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Weekly Wrap 24/04

Market News
“May you live in interesting times” indeed. As the coronavirus continues to diminish global demand, the world is flush with oil and running out of storage space. This week, for the first time ever, oil prices turned negative. The May WTI contract which expired on Tuesday, settled at $10.01 a barrel, having closed at a discount of $37.63 in the previous session. Demand for oil is plummeting and despite a deal by Saudi Arabia, Russia and other nations to cut production, the world is running out of storage facilities to keep up with the remaining supply of ~100 million barrels a day.
The pain experienced in the oil markets carried over to the stock market as Asian, European and US stock indexes fell in the wake of this unprecedented occurrence. The markets slightly rebounded however the S&P 500 and NASDAQ still ended on a slight decline from the previous week, the first negative performance in 3 weeks. This comes after data showed another 4.4 million Americans filed for unemployment and a report indicating Gilead’s potential Covid-19 drug trial failed in China.
With the recent dollar gains beginning to fade, gold has rebounded to once again cross the $1700 level, ending the week up 1%. Cryptoassets also performed well, with Bitcoin up almost 5% and Ethereum roughly 8%. It is expected that the uncertainty around the easing of lockdown restrictions and the likelihood that the market is facing a global recession could provide support for both gold and cryptoassets in the medium term.
Industry News
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Review: The most thrilling 24 hours in Bitcoin history

