by opting into a 190 EUR package... the same things I running through my mind: passive income, wealth, financial freedom - FREE FUCKING BAY.

And then I go home, ruminate over the whole thing and begin my research. The whole thing? A facade. Apparently, this Freebay shit was being run under the name of some other pyramid/ponzi-esque cryptocurrency racket called Karatbay and people got fucking conned out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Suddenly, I realise from the website that they posture themselves as 'affiliate marketers' or whatever in an attempt to hide in plain sight. What's worse is that when I play the sequence of events back in my mind from the beginning when my friend randomly rocked up to my house, the whole thing felt like an entire fucking rat trap and I nearly fell for it too. What blows is that my buddy is balls deep in the pyramid and he's blinded by the illusion that he'll find wealth with these people. He's on the prowl for every friend, family member and acquaintance he can get his hands on and it sucks to see him acting this way.

I just thought I'd share my story. Always be on the lookout guys, these motherfuckers are everywhere - try and save your buddies from this shite. Also, I just thought it'd be wise to mention the name FreeBay in any anti-MLM rhetoric you spew, because these people are predatory as hell.
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Market analysis on April 3, 2020: BTC Rose And Fell, Adjusting Risks Should Be Pay Attention to

Market analysis on April 3, 2020: BTC Rose And Fell, Adjusting Risks Should Be Pay Attention to
[Today's Hot Tips]
1. [Tether added two banknotes of 120 million USDT]
Tether added two banknotes of 120 million USDT on Ethereum at 20:44 yesterday and 06:16 today.
2. 【The recent internal report of BANQUE DE FRANCE】
In a recent internal report, the BANQUE DE FRANCE emphasized that ETH and XRP are two crypto assets that can be used to issue tokenized central bank digital currencies (CBDC).
3. [Philippine SEC issues warning on Ponzi game "Bitcoin Revolution"
The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a warning on the “Bitcoin Revolution”, a cryptocurrency Ponzi game that targets investors in the Philippines, Australia and Europe.
4. [Dow Jones Risk & Compliance has cooperated with a company]
Dow Jones Risk & Compliance has cooperated with a company to establish a blockchain-based real-time watchlist flow.
5. [Brazilian financial regulator launches information sharing blockchain platform called PIER]
According to coindesk, the Brazilian financial regulator launched an information sharing blockchain platform called PIER on Wednesday, which will obtain data from three of Brazil's four major financial institutions: the Superintencia de Seguros Privados (SUSEP), the Banco Central do Brasil (BCB) and Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM). And social security director PREVIC also plans to join.
[Today's market analysis]
Bitcoin (BTC)
Since the early hours of this morning, BTC fluctuated and rose. It reached a maximum of around $ 7225 at about 1:00, and then rose upwards and then dropped. It is now adjusted around $ 6800 as a whole, and the mainstream currencies are generally up. BTC is now reported at $ 6810.05 at LOEx Global, with an increase of 0.30% in the day.
BTC has converged on a large scale. It rose yesterday and then continued to consume market technical buying.
Combining the strong and weak trend of the rebound and rise on Bitcoin and mainstream currencies, and the shrinking of Bitcoin's rebound and rise in energy, it can be seen that the market is lack of enough energy to active to take a long position. In the past two weeks, Bitcoin's two rebounds have rapidly increased in a short period of time, and then gradually shocked and fell, which also illustrates that it is timorous to take a long position in the large-scale convergence and consolidation pattern.
An analysis article on Monday said that the currency price plummeted on March 12, the belief of the coin hoarding party collapsed, and the market has no confidence in mid-and-long term and long-term in Bitcoin was damaged. From the perspective of market psychology, it may not be possible to have the confidence to be long in the short term. The 6900-7000 range is still the short-term pressure for Bitcoin's upward movement, and it may also evolve into medium-term pressure. From March 12th, the currency market plummeted to today, only three weeks have passed, and the bottom consolidation time is too short. At this time, raising the currency price will only make the bottom-sweeping party profit in the short-term, even if the currency price is technical breaking the pressure of 6900 --7000 does not mean that you can stand 7000. In a short period of time, it will also oscillate and step back, after accumulating momentum, then go up the pressure level, and pay attention to the risk of falling after rising.
Operation recommendations:
Support level: the first support level is 6,500 points, and the second support level is an integer of 6,200;
Resistance level: the first resistance level is 6850 points, and the second resistance level is 6900 points.
LOEx is registered in Seychelles. It is a global one-stop digital asset service platform with business distribution nodes in 20 regions around the world. It has been exempted from Seychelles and Singapore Monetary Authority (MAS) digital currency trading services. Provide services and secure encrypted digital currency trading environment for 1 million community members in 24 hours.
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Lost basically my entire investment last night being very stupid. Don't make my mistakes.

Please try to learn from my story. I tried to make it a video, but I am not that great on camera, so I just made a short video just introducing myself here: youtube-link
Right now I am sick to my stomach, I cannot sleep, and can barely function. After losing money left and right, I finally tipped last night and lost the last bit of a big chunk of my savings that I had ‘invested’ in Cryptos. This story is very hard for me to tell, because I am ashamed. Ashamed of how naive I have been, and how I made mistake, after mistake, after mistake. Saving the dumbest mistake for the last.
A bit about me, just so you can see this could happen to anyone. My name is Ryan and I am from Canada, so don’t get too confused if I sometimes talk in CAD and sometimes in USD. I am typically a logical person, I have a degree in Computer Science, and I was always the guy saving his money. Not to the point of being cheap, but I wouldn’t spend money on myself, I would skip going out for lunch, or walk \ take the bus somewhere to save that extra cash. And in the past, I made incredibly risk averse investments, to the point of getting beat out by inflation most of the time.
Story starts about 2 months ago when I hear that Bitcoin was at around $4400, I had heard about it many times before, but as I said, I was never the one to risk investing. Finally I took the plunge, and invested my savings, many thousands into ETH and BTC. My plan was just to buy ‘safe’ coins, and invest long term. I didn’t expect to get rich anytime soon…
Soon after I did this, the crypto markets tanked. Im sure you all remember, everything fell to around the BTC $3000 and lower, I lost a ton. Not being used to this, I started scrambling to figure out how I could make it back, no idea if BTC would rise back up. I started ‘day trading’ cryptos, but I somehow made every mistake. At first I was buying based on if I thought the coin had actual merit, and a real use case (ripple, LTC, WTC, some ICOs etc.). But I just lost money, seemed I bought everything when it was up. My ICOs (like LAT) would end up being worth ½ of what I paid for them or less. Even my ETH, something I thought for sure would hold more value than BTC, was staying below my buy in point of around $340. When BTC started going back up, most of my portfolio was in other coins! I was too slow to react. Losing more money. So then I stepped back and thought, okay if this isn’t working how are other ppl making money? Sounds logical right?
After lurking on reddit, it seemed like rumours were really running most of the markets, they didn’t always pan out, but when they did it was big. This could have just been the small sample size I was looking at, but it felt real to me. So I started looking for rumours, and of course I lost more money. At this point I am starting to get desperate to make my funds back, I had tried scraping the markets volatility a bit before. Just place a sell order a bit above the market and then a buy order a bit below. But it only kinda worked, I would win some, but in general I didn’t have the time or the money to put into it. So I figured maybe there are bots that I can get to do this. Again I wasn’t thinking of getting rich overnight, just slowly making my money back. This is how I lost another big chunk. After googling for some bots I found a site called that you would just invest your funds with them and they would use bots to make you money. Makes sense, but I was still skeptical of course. I tried with a smallish investment, and it actually started working. Not super fast, but fast enough that it had me hooked. I invested more. Till one day the site just stopped working... It was gone, all gone.
After some searching I found a whole other market of what they call HYIPs, but that’s a very friendly name for them. As should have been obvious to me... they are pyramid or ponzi schemes. The site exists for just long enough to get noticed, paying ppl with funds that others invest, then it vanishes with everyone's money.
So now, I am just emotional, making choices with little or no consequence. Still following rumours cause I figure what the hell, it could work? Late last night I moved a bunch of money onto because there was some coin that I was hearing rumours about, who even knows what coin it was now. I noticed they had a Dice Game, with no limit. Just press a button and you have a 48% chance to double your money... I didn’t lose it all at once, that would have been too easy. I knew the basic but seemly ‘foolproof’ Fibonacci or martingale strategy. Add the last 2 or more losses together, and keep betting higher and higher only when you lose sequentially. I would start at 0.0001BTC and that way my limit was high enough that I had to come out ahead… it worked for a few hours, I was up 0.2BTC or so or about $1200. Amazing! But this was no where near the amount I had lost over the last few days \ months, so I kept going. But eventually the streak hit, I bet more and more to recoup it, until I was at 0.64BTC for one roll, but enough lost bets before that to double it. I wasn’t even thinking about this being my last full BTC, and how much it was worth. I don’t know what came over me, I should have stopped long before that number, I should have never even started. It was just so easy to hit ‘Roll’. I was blind. I lost ~$8000 instantly. Might not seem like a lot of money to some of you, but I know to others it’s massive, and I am one of those.
I stayed home from work today to write this, I knew there was no way I could face anything after these mistakes. Hopefully someone else can learn from this. I am sure this story or something similar has happened to others before. But you do not hear it enough. The shame stops you from telling it.
Today my portfolio is about 0.4 of a BTC, a little ETH and a handful of ico coins, who knows what will happen with them. I am not sure what to do. If anyone has any advice or help they could give me, I will listen. Should I exit everything? Or Just step back? Uninstall Blockfolio, and hold what little I have left? Some might even say I should buy back in, borrow against my credit cards and line of credit. I know there is a voice in the back of my head still telling me to do that. What else do I have to lose?
TLDR: Despite being a smart and logical person, I fell prey to the get rich quick hype and lost roughly $18,000CAD of my initial investment by every manner available: badly timed investments, icos, HYIPs, and finally the yobit Dice Game last night.
I will be online here for 4 hours or so, feel free to AMA. I have to head out now, but I will be back later to respond.
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This is a crypto beginners guide to the 5 things crypto newbies should know. Highly recommended for those new to the cryptocurrency market.
The recent cryptocurrency crash is not the first of its kind. If you check the epistemology of bitcoin, you’d find out that every crash comes with a strong rebound. The crash may not be the worst thing to happen. The worst thing is to see the market rise again and then you reminisce saying: ‘Had I known, I should have bought some coins back then’.
Talking about Cryptos may make people around you feel like you’ve lost your head. I keep getting questions inbox — is this not a bubble? Can this be ethically lawful to invest? This is gambling…and I get tired answering some of those questions. However, I tried to put this piece together for newbies, especially millennials who are marvelled by the magic of the crypto world. Alas! You can make good money with cryptocurrencies, in fact, a 1000% returns within a year is pretty common in the crypto universe. It is, however, equally easy to lose all of that money within the twinkle of an eye. Here are a few tips for those who are willing to join the train.