From 12:00 on March 12th to 12:00 on the 13th, Bitcoin, the most influential currency in the cryptocurrency industry, suffered two major declines, and its price fell from a maximum of 7,672 USD to a minimum of 3,800 USD (data from Huobi, the next Same), the decline was 50.4%, which means that the price of Bitcoin has achieved a fairly accurate "half price" in these 24 hours.
Previously, Bitcoin's "halving market" was mostly considered to be an increase in market prices caused by Bitcoin's halving production, although many people have questioned the "halving market" as " The price is halved ", but when bitcoin walks out of the current bad market, it still surprises most investors.
First plunge
The bad 24 hours started at 12 o'clock on March 12. Due to the rapid spread of the new crown epidemic in Europe and the United States, the global financial markets have been raining for several days. After several adjustments, the price of Bitcoin has hovered up and down within the range of $ 7600-8200 in the previous three days. However, after 12 o'clock on the 12th, Bitcoin The price fell below $ 7,600 for the first time, breaking the psychological expectations of many investors, entering a rapid decline channel, and dropping to about $ 7,200 at around 18 o'clock.
At this time, the decline of Bitcoin is still around 7%, which is a common occurrence in the history of Bitcoin. However, after 18 o'clock that day, the market turned sharply, and the price of bitcoin plunged again in a short period of time. It fell to US $ 5,555 within tens of minutes, a drop of 28%, and the amount of contractual positions on each platform exceeded US $ 2 billion.
During the decline, most major exchanges such as Huobi, Binance, and OKEx experienced systemic freezes of varying degrees. Many users complained for a long time that the exchange app could not properly display the homepage, market page, and transaction page, and added positions, stops, and withdrawals. Obstacles such as cash withdrawal and cash withdrawal operations have also shown that this situation also highlights that mainstream exchanges still fail to address the ability of their trading systems to respond to extreme conditions.
For this decline, the collective sell-off of large Bitcoin holders is considered to be the main reason. For example, Grayscale Investment, the world's largest crypto asset fund management company, was sold and sold 40,000-50,000 Bitcoins. News from the exchange said that Bitcoin sold 400,000.
For a long time, bitcoin has been called "digital gold" by the blockchain industry, and has good risk aversion properties. During the tense situation between the United States and Iran in January this year and the global stock market fell, Bitcoin rose from $ 7,200 all the way to more than $ 10,000. Bitcoin's safe-haven attributes have been widely recognized in history, but this time caused by the new crown epidemic Under the risk of the global economic downturn, the decline in the price of bitcoin has become the asset with the largest depreciation among various mainstream financial assets, and its high-risk nature will most likely collapse.
Some analysts believe that bitcoin should be further classified as an alternative asset. At a time when liquidity shortage is extremely serious, as a high-risk alternative investment asset with the highest volatility in the world, funds will naturally be drawn from the market by investors. Looking for safer, more liquid assets, prices plummet.
"Everyone in the future will realize that Bitcoin is not digital gold, but" an amplifier of risk. " Its value cannot be anchored. Unlike other asset prices, which are affected by costs and prices, Bitcoin has no normal market value range. As of now, it does not have any convincing valuation basis, more like a swaying boat. Without the anchor, its value fluctuates greatly, and the impact of halving the market and supply and demand on it is far less important than psychological factors. "Said Cai Kailong, senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Technology of Renmin University of China.
However, some people in the industry hold different opinions. "BTC is still the most powerful currency in the history of mankind. It provides liquidity 24 hours a day. This is something that other markets simply can't imagine, but because liquidity is too good, this time it just happened to happen in other markets. When funds are scarce, the first choice for selling supplementary funds has also led to the decline of gold. Of course, the amount of BTC that is currently much lower than gold is certainly unstoppable in a short period of time. "A Weibo blogger" "fhrp".
In addition to the sell-off of large institutions, some mortgage lending platforms have also passively become an important boost for this downturn. In the past six months, the Defi concept has been particularly hot in the blockchain industry, and many cryptocurrency-based cryptocurrency lending platforms were born.
As a result, a large number of large Bitcoin users will pledge the Bitcoin in their accounts to third-party lending platforms and use the USDT to borrow cash to purchase cash, which is equivalent to increasing leverage. However, these platforms are not mature in terms of mortgage rate setting and liquidation mechanisms. Users who increase the mortgage rate of assets have a slower transfer speed on the chain. As a result, during this period of rapid decline in the market, a large number of mortgage orders have lower mortgage assets than loans. As a result, the amount of bitcoin out-of-market positions this time was far more than in the previous period of large market volatility, which further exacerbated the selling pressure of the bitcoin spot market.
From 19:00 on the 12th to the early morning of the 13th, the price of Bitcoin hovered in the range of 5800-6200 US dollars, and the market began to prepare for the next stage of the trend.
Second plunge
On the evening of the 12th, the stock markets of mainstream countries in Europe and the United States successively opened and collectively fell, and the stock markets of at least 11 countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the Philippines, melted down. At the close of the morning on the 13th, both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P 500 Index had the largest single-day percentage decline since the 1987 stock disaster. The Dow closed down about 2352 points, the largest drop in history.
The bad performance of the stock market quickly passed to the currency market. Beginning at 7 o'clock on the 13th, the price of bitcoin plunged from the position of $ 5,800 once again, dropping all the way, and successively fell below $ 5,000 and $ 4,000.
For the rapid decline of the market, many people in the industry believe that the main factor is not only the panic selling of the market, but also the mutual stepping on of contract investors. Weibo blogger "AlbertTheKing" pointed out that most of the long positions in Bitcoin leverage are in the BitMEX perpetual contract market. The long positions caused by the decline in bitcoin prices caused a series of short positions, which in turn caused arbitrage spreads and spot arbitrage. The party rushed in to open multiple orders and sell spot arbitrage at the same time, thinking it was okay. As a result, I did not expect Bitcoin to fall more and more fiercely, and his own arbitrage and long positions also burst. So at first, the leveraged bulls stepped down on each other, and later became the arbitrage party. .
"Fhrp" also pointed out that because BitMEX only has BTC margin, ETH's permanent liquidation also needs to be undertaken by btc. The profit portion of the hedge order cannot be included in the margin, and BTC is not sufficient because of the card being in serious shortage. The exploding warehouse order was opaque, so that no one dared to pick up the corpse later, fearing that it would become a corpse. Of course, the key is the lack of a fusing system, so that the market can slowly wait for liquidity to keep up.
Under the interweaving of many risks, the price of bitcoin is about 10:15. It has fallen below 3,800 US dollars in many exchanges such as Huobi and OKEx, which is 38% lower than the price of 0 on the day and 50.4% lower than 24 hours ago. This is the highest record in the 24-hour drop since the birth of Bitcoin.
Such a precise decline cannot be doubted as the bad taste of the bookmaker behind the exchange, if the bookmaker does exist. Of course, it is not excluded that this situation is due to the tacit understanding among the main market participants, or a purely natural phenomenon.
But judging from objective facts, there is indeed some evidence that the situation is unnatural. After bitcoin hit a low of $ 3,800, its price quickly rose in the next 20 minutes, rising by 59% to $ 5,250, but then fell rapidly. At the turning point of $ 3,800, which is 10:16, the BitMEX trading system, the largest bitcoin exchange in the cryptocurrency industry, suddenly stopped until 10:40.
It can be seen that the time point when the Bitcoin price stopped falling rapidly and stopped rising rapidly was close to the time point when BitMEX went down and returned to normal. This shows that BitMEX has a huge influence on the secondary market, and it also makes a lot of One suspects BitMEX is manipulating the market.
Sam Bankman-Fried, chief executive of Derivatives Exchange FTX, tweeted that he suspects BitMEX may have intentionally closed transactions to prevent further crashes and to avoid using exchange insurance funds. Mining company BitPico also tweeted yesterday, "According to our analysis, BitMEX Research has closed its long position of $ 993 million with its own robots and capital. Today the manipulation of the bitcoin market is caused by an entity and the investigation is ongoing. "
In response to this incident, BitMEX responded that there was a hardware problem with the cloud service provider, and in a subsequent announcement, it was pointed out that the DDoS attack was the real cause of the short-term downtime.
Why the downtime of the BitMEX trading system is difficult to verify, but from its objective impact, its short-term downtime plays a vital role in curbing the further decline in the price of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which has eased investment to a certain extent. The panic sentiment created by this has created space for the rebound and correction of cryptocurrency prices such as Bitcoin.
Sam Bankman-Fried even speculated that if BitMEX did not go offline because of a "hardware problem" this morning (February 13), the price of Bitcoin could fall to zero.
If compared with the traditional financial market, the effect of this BitMEX outage event is quite similar to the "fuse" mechanism of the stock market. Trading is suspended for dozens of minutes at the moment when investor sentiment is most panic, so this outage event Also aroused the emotions of many people in the industry.
"BitMEX has helped the currency circle" melt out, "otherwise the chainless stepping will not know where to fall. After the fuse, everyone calmed down and the market returned to normal. Weibo blogger "Blockchain William" posted a blog saying, "The market is not afraid of falling, and it is not afraid of stepping on it. That is why. This is why the global stock market has melted down because investors panic. It is a bottomless pit. Once out of control, there is no bottom Now. "
Of course, the factors that cause the market situation to reverse are not limited to this. According to the feedback from multiple users on social platforms, BitMEX and Binance's major exchanges forced the short positions of multiple accounts to close positions at 10 o'clock on March 13th, that is, the automatic lightening mechanism was in effect.
According to the BitMEX platform mechanism, when investor contracts are forced to close out, their remaining positions will be taken over by BitMEX's strong closing system. However, if a strong liquidation position cannot be closed in the market, and when the marked price reaches the bankruptcy price, the automatic lightening system will lighten the investor holding the position in the opposite direction, and the order of lightening is determined according to the leverage and profit ratio .
Specifically, due to the sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, a large number of long single-series bursts and the scarcity of market liquidity. In order to control the risk, the platform will automatically place some short orders with high profit ratios and high leverage on the market, increasing market flow. It also avoids the risk to the platform caused by the inability of the short-selling order to be executed in a timely manner.
According to BitMEX's announcement, about 200 positions were automatically closed by the system. And Twitter blogger Edward Morra said, "On BitMEX alone, short positions worth about $ 500 million have been liquidated." If this data is true, it means that BitMEX's strong liquidation operation has brought more than 5 to the contract market. The market price of 100 million US dollars has a significant positive effect on the market that is being sold out.
However, as a compensation, BitMEX also stated that it would contact each damaged user and compensate them according to the maximum potential profit that the investor obtained during the automatic liquidation.
In any case, through the operation of exchanges such as BitMEX, the price of bitcoin has entered a recovery channel, and it is still hovering at the $ 5,000 mark, while driving the entire cryptocurrency market to pick up.
After this thrilling 24 hours of bitcoin, the ideal "halving market" has disappeared. The real and brutal "halving market" is coming. Perhaps many investors and investment institutions have expressed their confidence in the crypto assets represented by bitcoin. The understanding will change in this regard, and the confidence of the entire industry needs to be rebuilt. This depends on the application value of bitcoin to be deepened.
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Market Weekly Report - Week of 20/04/2020

Market Weekly Report - Week of 20/04/2020
P95G Market Weekly Report

BTC/USD hourly chart
The Bitcoin price continued to go sideway during most of the week, as volatility has decreased. The price dropped to $6,500 at one point, and was able to recover and reached $7,200 toward the end of the week. It will retest the $7,400 resistance level again soon, with the current support at $7,000.
The BTC price at $7,400 is a key level. If the price breaks above $7,400, it will likely reach $7,650 and test $8,000. However, if the price retraced without breaking through $7,400, it could fall below $7,000 and start a new downward trend.
Reviews of the week:
According to CoinMetrics, USDC’s market capitalization, which equals the amount in circulation since it trades at par for dollars, has jumped 65 percent, from $444 million on March 1 to $734 million at press time. Jeremy Allaire, the Circle CEO and co-founder, explains that as the global coronavirus crisis is accelerating mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, the startup’s new business model has received an unexpected boost, and this time much of the demand is for payments in normal business transactions, not just to move money quickly between cryptocurrency exchanges. As a stablecoin, USDC is designed to hold its value against the dollar, and backed by real-world dollars held in a bank, for which it can be redeemed on demand. Referring to the stablecoin Circle issues in partnership with Coinbase, he said the past several weeks’ explosive interest and growth in USDC have been witnessed: “there is clearly very significant global demand for digital dollars and the use of digital dollars as a new payment medium.”
DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment, DC/EP), which is the name of China’s official central bank digital currency (CBDC), has surfaced with its first mobile wallets being tested at Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). DCEP is reported already in the advanced testing phase in four Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities: Shenzhen, Xiong’an, Chengdu and Suzhou and it is positioning as replacement of M0 and using a two-tier operation delivery system. It shows that it will have the possibility to send and receive offline payments and it is not using a typical blockchain but more of a distributed ledger technology (DLT) style protocol. China is making giant strides in advancing with blockchain technology since China’s president Xi Jinping announced blockchain as one of the country’s technological priorities and advocated to “seize the opportunity” last year.
Disclaimer: The above market commentary is based on technical analysis using historical pricing data, and is for reference only. It does not serve as investment or trading advice.
About Coinviva:
Coinviva aims to create the best crypto financial services ecosystem for both institutional and individual investors. We provide reliable fiat funding options, excellent trading liquidity, bank security level custody and one-stop high liquidity provision on-site & off-site. Our founding management team all come from top tiered investment banking (e.g. JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch), with fully comprehensive financial institution operation experience.

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Coinviva Market Weekly Report - Week of 05/04/2020

Coinviva Market Weekly Report - Week of 05/04/2020

BTC/USD Hourly Chart
The Bitcoin price was able to break out of the upper Keltner channel at $6,540 and reached as high as $7,285 at one point. It went back to $6,818 which is near the resistance level from last December. The higher highs and higher lows show that the price is back on an upward trend.
The BTC price is expected to test the $7,140 resistance next week. If the momentum keeps up, the price can potentially go back to $7,650 in the medium term. For the time-being, wait for the price to break above the Keltner channel again near $7,000 and then enter a long position, with support at around $6,650.
Review of the week:
Despite the economic downturn induced by the coronavirus pandemic, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) and the crypto industry as a whole will perform well in the months ahead. In an interview with Forbes, Powell reveals that while many companies are laying off workers, the San Francisco-based exchange is increasing its staff by nearly 10% due to an uptick in interest in the cryptocurrency market at large ever since the coronavirus surfaced in China. He says that both the cryptocurrency and traditional markets have their share of retail investors who make trades on a whim, and that Bitcoin has remained relatively stable, with the price rebounding by 30% plus last week.
A closely-watched Bitcoin (BTC) whale Joe007, who earned $20 million in realized profits on Bitfinex between February and March, says he expects more pain ahead for the global economy and predicts waves of volatility as governments push to prop up traditional markets and combat a devastating loss of jobs: “It is going to be the biggest economic shock of our generation. It will unfold in waves and over time, giving false hopes and then crushing them. The focus of the crisis will be shifting through different areas. Attempts to alleviate and solve one crisis will lead to more mess.” He expects investors to continue shifting assets to US dollars – a dynamic that pummeled equities and the crypto markets in March.
In a letter to investors, CEO and co-founder of Quantum Economics, Mati Greenspan, says Bitcoin’s recent crash, along with traditional markets, is not surprising. He argues that concerns are overblown regarding whether the leading cryptocurrency still has a future after the volatile pullback: “There seems to be an existential question going around the crypto market at the moment where people are saying that if bitcoin can’t rise in this environment then it probably doesn’t have much of a reason to exist at all. After all, the narrative of using bitcoin as a safe haven in times of financial stress has been a rather strong one throughout the years and so now should really be BTC’s time to shine. Bitcoin was invented to give us an alternative to money that is controlled by governments and banks. The volatility is largely due to the fact that it’s quite new and adoption rates are unstable, which leads to large levels of speculation. So, a measure of success would be to see bitcoin remain on a slow but steady incline, rather than zooming towards the moon due to global uncertainty.”
Disclaimer: The above market commentary is based on technical analysis using historical pricing data, and is for reference only. It does not serve as investment or trading advice.

About Coinviva:
Coinviva aims to create the best crypto financial services ecosystem for both institutional and individual investors. We provide reliable fiat funding options, excellent trading liquidity, bank security level custody and one-stop high liquidity provision on-site & off-site. Our founding management team all come from top tiered investment banking (e.g. JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch), with fully comprehensive financial institution operation experience.
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Aphelion is probably a money dump.