The first step in crypto consciousness is understanding the underlying technology – blockchain. Forget the tech jargons for now. No one needs to convince you of how revolutionary blockchain technology is. A good starting point is reading articles, checking online forums and vlogs discussing cryptos. You’d soon find out why governments and corporations are exploring this nascent technology and how they’re looking to integrate it to their systems, or why banks are fearful of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a threat to their existence and looking to clamp down its growth. This outlook will help broaden your mind to learning and seeing the possibilities of the potential of blockchain technology.
It is also important to not make the mistake of trusting someone else with your funds; that defeats the entire purpose of cryptocurrencies, which was created to empower everyone with true ownership of their money without trusting any third-parties such as the banks. It is extremely common for scammers to ride on newbies’ naivety in this unregulated market. This, therefore, calls for extra caution.


In the cause of my extensive research in the early days, I’ve realized a very important rule of the thumb in the crypto markets — only invest what you’re willing to part ways with. This is because the market is exceptionally volatile, one which is fueled by hype and market sentiments rather than fundamental elements. This makes the crypto markets intensely risky; that’s why you have the potential to make loads of money or lose everything instantly. In modern finance, this is exemplified by the relationship:
Risk = Rewards (Investments that are risky will tend to potentially give you higher returns)
Always exercise caution and please, do not mortgage your house or take out a loan to invest in cryptocurrencies; you’re only signing your death warrant.


Cryptocurrency is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Do not have the sole mentality of pursuing short-term gains, especially if you do not have the necessary trading or technical skills. Let’s face it, many in the crypto markets have no idea what they’re investing in and are in this only for the short-term rewards. This is a recipe for disaster. It is imperative that every investment decision is based on thorough due diligence and patience. Do not be the guy who had 1700 BTC when it valued at $0.06. He sold it for $0.30 and was then lamenting when it reached $8.00. This was back in 2011. Imagine if he had hodled today, it would worth tens of millions today!
Hodl – or hodling – is crypto-slang denoting the act of holding on to your coins or tokens no matter what the circumstance is; be it in a bear market or a strong correction
You should always be focused on the long-term, as the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies are still in its infancy stages and it could take a while before the technologies and various innovations within the cryptocurrency ecosystem are ready for mainstream adoption. Short-term trading in this extremely volatile market could be disastrous, especially if you do not have any trading expertise.
(See also: Understanding Cryptocurrencies: Game of Thrones Edition)


Your cryptocurrency investments should be spread across the market proportionally. There are over 1,600 different coins and tokens in the crypto space.
Never put all your eggs in one basket
Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency around and represent the base currency of the cryptocurrency world. Therefore, it is recommended to always have a considerable portion of your investments in both coins as they are relatively stable and facilitates the exchange with other altcoins. (See also: Coins, Tokens & Altcoins: What’s the Difference?)
Thereafter, it is recommended to spread the rest across valuable altcoins with potentials of disrupting their space. Look for coins that solve real-world problems, not shitcoins. You must learn how to identify shitcoinsand coins with good fundamentals.
Shitcoins are coins that do not have good fundamentals and are created with the purpose of scamming the masses. They’re often associated with ‘pumps-and-dumps’ and ponzi schemes, and are a great way to lose your money.
A well-built portfolio is a solid foundation for better returns.


When I first started, I wasn’t taking cognisance of the amount of satoshi a coin was worth. I simply saw those figures as randomly controlled by bots. To the contrary, those numbers determine the value of your coin at any given time. The key to profitability in this area is to buy low and then sell high. You need to pay attention while placing a buy order and as well observe when the market moves in a bullish direction to count your gains. Here’s a guide to calculating your crypto gains. If you can pay good attention to this, you will most likely crush the crypto market like a superstar.
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Community is the success of Rai. What are you adding to it?

The word “community” derives from the Old French comuneté, which comes from the Latin communitas “community”, “public spirit” (from Latin communis, “shared in common”)
What I have seen in the Rai community is exactly why I left so many others and why I choose a lot of my projects with community sentiment in mind. Not just the people that are buyers of the project, but the devs, the way people talk about it, etc. It matters. It matters like the tech matters. It matters even more with Rai and I will explain why.
This is a p2p coin. That's it. You and me. For right now at least. How we intend to use and implement this is what will drive the price and adoption. I have shared the Rai wallet with several close friends. I showed them Rai, and showed them how fast the wallet is. Now we conduct transfer for games in Rai. We make bets in small amounts of Rai with each other.
But philter451 why is this important?
Because this doesn't gain any steam unless you tell people about it! Early days of bitcoin was people being amazed at the tech, sharing use cases, looking for ways to move away from established forms of money. Early people (with the exception of some bright and optimistic futurists) were looking for better ways of getting things done, not getting rich. Its not about getting rich. Rai becomes more valuable as it gets picked up and used. That is the only way. It doesn't happen by accident. Share your excitement with people. I know its scary to tell people about this stuff but if you hold Rai you are part of the community for it and you can add something or add nothing.
Think about this: there are people that hold other mining based coins that are spreading FUD about Rai for no other reason than to influence their community and share a down sentiment about it. A person whom holds no Rai saying something bad about Rai in another forum is doing more to influence the outside view of Rai than all silent bag holders of Rai are.
Another extremely important consideration is how the community conducts itself and how somebody that knows nothing of crypto will feel reading through the front page of a coins subreddit.