Edit: I'm adding this in, 11/14/17: I highly recommend you watch the aphelion AMA and read my response here:
Hello everyone,
So as the title says, I've come to the conclusion that this ICO is either a money dump or straight out scam. While ICOs are the bread and butter of the crypto world right now, and another ICO on Neo would be awesome, this has thrown up way to many red flags. I personally won't be investing, and I'll break down why. First though, here's a list of questions I asked in their subreddit, and the responses they gave:
I asked some questions in their Subreddit: I'll give the questions and answers here:
1.Why the timing of your ico? Literally the day before bitcoins largest hardfork is the day you decide to start your ICO?
We wrote a blog post a few days ago clarifying that Bitcoin’s hard fork does not affect us:
They did a great job of side stepping the question by answering it without answering it. Personally, I'd hold an ICO before a bitcoin fork too, if I knew that the price of everything was probably going to skyrocket right after the fork.
2.Could you please clarify the role of the 'advisors' on your team? In my experience, advisor could mean quite a bit or almost nothing.
We consider all advisors to be part of our team. Some of those advisors are working more than full time on Aphelion and some are available to lend advice where they have expertise.
So their advisers range from basic questions to working more than full time. Fair enough, I'll give them that.
3.You appear to be asking for quite a bit of money. Between 27 and 35 million dollars at today's prices. That's quite a bit of money. Can you explain the history of your team, and their roles in managing that sum of money? Perhaps A breakdown of costs, salaries, anticipated expenses, ect.
We have a use of proceeds outlined in our white paper. Each of our founders have experience operating multi-million dollar operations. Key players in Aphelion at the moment are not on salary.
To be clear, these people are trying to raise THIRTY. MILLION. DOLLARS. That's more than two million dollars a person if you include all their advisors, or 15 million dollars each if you only count the two founders. To put that in perspective, they're trying to raise Ten million dollars more than Ethereums original ICO and twenty million dollars more than Neo itself raised.
For an exchange.
4.Can you give details on who in your team has experience in blockchain programming and will be the primary party responsible for heading the program? From what I see, you have two founders, neither of whom have given evidence that they have the ability to take on this sort of task.
Joel, noted on our homepage, has extensive blockchain programming experience and manages a robust team. We also have Adi as an advisor from Applied Blockchain. We are fully confident in our team’s ability and we are excited to grow our team in the future.
Ya know, after I got this answer, I went ahead and looked at Joel. (Who is listed as an adviser still, by the way) From what I can tell, 'Extensive blockchain programming experience' means almost none really. Here's the facebook page of the company he represents:
Only until the most recent few months has there ever even been a mention of blockchain technology. Going back and back, at no point is bitcoin, ethereum, or really anything to do with Crypto technology even mentioned before very recently. According to the linkedin page, allcode has a team of...5. Including Joel. I'm not blown away or really convinced.
5.In a similar vein, could you please be breakdown the details of how you plan to exchange neo? In terms of selling them at market cost, when, ect.
There are simply too many variables to give you an answer on this. We do not have control over market pricing.
Also, fair enough.
6.You say on your website that you plan on being based in St. Kitts. Why the switch to there from Barcelona like had been previously stated?
We have never sated that Aphelion is based in Barcelona. Aphelion has always been based in Nevis.
PURE. BULLSHIT. At various points, the location changed from Barcelona to Catalonia,and now to now St. Kitts. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to archive any of these, but there are various news sites where Aphelion and Barcelona are mentioned. Let's give them the benefit of a doubt though: Good ol' Tech capital St. Kitts and Nevis: a tiny island in the Caribbean with a booming population of 54,000, where a quality internet connection would cost upward of 300 USD a month, and Definetly not known for anything shady.
It's okay though, as we can all tell that this is the place I'd go to get some high quality, cutting edge programming done, and definitely not a way to get the internet to crowdfund my ticket to a tropical paradise.
7.You state in your road map that you both retained legal counsel and came up with the concept by Q2 of this year. Would you be willing to provide evidence for this via email if requested?
Our legal counsel has advised us not to disclose any legal communications with unknown third parties.
Yeah, I wouldn't either, considering. I'll tell ya what aphelion Token: PM me for an email address. If you can you provide any evidence that you came up with the concept and/or research of a decentralized cryptocurrency market before March 31st of 2017 with a time dated email, I'll put in 50 neo into the ICO.
8.It appears that you've taken some time to contact the neo team in any capacity. Considering neo has only had one (mostly) successful ICO so far, it's pretty surprising to some members of CoZ that your certain to correctly pull it off without a hitch with zero help. Do you still remain as confident as before?
Does this question have a typo? We have taken the time to outreach both NEO and CoZ and have had conversations with both. We are not working directly with NEO or CoZ, but they have been kind and helpful to answer questions for us. We are highly confident that we will have a successful venture.
Yeah, I've reached out to Neo and CoZ too. CoZ was pretty surprised that you took as long as you did to contact them in regards to how your ICO would work. That Aphelion only began communicating in the last month or so is quite surprising.
9.Your whitepaper and roadmap do not state a minimum funding goal. Should you only manage to reach the paltry sum of 25 million dollars, will you be refunding your investors?
Let’s first clarify that $25M is not a paltry sum. We have a minimum funding goal of $2M and are confident we will far surpass that goal. In the event of unsold tokens, they will be burned still doesn't mention the minimum funding goal in the whitepaper, nor if you fail to reach the minimum if you'll be refunding your investors.
summary I've seen a lot of youtubers and Twitter users shilling this. A remarkable amount of them aren't including any disclosure that they're doing it for their social media bounty, unfortunately. Shilling at this level throws me off a lot, especially when it's from that suppoman turd.
If you've reached this far, you've read most of my concerns, but I have another I'd like to add: What they are asking for amounts to about 1.2 million neo at current prices. Remember what the ultimate usage of what the Neo token represents: Voting power for consensus nodes and future blockchain decisions. If they reach their goal, they will have enough to represent 1.8 percent of the total voting rights for today's circulating Neo.That's sort of like giving one american the right to vote five million times in one election.
Based on everything you've seen so far, do you feel as though these are the people you trust with that much power?
Caveat emptor.
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Chromapolis FUD: Stop the nonsense. (RE: The Ian Balina Scandal)

Chromapolis FUD: Stop the nonsense. (RE: The Ian Balina Scandal)
This piece was originally posted here by an anonymous writer, but I thought that it hadn't received enough views to truly defend the team. I'm sure many of you saw the Ian Balina ICO pool scandal here, but I thought it unfairly dragged down Chromaway's name with it.
There has been massive amounts of FUD going around the ICO community–some accusations are well-founded, and I understand the confusion and anger. I’m not here to defend the actions of the team, and I’m not here to say that they have reacted in the best way possible. Nor am I here to defend the actions of Ian Balina. I am, however, here to defend the characters of the ChromaWay team and the accomplishments and contributions they have made to the blockchain industry.
First of all, Alex Mizrahi has contributed more to the development of this fascinating industry than 99.99% of ICO participants. The ChromaWay team, led by Alex, were the first to create a protocol capable of issuing tokens, called “colored coins” at the time (circa 2011~2012). The concept was so new at the time that he even had to quote Meni Rosenfield on what “colored coins” were:

By the original design bitcoins are fungible, acting as a neutral medium of exchange. However, by carefully tracking the origin of a given bitcoin, it is possible to “color” a set of coins to distinguish it from the rest. These coins can then have special properties supported by either an issuing agent or a Schelling point, and have value independent of the face value of the underlying bitcoins. Such colored bitcoins can be used for alternative currencies, commodity certificates, smart property, and other financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.

His role in the propagation of the idea of what we now call “tokens” played a huge role in expanding the blockchain industry into what it is today. In fact, when Vitalik introduced the concept of Ethereum to the world onstage at Bitcoin Miami 2014, he praised colored coins and its potential to radically change the scope of blockchain applications.

Above: Slide from Vitalik’s presentation in BTC Miami 2014 on the applications of blockchain and distributed consensus, following Satoshi’s creation of digital currency and blockchain in 2009. Vitalik described colored coins by saying, “the idea behind [colored coins] is okay, you have a blockchain and you have a currency on it, but what if you could put other currencies on the blockchain as well.”

Above: Jimmy Song, one of ChromaWay’s early hires, explains Colored Coins and ChromaWallet back in 2014 in Zug, Switzerland.
We’ve come a long way from the small grassroots and enthusiast developer communities in 2011, to now multimillion dollar companies appearing out of thin air during 2017-18. If the ChromaWay team were only in it for the money, wouldn’t they have thrown together a whitepaper and raised $30 million when ICOs were all the rage last year? No, they waited for a breakthrough in lowering the barrier of entry for developers that want to create dapps: Postchain.
The implications of their breakthrough in Postchain is huge. The internet as we know it today, “internet 2.0” was created on the backbones of relational databases and improved protocols. Postchain, very simply put, allows relational blockchains. This means that any developer, blockchain experienced or not, will be able to create dapps using SQL queries that they are already familiar with. If more people cared about the core technology and its potential to truly make dapps mainstream and less about getting “hyped up” coins at a higher price, these recent waves of FUD would not have been given much attention--what Ian decides to do with his allocation is his decision. Again, I am not defending his actions nor the team’s response to the FUD. Quite frankly, the Chromaway team has never had to deal with situations like these, and I’m sure stress played a huge part.
So what else has the team been doing since 2011? Short answer: a lot of research, ideas, and development, that we take for granted today.
What were you doing to help this revolution? They may have made mistakes--after all it is their first ICO. But it’s not fair to attack their character based on miscommunications and mistakes, that ultimately have no long-term effects on the project.
If you have a problem with the way they have communicated with the community and investors that is completely reasonable. But do not start acting out character assassinations on people that have been building infrastructure in the space for years simply because you are unhappy with their inexperience in PR relations and communications. Come at them with your concerns not your vitriol. Creating anonymous posts where all you do is bash on them without providing constructive criticism will only create more problems.
To add onto this, this article has been making the rounds and makes a lot of assumptions and straight out unfounded accusations. To be more specific near the end they call out an influencer known as “TheGobOne” as having been fined $400,000 by the SEC because of pooling. First of all TheGobOne is a Canadian citizen and is not governed by the SEC. And by his own word has not been in contact or been contacted by them in regards to pooling funds. To create entirely false talking points to support your narrative is as disingenuous as possible. Why the author felt the need to spread lies to try and support his point shows a clear alterior motive in trying to character assassinate influencers and team members associated with the project, rather than coming at them with purely fact based concerns.

Above: TheGobOne refuting claims he was fined by the SEC in his Discord Announcements channel earlier today.
Everyone in the blockchain space has been a bit on edge lately because of the serious market downturn. If you’re an investor you’ve been feeling the heat of the giant -70%+ losses on altcoins. Feeling frustrated at that is completely natural but in the end we have to make sure we don’t explode at projects and people that have little to do with our own down investments. There are teams and projects that are simply trying to build something they believe the space needs. Let’s try to make the crypto community stronger and come together to help these developers make the best projects they can. Without bombarding them with negativity for every mistake they make on the way there.
Ending on a lighter note, you can see Alex’s true character in a funnily relevant thread from 2012 titled “fuck this shit, I want my own blockchain!” where he says:
I understand that many community members won't like some of these features, but the goal here is to try new things, not to get some people rich. If you don't like it, then forget about it. If nobody likes it, I have other things to do.
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Navigating the Fundamental Analysis in Crypto (part 1)

Hi BitcoinMarkets , I am the owner of taughtu and we post trading and business articles every week teaching people something new.

Since the market has been heating up lately, I wanted to share an article we recently did on fundamental analysis in crypto that I think you will enjoy! Definitely a must read before alt season.


One of the most overlooked skills in cryptocurrency, Fundamental Analysis, is the minimum one requires to preserve their capital in a highly volatile market like crypto.
But what exactly is it?

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis

If you are good at SWOT analysis, or at least know what it is, then you are already on the right track.