Go take a look at a controversial coin like XVG. Heck, go take a look at a well accepted coins sub like Litecoin! Price, Price, price! Up! Down! When will I become rich?? Sentiments about the creators are hate/love depending on weather it is raining outside or not. And people wonder why family members and friends think its a ponzi scheme and a bubble? No wonder when you look at it from a unbiased perspective that people are absolutely terrified of becoming involved. Same goes for when people shill and I am talking about a true shill here. Rai is a cool tech that is a great way to move money inter-personally, not the next coming of Christ.
Projects like NEO, VeChain, ETH will grow based on being used in their development space. Newer dapp platforms are giving a form of dividends a la NEO and VET. Even exchanges like Kucoin and Coss are looking at a returns based economy through their services. That is a passive thing and I don't have to do shit to earn from it, but that is an entirely different purpose from our lovely Rai which is why I am posting here and not there.
So what are you asking me to do philter451?
I am not talking about not addressing important topics like our exchange snafu we had, but framing is important. Ask questions rather than making statements based on emotion.
I have been a part of a number of community projects in neighborhoods, within my company, and the place they all die is the lack of involvement. If you don't give a shit whether Rai gets adopted anywhere or are unwilling to do anything why should anybody else? Maybe you get lucky because others in this community are so driven, but maybe that's not enough. Share. Share your knowledge and passion. Even if you don't know much about how Rai works, just by having been able to buy Rai through an exchange puts you light years ahead of most of the population. Share it! Make it seem less scary to the people you want to use it with.
These early days remind me of Dogecoin's sub when I used to lurk there. They were like the only real philanthropy I saw at the time. In a space where everybody was getting wicked greedy Dogecoin wanted to raise money to do projects and help. Along comes some dude tipping people all over the place for no reason and then he asks for money to start a Dogecoin atm and an exchange. He was a scam artist and people lost a lot of money. Be careful and help others be careful too. Just like asshole scammers will call your grandma pretending to be you and get her to send a Western Union, they will come for crypto too. Brute hacks against exchanges continue and will continue. Sniffer programs looking for seeds and keys will abound sooner rather than later.
The fact that this sub has so many active readers compared to its subscriber number is very telling of what we've got here. Keep asking questions and posting content and responding. That is the heart of a good community! An active one!
The best communities are the ones where people feel included. Ever been to a party where everybody knew each other and you just felt so awkward and out of place because nobody involved you at all? How about one where people approached you and made you feel welcome? What is the difference and how likely are you to want to spend more time with the latter? I will answer the same question 1,000 times with the same regard for the individual. Assuming they were too lazy to search it up is a you problem and speaks to your own heart. I will help my community members. I hope you do the same.
TL;DR: Ask not what Rai Blocks has done for you! Ask what you can do for Rai Blocks!
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Repeat after me - "I have no moral obligation to buy, hold, or sell Bitcoin just because others want me to do so."

If you have read my previous posts and comments on this subreddit, you'll know that I'm a huge proponent of Bitcoin in specific, and of crypto-currencies in general. I think that they're revolutionary, game changing, world shattering, and the tip of an iceberg that could potentially restore freedom back to the US and the rest of the world.
That being said, let me give you a bit of advice from someone who specifically studied the psychology of trading in a forum based environment when forum members had something to gain.
Don't listen to ANYTHING that anyone tells you to do on a forum where others have something to gain by telling you to buy, hold, or sell at any particular time. Use you own mind, and your own thoughts, as they are our truest weapons of survival and prosperity as humans, and we give up that survival and prosperity when we let others think for us.
The statement above was hard earned through the tech bubble, the banking crisis (where I saw the Fed Chairman lie directly to the public) and by closely watching the forums of gold game ponzy investments, where the cheer leading, nay saying, and self-delusion often reach psychotic levels.
So, what am I saying with this post? Should you buy or sell or stuff your bitcoins in your mouth as a ward against demons?
I'm saying that you need to think. Forget about what you want to happen at this moment, and sit down with a pencil and paper and start diagramming out all of the possibilities that could happen, how likely you think (not feel, but think) they are to happen, what impact they will have if they do happen, and what strategy you can use that gives the best results based on this.
And if your strategy is to hold, then hold. If it is to sell, then sell. If it is to buy, then buy. If it is to sell now to possibly buy cheaper, then do so. And don't let anyone tell you that you're wrong, evil, or an asshole for using your mind and doing what you want with your property and resources. It's yours not theirs, and they are wrong to even suggest that they have a claim to what you do with it.