Traditional analyses do not work in crypto, in that a single day can wipe off billions of dollars from a project’s valuation or ‘pump’ its value by 2-10x in a day during an ‘altseason’ (yes, we will see one again).

Generally speaking, one has to modify the traditional SWOT analysis and calibrate it to suit one’s own style. Moreover, the ‘standard framework’ is not suitable for crypto assets. How exactly, would obviously depend on what you are looking for in a project. More on that later.

How will you get better at it? The more you analyze projects and try to find their shortcomings, the better you will become, and during this process, develop your own ‘style’. The rationale to look for shortcomings in a project is due to the fact that no project will highlight their weaknesses (and what is funny is, many projects know their weaknesses but do not care).

Hence, starting to look into a project with a negative bias is always beneficial.

There are three pillars to fundamental analysis in my opinion:
  1. The project itself
  2. The ‘blockchain level’ competition
  3. The real world industry/application domain the project is targeting

1 - The Project

It is crucial to know first, what exactly is the project trying to achieve.

Many projects’ homepage doesn’t even say that. Knowing what the project aims to do would help you figure out whether the project is really required, or, can it really survive and become a full fledged currency/company.

Then comes the investigation about the team, its composition, experience, vision etc. Has the team ‘doxxed’ itself, if not, do they have a solid reason for that? Are the team’s linkedin, githubs available for review?

A team which is open about their experience gets plus points from me. But it is always a double edged sword, in that some projects which are at nascent stage, and no information about the team might go on to give the most returns due to undervaluation resulting from the uncertainty about the team.

E.g. – Luxcore project went parabolic due to this factor, as people were betting heavily on ‘what if factor’ about the team.

Interestingly, my favorite cryptocurrency project has an anon team still, even though I have a decent investment in them.
My reasoning is that I am willing to take that risk, and having seen their work, I am confident that the devs know their game, and team disclosure in future will only help the project’s credibility, not the other way around.

To conclude the first point, I will come to the main question –

Is this project really required?

We have so many privacy clones, PoS projects, ‘DAPPs’ projects (biggest meme of them all), ‘fast transaction’ based crypto currency and so on. The top 200 is overcrowded, and full of similar ideas, and I believe 80% of them will eventually die.

The goal is to find the ones with a high chance of survival. So the idea has to impress me, generally in the first 2-4 minutes.

Personally, if it is not unique enough, or ambitious enough, my excitement and attention starts to dwindle. And all this is before I even open the white paper. The amount of time and deep dive I do into the white paper depends on the above process.

Whitepapers, in general, are intended to describe the project to a layman. What I have observed is, most people tend to skip any mention of technology/algo/implementation, thinking ‘I do not have a technical background’, and this is where some get it wrong.

Spend some time to investigate those terms/ideas (Google is always your friend, IF we do not get into the data stealing aspect).

By this time, one would be in a position to ascertain what exactly the project aspires to do, and the real world problem they are trying to solve.

Essentially, a project has to solve a real world problem, or a problem with the blockchain technology itself, or improvise upon an existing idea by a big margin.

2 - The Competition

This is the most important factor after the initial ‘vetting’ of the project.

A good team will always know their competition, and focus on doing things better than them, and innovate further. If this is not true for a project, then the ONLY thing going for the project would be the difference in the respective valuations.

For e.g. ,why do we need a new privacy coin, when we have projects like Monero and Zecash, which have progressed quite a bit technologically, have a big community backing them, and of course significant cash stockpile.

To build up on this example, most privacy clones will die, leaving the space for the innovators to capture. There are various factors which have to be considered when we compare a big cap incumbent and a low cap challenger (to be discussed in subsequent articles).

Personally, I am always inclined to bet on low/micro cap projects aiming to take on the more established ones, and envision to take the innovation to next level.

To elaborate, consider an example – If project A is at $500 million+ (IN A BEAR MARKET), and a microcap, lets call it project B, have technology parity, or slightly better technology(project B), then I see no reason for it to not grow to compete with A.

This is exactly where the most gains are made.

But there is a risk associated with this approach – what if there is a mega ‘FUD’ hitting the project, or team gets entangled in financial issues, or maybe goes under 51% attack etc.? Some examples being $CAL, $XHV etc.

If a microcap’s reputation takes a beating, it takes them significantly more time to regain credibility than their big cap competition (more on all these points in the next article).

To wrap up this section, success of a project also highly depends on the competition, market dynamics, and the community backing it.

3 - The Real World

Now even though fully decentralized organizations are at least 7-10 years away, for me, a project has to solve a real world problem, or a problem with the blockchain technology itself.

For e.g. the logistics industry, where incorporating blockchain technology can help improve efficiencies.

Another example is migration of traditional technology infrastructure of existing big companies to a decentralized one.

These are mere examples. My point is, projects targeting such domains and aiming to solve real world problems, are the most probable to get adopted the fastest (adoption is not merely building more wallets, or having crypto stored in phones. That’s just the financial domain, albeit the most resilient one. More on it in the next article).

To add to the point, the lesser the competition to such projects, higher the chances of success.

Another approach is looking into the projects aiming to improve blockchain technology, for e.g. say the projects improving and/or enhancing Ethereum ecosystem, or bring innovation in the blockchain space, for e.g. STO focussed projects.

Discussing further about the real world opportunities/domains where blockchain projects can contribute and add value(numerous) is out of scope of this introductory article.


To sum up, the above 3 steps to fundamental analysis can greatly help one to analyze the inherent value a project offers.

However, these cover just a basic review of the project. There are more detailed aspects which are crucial to take a measure of a given project, viz. token economics, team finances, community, code review/audit, regulations, whether the token is actually required, what to do if you are from a non-technical background etc.

These topics will be covered in subsequent articles in this series.

Always DYOR!

Hope these ideas help at least some of you.

Written by @le_lannister
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Why Kraken is an unsafe/bad exchange and why you should avoid them

It should shock you how careless and poorly run Kraken seems to be. I will explain why I believe Kraken's development team is terribly unqualified or why they are understaffed. This should alarm you because from what I've seen they are more qualified to run a bitcoin fan site, but somehow they were put in charge of running a multi million dollar exchange. Please note that this is my own personal analysis and opinion on Kraken and is in no way official or anything.
You have to understand, Kraken's engineering team didn't fail at an impossible task: they failed at fundamental and basic principles of software development. That should be a giant red flag for anyone who uses and trusts kraken with their money. jespow and kraken-tyler have a lot of explaining to do here, because after seeing how many mistakes this exchange has made in the past 2 days, I can only conclude that it must either be engineered by children or completely incompetent adult engineers who have ABSOLUTELY NO BUSINESS building and scaling up a trading engine. Let's look at a timeline, shall we?
  1. Throughout pretty much the entire year last year, Kraken totally failed to scale, and they blamed it on their trading engine. Despite millions of dollars being traded weekly/daily on their exchange, apparently they couldn't create a trading engine that would actually stay online for longer than an hour. They shoved a warning at the top of their website apologizing for how slow and awful it was and it stayed like that pretty much from June 2017 onward.
  2. The other day they go offline for 40 hours and leave this highly unprofessional description explaining why:
  3. At some point they post this And they tell us "we finally replaced our trading engine that sucked with a better one, but it immediately broke so we're trying to fix it".
  4. 40 hours of downtime and one unprofessional message on their homepage later and they're back, but they have a critical other bug where people magically lose their money when they close shorts....
Even if you knew nothing about software engineering this is absolutely ridiculous and definitely shows you how incompetent this company is. If we dive deeper into number 3 above then we really can see how much of a complete joke their engineering capabilities are:
When you build any sort of software project you have these three things called unit tests, staging environments and migrations. Let's say you were building a traffic light. Unit tests would be like automatic checklists that run and say "make sure the light turns red" or "make sure the light goes yellow before going red" and "make sure the crosswalk lights work when the human presses the button". Even hobby projects often have close to 100% test coverage, meaning you strive to have all your code tested as well as you can. Kraken clearly does not have appropriate unit tests in place because they've now suffered two critical bugs which should have been caught in unit tests.
Two, Kraken had no staging environment. When kraken went down for almost 40 hours they said it was from a bug they could ONLY have detected in a production environment. Well guess what? It's common practise in web/backend development to be able to spin up environments WHICH ARE IDENTICAL TO THE PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. It's quite clear to me that Kraken also does not have an appropriate (or competent) devOps team, because if they did have one then they would have easily been able to create a production identical environment which would have allowed for the "production only" bug to be produced.
Three, Kraken decided to stay offline for 40 hours as opposed to rolling back to their last working version. This is again shocking because you never want to migrate to a new version of something (ESPECIALLY AN UNTESTED SOMETHING) without having any way to go back to your previous state. Again this shows me that Kraken has no devOps team, or they are incompetent, because upon discovering the bug, they should have been able to roll back.
Summary of mistakes Kraken made:
  1. Wrote poor (or no) unit tests which failed to cover critical aspects of their trading engine. This caused 40 hours of downtime and customers to lose their money due to a bug with short trades
  2. Have a poor (or no) devOps team who are unable to spin up multiple environments for proper development and/or testing
  3. Have a lack of understanding of how to properly deploy versions and create migrations, because they had no way to roll back their changes
  4. Probably they have poor organization in general because it took them a year to attempt this scaling solution. What were they doing during that year if they weren't writing unit tests, migrations, and doing all the things a proper dev team should be doing?
  5. They literally replaced their home page with a plain text file with 3 sentences explaining that they're offline...
Remember, this space is unregulated and while I personally enjoy this aspect of it quite a lot, it also means the burden of protecting ourselves from bad actors falls on us. And from where I stand Kraken is a bad actor because they either cheaped out on engineers despite making millions of dollars from us, or their development team is not strong enough to build and manage their application at scale. In either case they had an entire year to rectify the problem but they did nothing.
But unit testing isn't magic and can't catch all bugs, right?
It doesn't solve all your problems but I would say the fact that there seems to be a common bug with shorts calculating profit wrong so that clients lose money is an indication that obvious tests were skipped or written poorly. Think about it. Just how well is their shorting feature tested at all, if there's a bug in something as important as calculating profit? It's not an isolated bug either since there's multiple people reporting it. Especially considering this is a financial system and they were developing it for a long time I don't think it's a stretch to say that this wasn't tested well at all.
But maybe its just too hard or impossible for them to create staging environments...
Ok lets assume that it's completely impossible for them to spin up an environment as close to production as possible. First, I would ask why they built it in a way where this is impossible since it seems pretty useful for testing, but moving on I wager that they still did a poor job flipping a switch and just turning this all on for everybody at once. This wasn't a small change by the looks. If that's the case then I think they should have rolled this out slower, and not give it to 100% of their users all at once. They could've even offered a "beta" mode where fees were slightly less but "you cant get mad at us when it breaks". There's tons of ways they could've handled the release better and put simply they butchered it.
But building a financial system like this is complicated!
I agree it's complicated, which is why when you're a big (and probably wealthy) company like Kraken you need to hire the A-team. Instead it looks like they hired the C-team. And I know that's harsh to say but it's hard for me to go much easier on them here given the facts and that large sums of money are involved.
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How the VC cartel is Destroying ICOs (Ep. 4)