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    1. The answer on Jeopardy today! (4222 points, 174 comments)
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    1. 17000000 Bitcoins Have Been Mined! 4 millions to go! Happy anniversary day! (3735 points, 271 comments)
    2. The Irony (474 points, 37 comments)
  21. 3850 points, 1 submission: SingularityNerd
    1. Hilarious satire protest outside Consensus, the website says Genesis Mining put it on. #bankersagainstbitcoin (3850 points, 183 comments)
  22. 3673 points, 1 submission: sebastianstan21
    1. Current scenario (3673 points, 130 comments)
  23. 3632 points, 1 submission: awice
    1. WOW, this just happened on Jeopardy! last night. (3632 points, 363 comments)
  24. 3630 points, 1 submission: -All-Day-
    1. Ayy lmao (3630 points, 60 comments)
  25. 3617 points, 1 submission: JJKirsch
    1. Fake or Fork (3617 points, 354 comments)
  26. 3435 points, 2 submissions: tedand
    1. CoinMarketCap should remove Bitcoin dot com website from Bitcoin's page (3135 points, 200 comments)
    2. is first result in Google for "buy Bitcoin", selling "Bitcoin Cash" instead (300 points, 168 comments)
  27. 3429 points, 1 submission: universaleric
    1. Sh..should we get the "it's over 9000" memes ready? (3429 points, 204 comments)
  28. 3404 points, 1 submission: eragmus
    1. Erik Voorhees: “Roger - please stop referencing me to back up your opinion that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. It isn't. Bitcoin is the chain originating from the genesis block with the highest accumulated proof of work. The Bitcoin Cash fork failed to gain majority, thus it is not Bitcoin.” (3404 points, 402 comments)
  29. 3354 points, 7 submissions: ayanamirs
    1. Satoshi Nakamoto about (2332 points, 327 comments)
    2. Roger Ver is a well-known scammer. (451 points, 129 comments)
    3. Coinbase has become an unreliable and even dangerous service, subject to arbitrary, non-transparent actions as it merged with the US banking sector and started to provide information on its customers to the US government. It has become everything that Bitcoin was designed to stop - @Wikileaks (313 points, 145 comments)
    4. Electrum 3.1.3 release! (96 points, 24 comments)
    5. I'm so glad bitcoin don't have a central man on the top. (71 points, 23 comments)
    6. Fees are low, use this opportunity to Consolidate your small inputs! (58 points, 7 comments)
    7. The segwit adoption doesn't increase anymore. We need to do something. (33 points, 33 comments)
  30. 2819 points, 4 submissions: Mikeross14
    1. Cracks me up everytime (2161 points, 70 comments)
    2. Baby Saver offers to buy this sub (270 points, 270 comments)
    3. Marvel referencing cryptocurrency in one of its latest comics! (261 points, 21 comments)
    4. You want to help Bitcoin but can't code? Do a simple thing then, call out all the scammers and call out everyone who supports these scammers. Make Crypto free from these scums. Simple. (127 points, 37 comments)
  31. 2795 points, 4 submissions: Fly115
    1. has fixed it's webpage after lawsuit (1642 points, 572 comments)
    2. Microsoft + Bitcoin Lightning Network. Decentralized Identity proof of concept to be shown off at Consensus 2018. Seems big (721 points, 104 comments)
    3. A major announcement at #consensus2018 that did not seem to get a lot of airtime @LedgerHQ announcing an institutional custody solution in partnership with @Nomura and @GABIjersey. Addresses a major issue for institutional investors (242 points, 16 comments)
    4. Segwit Adoption - Steady growth to 35% (190 points, 70 comments)
  32. 2590 points, 1 submission: dustincrypto
    1. Bitcoin going mainstream in Las Vegas (2590 points, 109 comments)
  33. 2567 points, 3 submissions: edlund10
    1. Nick Szabo retweeted: "⚠️ If you are new to #bitcoin then please be aware that bitcoin .com is a fraudulent website. ⚠️ This website is run by Roger Ver who is a known serial scammer. ⚠️ The current main scam is the promotion of #bcash which is a fake version of bitcoin." (1906 points, 302 comments)
    2. Exactly 5 years ago Wired wrote "The world’s most popular digital currency really is nothing more than an abstraction. So we’re destroying the private key used by our Bitcon wallet." The loss is currently worth $124,453.58 (568 points, 134 comments)
    3. Warren Buffet vs. Bitcoin, 5 years chart, logarithmic scale (93 points, 52 comments)
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    1. Coinmarket cap removed from Bitcoin's website list. (2556 points, 159 comments)
  35. 2549 points, 1 submission: bajanboost
    1. CEO of Binance actually gives a f***. This is the exact moment he was introduced to the Bermuda Shorts by the Bermuda Development Agency; A formal dress code in the country (2549 points, 125 comments)
  36. 2518 points, 2 submissions: Bitcoin_21
    1. WikiPedia's Bitcoin page removed the Bitcoin dot com explorer, because it misleads its users. (2083 points, 153 comments)
    2. Please report the bitcoin ,com wallet to the iOS app store for fraud. (435 points, 122 comments)
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    1. Guy on CNBC says $100USD bill is used for far more illicit activity than bitcoin. (2403 points, 183 comments)
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    1. 600+ Bitcoin Users Seek Lawsuit Against & CEO Roger Ver for Fraud (1094 points, 298 comments)
    2. Bitcoin Lightning Network Matures With Record 2000 Nodes, $150K Capacity, 7000 active channels (500 points, 172 comments)
    3. Fraud Lawsuit Group Gaining Steam With Over 1000 Members (322 points, 184 comments)
    4. Tom Lee: Bitcoin Price Increase Coming After Consensus Conference (155 points, 46 comments)
    5. Russia's 'CIA' Memo Admits Telegram Was Blocked Because Crypto Is 'Uncontrollable' (151 points, 13 comments)
    6. Bitcoin Price Historically Surges With Consensus Conference, Data Shows (47 points, 26 comments)
    7. IMF's Lagarde: Bitcoin 'Could Have a Significant Impact on How We Save' (47 points, 11 comments)
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    1. The CEO of Binance, a company with $200M yearly revenue, at a press conference (810 points, 103 comments)
    2. Goldman Sachs to Open a Bitcoin Trading Operation - NYTimes (498 points, 54 comments)
    3. Kraken's response to the NYAG enquiry (413 points, 117 comments)
    4. Jameson Lopp: "Today I've learned that a lot of data sources are incorrectly reporting the total bitcoin supply. We haven't actually hit 17M BTC yet; you can follow along in realtime at [link]" (141 points, 23 comments)
    5. Bitcoin was the 9th most viewed Wikipedia article in 2017, coming in just behind the entry for the United States. (h/t @lopp) (120 points, 18 comments)
    6. Samourai and goTenna Enable Bitcoin Transactions Without Internet Access (100 points, 16 comments)
    7. A German online bank uses Bitcoins to transfer loans (93 points, 35 comments)
    8. Huawei Is About to Give Chinese Users Easier Access to Bitcoin (62 points, 14 comments)
    9. Bitcoin Threat Model - extensive security review of possible threats to bitcoin as cryptocurrency (by JW Weatherman) (37 points, 11 comments)
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    1. WARNING: HitBTC stole 5Btc deposit, even after I provided everything they asked for 2+ months! (2225 points, 486 comments)
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    2. BREAKING: Coinbase Just Bought One of Bitcoin's Biggest Startups (278 points, 103 comments)
    3. Bitcoin buy orders are >90% of the market for the first time since March 2017 (176 points, 28 comments)
    4. Telegram CEO Is Using Bitcoin to Help Bypass Russia's App Ban (173 points, 11 comments)
    5. Sell gold, buy bitcoin? The ultimate global safe haven debate has begun (128 points, 56 comments)
    6. Lambos are coming (117 points, 53 comments)
    7. Bitcoin gets boost from IMF head (71 points, 7 comments)
    8. Is PayPal driving people towards Bitcoin? (60 points, 83 comments)
    9. NASDAQ-Powered Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform to Launch in June (48 points, 9 comments)
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    1. Found this today on the campus of my uni (1997 points, 225 comments)
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    1. Here is the owner who created Bitcoin Cash to scam people and show real Bitcoiners a middle finger. (1991 points, 408 comments)
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    1. Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over $10,000 Starting July Of 2019 (1822 points, 531 comments)
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    1. ‘Bitcoin’ was the 9th most read article on Wikipedia in 2017. Lets make it number 1 this year. Spread the word! (632 points, 35 comments)
    2. Bitcoin has worked non stop for 9 years. Without any days off, scheduled maintenance or severe issues. Let that sink in for a minute. (599 points, 226 comments)
    3. FORBES: Gold used to be money, and it was great money for its times. But Bitcoin's now the new flight capital. (286 points, 37 comments)
    4. 15 Claims Against Lightning, Answered (164 points, 12 comments)
    5. Bitcoin could replace cash in 10 years - Business Insider (107 points, 59 comments)
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    2. Bitcoin to hit $50,000 by year-end, says BitMex CEO (158 points, 92 comments)
    3. Lightning + NFC? The New Plan to Bring Bitcoin to Retail (152 points, 45 comments)
    4. Vaultoro Becomes The First Exchange To Implement Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments (116 points, 6 comments)
    5. How to build your own portable plug-in Lightning node! (95 points, 5 comments)
    6. Bitcoin’s Recent Institutional Demand Is Unprecedented, Says Futures Market CEO (44 points, 6 comments)
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    1. Found a helpful infographic. Could be handy to respond with this when people forget what Bitcoin is called... (1524 points, 294 comments)
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    1. Lawsuit from over 600 Bitcoin Users against and CEO Roger Ver (1504 points, 338 comments)
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    1. In Australia there is currently an investigation into banks and their practices, and the results are frightening (1497 points, 124 comments)
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    1. Everyone must report this Bitcoin mobile wallet asap.Is a fraud (554 points, 174 comments)
    2. Roger Ver and do a social attacks to Bitcoin (506 points, 313 comments)
    3. 8 months and still no segwit support. They are more lazy than sub-saharan public sector (288 points, 58 comments)
    4. They said: "Segwit is not a scaling solution".... (75 points, 59 comments)
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    1. Witness the future: Paying for coffee with LN in real life - Brisbane Airport (377 points, 144 comments)
    2. Bitcoin transaction fees in sat/b have not been so low since 2011!!! (173 points, 65 comments)
    3. PSA: Stop spelling the Bitcoin fraudulent site correctly - It only helps them as search engines pick it up. Use: bitcoin,com | bitcoin .com | bitcoin (.) com | bitcoindotcom | ... (153 points, 52 comments)
    4. "The bitlicense is a creature so foul, so cruel that not even Kraken possesses the courage or strength to face its nasty, big, pointy teeth." --- Kraken CEO: Exchange Won't Answer New York AG's Inquiry (141 points, 11 comments)
    5. Ready for work. (140 points, 69 comments)
    6. World Debt Hits Record $164 Trillion <-- That's WHY bitcoin. (133 points, 121 comments)
    7. Goldman Hires Head Cryptocurrency Trader (99 points, 4 comments)
    8. Chilean Anti-Monopoly Court Orders Banks To Re-Open Crypto Exchange’s Accounts (71 points, 3 comments)
    9. Hilarious: Lighting TESTNET app renamed Bitcoin Cash TESTNET!! (68 points, 23 comments)
    10. UNICEF Is Mining Crypto to Raise Funds for Children (65 points, 6 comments)
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    1. At the Gramatik show last night in Boston (1381 points, 63 comments)
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    1. someone put a BTC-symbol on to the swiss federal bank! (1212 points, 84 comments)
    2. Bitcoin boosted as IMF boss Christine Lagarde praises cryptocurrency and suggests it could transform the way people save and invest (101 points, 8 comments)
    3. The Zurich bakery where you can't pay with cash (but bitcoins are fine) (45 points, 9 comments)
  59. 1337 points, 8 submissions: frankreddit5
    1. My daughter just informed me that someone told her "#Bitcoin is a worthless scheme" & that the US dollar has, quote, "one 'brick' of gold in a vault for every dollar there is."..There's so many things wrong with both of these statements that all I can do is sit here and facepalm (582 points, 184 comments)
    2. Here's my Bitcoin Starry Night art on Canvas! (250 points, 26 comments)
    3. I think it turned out sick! (whitepaper on metal) (122 points, 22 comments)
    4. It's funny to me when people say that #Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme or a bubble. The real ponzi scheme is the money system created by the Federal Reserve. And that's the real bubble, too. It's time for monetary reform; it's time for people to take back what is theirs. #BuyBitcoin (118 points, 39 comments)
    5. Argentina raises interest rates to 40% (80 points, 52 comments)
    6. my Satoshi Whitepaper art on 3/4" thick birch wood, treated with a high-gloss coating. (73 points, 16 comments)
    7. my Bitcoin Phoenix artwork (on metal) (70 points, 12 comments)
    8. my Bitcoin Astronaut art presented on a metal panel. It looks almost like an LCD TV in person! Image in comments. (42 points, 9 comments)
  60. 1200 points, 4 submissions: hodlerenfin
    1. Starting tomorrow Monday April 23, 2018 I will ask everywhere I spend my fiat, if they take Bitcoin even if I know they don’t. (609 points, 234 comments)
    2. Sad day today will be the last day we’ll see bitcoin below 9k.🙃 (275 points, 170 comments)
    3. Charlie Shrem on Twitter (162 points, 56 comments)
    4. I think at least everyday, wherever we spend fiat we should ask if they take Bitcoin. Even if we know they don’t. (154 points, 60 comments)
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    1. Bitcoin dethroning Gold as a store of value. (349 points, 116 comments)
    2. Remember! with Banks, "only deposit what you can afford to lose!" (287 points, 121 comments)
    3. Remember! with Banks, "only deposit what you can afford to lose!" (287 points, 130 comments)
    4. Banking panic and chaos in UK, as customers locked out of accounts for 5 days running.. (155 points, 44 comments)
    5. UK Bank crippled, as customers panic, accounts emptied. (118 points, 41 comments)

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[Marketing] How we can appeal to the masses!

Hey guys, so we've obviously had an recent debacle occur in the community but the fact of the matter remains that Vertcoin is seeing faster levels of growth. We've been accepted on Mintpal, were seeing higher volumes exchanged and the community is starting to blossom. The currency itself is beginning to mature, and the recent press release I think shows that we can still do a lot to help inform people of what we are doing. What is important now is that we continue to innovate and ensure the upward trend we are currently experiencing. How can this be done? There needs to be a shift in terms of the marketing of this currency from one which is focused on developers and 'tech-savvy' people to one which understands the needs and aspirations of the general public.
Before I delve into some of my ideas, as Jay Z would say, "Allow me to reintroduce myself". I am someone who had been interested in technology from an early age and who has relatively in depth knowledge about computing and technology. I'm an economics student currently working as a designer for my University while also studying there. I'm also getting involved with a number of different non-crypto related startups. I've been active in the world of cryptocurrency from the beginning of this year but I've heard about it for a number of years, just never made the jump due to a lack of workable knowledge and technical barriers. Starting with a relatively large investment in Bitcoin, I split my portfolio into Litecoin initially, then progressing to Vertcoin soon after its inception. What drew me to this currency in particular was the clear focus from the developers on the long term sustainability of the coin. As someone who entered the arena relatively late and who may have got swept up by some unsubstantiated hype (Coinye anyone?) what I wanted was a currency which had a clear direction in terms of the future. Innovations such as the ACIS resistance and merge mining are examples of the attempts to strive for longevity.
In terms of branding I believe there is something here which potentially could be made mass marketable. From the name, to the logo and then the general styling, its clear that this is a currency that as well as leading innovation, is taking its branding seriously. That is something which is needed for widespread adoption.
You're probably wondering, then, why I am bringing the branding into question. It is not the brand in itself I see issue in, its who exactly is being marketed to. I'll give an example.
On our main website there are a number of videos which aim to help explain exactly what our currency is and why it should be used. The aim of which is to draw people to using our currency over others. What should be observed here is the target audience for these videos. In both, technical aspects are discussed as benefits to using the coin. ACIS resistance, Decentralisation, handling fees, mining etc. These are all valid points. The problem with this is the fact that, to the average consumer, you might as well be speaking gibberish. The average person does not know what mining is, what ACIS's are or what the benefits of decentralisation are. It's likely they don't understand or even care about these aspects. If you are attracting someone who has a technical background and who had already dipped their toes into the crypto waters so to speak, then they are likely to understand these benefits, which is why when ACIS starts to hurt other script coins there will be a transition of those people potentially to us. What problem do I have with this? None. It's simply a matter of whether you are looking to expand your standing within the community or appeal to a larger audience. Appeal to a larger audience and you increase your appeal within the crypto community. The key issue is that this cannot work the other way.
There need's to be a split of targeted marketing to those who have a technical background and to those who don't. This is something that is not witnessed often in this community, but there is one notable example I'm sure everyone's aware of. Dogecoin is doing incredibly well for a currency which was built atop a joke. Is there any real innovation there? Probably not technically, and yet they have been plastered across media. Why? Because they appeal to the mass market rather than a small minority of the technical elite. Just look at their intro video! It's a dog on a rocket. There isn't a single mention of any technical aspect In many ways its most likely inferior to our own and yet I've had people approach me to inform them of how to buy some. It may sound harsh, but when you market something you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. In that sense you can then work your way up and you appeal to everyone.
So what can we do? I am not saying that we need to go down the playful route in terms of what Doge is going. In the long run how can anyone take a currency seriously thats supposed to be a joke? However what I believe needs to be done is putting a larger focus on the consumer benefits and not just the technical.
All of this can be communicated in a simple animations. I would suggest creating two videos, one to act as an advert to encourage and excite people to find out more and the other walking the user through the initial steps of downloading the wallet and the basic concepts of crypto currencies in layman terms. The latter I would suggest not hosting on youtube but directly on the website to then allow the user to click and download the wallet.
[Sidenote - Any advertising done by the community needs to be shown to be a community effort, otherwise it looks like a Ponzi scheme. This can be done with a message like (This ad was sponsored by the community on reddit) or something like that]
Imagine now that I am an average joe. I am interested in joining the community. These are some of the questions I may have and perhaps the solutions:
What can I spend my Money on? No matter how much innovation you can claim to have with your decentralised currency, this is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT. Everything else is irrelevant if you are unable to spend your money on anything. And this is perhaps the biggest problem for crypto currencies today; People just have no idea where they can spend money. Though some of you may notice there are some stores on the sidebar, but a new user is unlikely to find this place in the first place, and it's not exactly prominent there anyway. So whats the easiest way to market places to which people can spend their hard earned vert? The wallet. Personally I think the entire interface is being underutilised. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of your currency. It is the first thing people will see. And what will they see? 0 vert, 0 transactions and a logo. And then there just expected to know what to do. What I would propose is to have a tab perhaps labeled 'Marketplace' which features prominent online retailers which accept vert for a number of goods. That immediately solves the problem. It shows that there are things to buy with your currency, encourages spending so it is not a purely speculative currency (which is not healthy in the long run) and displays an active community to first timers. Not only that but it could act as a source of income for the foundation as you could allow businesses to bid for a more prominent placement in this tab, which could then help with further marketing.
[As a sidenote, the wallets GUI needs to be updated anyway. How can anyone believe this is a currency for the future when it looks like something from windows 98?]
How do I Get Money? Vertcoin faucets exist. As a newcomer you're likely to be unaware of this. They are incredibly useful as it allows for someone to play around with the idea of sending virtual money around. This could be integrated directly into the wallet as so when a user signs up, they are offered the opportunity on the spot to receive free coins. What could be better than that? Then encouraging them through social media to send money to friends as a sort of referral system in which both parties then get more money. That way you can spread quickly through social links.
[Another sidenote, someone needs to work on a Twitter Vertcoin Bot. That's free promotion for the community right there. It's all fun and games here on Reddit but normal users are more likely to be on Twitter, so it makes sense to capitalize on that market]
You could also implement a similar system with the advertising and allow trusted exchanges to offer their services. One of the big problems with people coming in is that they have no idea how to get the currency in the first place, putting them off. This would solve that issue.
What If I Need Help? Which leads me to my next point; the integration of the community in the wallet itself. If I use a bank, if i need help I can call them, visit a branch and talk to a manager. With virtual currencies more often than not your left to your own devices. Cryptocurrencies are scary enough, it's even more terrifying to not have someone hold your hand through it. Why not have another tab within the wallet which links to reddit, help guides, FAQ's and stuff like that? Why not have a tutorial within the wallet which guides the user to make their first transaction? It immediately lowers the technical barriers and thus allows for further engagement.
How Do I Mine? Integration of a one click mining button into the wallet. Helps with decentralisation and could solve your P2Pool problem. It could be made incredibly user friendly, with a GUI and the ability to scroll and select through a list of P2Pools.
I think the basic premise of these ideas is that the wallet shouldn't be seen only as the thing that we use to make transactions, but instead act as the 'Bank' for individuals and HUB for services.
[EDIT] In conclusion here's a summary of my ideas:
  1. Greater focus on first time consumers rather than the crypto community
  2. Create 2 Adverts, One which focuses on advertising the brand (commercial like), and another which focuses on simple technical aspects and initial setup of wallet for the website
  3. Creation of a Twitter Tip Bot
  4. Marketplace' Tab included in the wallet
  5. Mining Tab included in the wallet
  6. Integration of Faucet to wallet
  7. Offer free vert bonuses for sharing links to Vert Promotional Material on social media
  8. Tutorial in wallet to walk through first transaction
I'll be updating this later as I have more ideas but this has taken me half a day already and I'm forgetting things. If people are interested I could potentially do mockups for my vision for the wallet, but I'll leave that for another day :)
[EDIT 2] I'll be designing mockups for the wallet next week Tuesday so keep an eye out for that! Also if anyone wants to see an example in terms of branding the sort of thing we should be aiming for, checkout ReddCoin, the branding for this coin is amazing
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Earn ~$5+ USD/hour with CAPTcoin!

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You get a 5% bonus to earnings if you sign up through a referral link
CAPTcoins (Ref link) ||| or Non-ref
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  1. Sign up to CAPTcoins.
  2. Complete captchas.
  3. Trade CAPTcoins for Bitcoins.
  4. Trade Bitcoins for local currency.
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