How the VC cartel is Destroying ICOs (Ep. 4)
Finally got to finishing part 4 of the Vagina Club Blog. This one is nice and juicy with lots of name calling, screenshots and all the things people love in crypto. Lets get into it! In this episode, we will highlight some of the scummiest VCs in Crypto and break down their bad behavior. If you haven’t read the previous episodesmake sure you check those out as well, preferably before reading this one.
From 0 to Gold to Shit and all in 2 years
FBG the Fintech Blockchain Group and quickly became one of the most controversial crypto management funds of Asia. FBG’s fame stems from turning $20 million into $200 million in less than a year. It was founded in early 2017 by FBG founder Shuoji Zhou, 36. Shuoji is a special guy, he studied applied math at the University of Electronic Science & Technology but never cared a lot for maths. In an interview with Forbes he said, “Friendship, I think, is the most important thing in college. I forgot all the things I studied,”.
Pretty big statement especially since cryptography is a sub study of mathematics
Shuoij started making his fortune with arbitrage trading in the early days of crypto. One of Zhou’s tricks was to make use of the inefficiencies and problems in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He could often buy bitcoin on one exchange at $300 and sell it on another at, say, $301.50, pocketing a riskless $1.50 per coin. As time went on Shuoji perfected his skills to abuse the system and leech off the inherent problems of this nascent market. In early 2017 before the start of the ICO frenzy, Zhou and a few of his Chinese buddies from university joined together and raised around $20 million USD. They started to invest in promising projects like OmiseGo, Tron and MakerDao.
Lets take a deeper look at their investment portfolio. You can find the entire list of their investments in the link above. The average total return on Investment on all projects currently is around -63% at time of publishing this blog, however, FBG has 80% of investment projects – below the ICO price in dollars, the average is much higher thanks to Zilllqa.
FBG Capital Investment Strategies
In part 2 of this series, we explained what the goals are for a traditional Venture capital firm. At the end of 2017 and early 2018 investing in ICOs was not about finding good projects, it was about getting into them and generating the hype around them. Name of the game, find a good project with the help of engineers and specialists to examine the technology look at good teams and then hyping the shit out of them. Most crypto funds did not care about long-term visions of a project because they can make quick easy money dumping and clueless retail investors. This is one of the main problems in crypto hyper liquidity.
One could almost compare it with the boy band boom of the 90s. Find pretty boys, that can sing (at least dont sound horrible). Now generate crazy hype and cash out.
In part 2 of this series, we explained the importance of price in ICO Investing. Receiving discounts and getting into hot projects was the difficult part. FBG became exceedingly good at getting into projects and also with massive discounts. They talk about valuation added services that they can provide and a bunch of other lies that usually later fall flat out. We will put the FBG Logo on your Website, is what FBG Capital told Constellation Labs when they first approached them. Labs, at the time a highly rated project fell for their deceptions and gave in to the insane demands that FBG asked for. FBG demanded 98% discount.
At this point it be probably better to just give away the tokens for free
They provide exchange “intros.” Totally unneeded in late 2018. The industry is small. I can walk up to CZ at a conference and pitch my project.” If you have a halfway decent token and volume, all the tier2 exchanges will list you for next to nothing and there are 100 ways to start the application for tier1 exchanges who will judge you according to their own criteria.
  1. A three letter China Fund got a great reputation as the fund to follow in ICO 1.0 because they weren’t just investing — they were actually making sure that projects did well, by doing themarketing in-house and managing the Asia retail hype. So for a time it was a good party if you heard they were on a project. This was fun while it lasted and eventually fell apart and their reputation petered out.
  2. FBG offers the FBG One market Making Digital. As FBG is a big trader and runs a lot of volume on some of the main exchanges in crypto they offer their services for market making. The idea is simple, you tell a project you will secure a stable secondary market by providing millions in trading volume via their market makers and in return, you need to get 100% unlocked tokens with a very high discount. They will then use those tokens lock them up in the algorithmic trading bots and provide fake volume, buy and sell orders on the exchanges.
  3. Having such terms makes it easy to make quick money by simply dumping all those tokens on other retail investors or other funds. A perfect example of this behavior was the Uchain ICO. Currently sitting at almost 100% loss UChain was once a very hyped project with lots of potential great team and advisers. Now it’s a completely REKT ICO. UChain was told that FBG will provide maker making and professional exchange listing on one of the top exchanges in the world. The listing was a complete mess and ended up on Hotbit and and Bilaxy. The market making never started. Instead, FBG made quick returns and moved on to the next projects.
CEO Shuoji Mid this year Forbes published an article on FBG capital, in which they highlight all the aspects of “Asias Hottest Crypto Fund”. Once Shuoji Zho saw the headling he quickly shared this article with all his friends and community groups on social media without even reading it. The article highlights FBGs dubious strategies and also highlights several negative aspects like: Why did FBG buy into Tron? “We thought he was a very good marketer,” says FBG partner Richard Liu of Tron CEO Justin Sun. Sun’s 450,000-follower Twitter feed is filled with promotional messages, like a recent tweet featuring Tron’s logo on Times Square’s Nasdaq Jumbotron with the caption “#TRON hits #NASDAQ once again! We’re going to change blockchain, the internet, and the world! We’re going full speed. Don’t get left behind.” Sun has hyped Tron to a $18.9 billion peak market value, despite no meaningful revenues. (FBG claims it has given back its Tron investment.) FBG also has a reputation for getting in and out of investments quickly. “They’re flippers,” says Yubo Ruan, founder of Palo Alto-based 8 Decimal Capital, a rival crypto hedge fund. “Their reputation is pump and dump.” All in all, the article shines a very negative light on the team. Sharing this piece among other funds and ICOs was one of many problems FBG ran into in the past few months.
Reselling allocations breaking contracts
FBG obtained a reputation of getting discounts and selling them at a premium at higher rates to other funds, VCs and Pools. This behavior became very popular in 2018. Get allocations to sell them for more than what you had to pay, make quick risk free money. Sounds too good to be true? Thats because it is. A SAFT (Simple agreement on future Tokens) is a big pile of shit in terms of legal standpoint they barely have anything written in there, but one thing that they do clarify is that buying tokens for the explicit reason to sell them again to 3rd parties can lead to termination of the contract.  Aergo proudly presents the FBG Capital logo on their homepage. However just this month they were rumored to be complianing about FBG Capital to be selling their allocation on the OTC market.
We know because we were offered a FBG Allocation from 3 different sources. A week later aergo announced to the public that they will increase the amount of locked tokens.
We know most broker dealers in the space and often FBG Captial are the ones that are selling their tokens. The main problem with this system, is that these VCs have direct contact with the team and are selling their allocation to the public as soon as bad news comes in. Essentially its insider trading on the OTC markets. It also causes a dilution of interest as the secondary markets buy the tokens over the counter, leaving the exchanges dry and open to easy price manipulation.
General cluelessness of Token economics and decentralized systems
We talked to several ICOs that were in contact with FBG Capital and other Venture Capitals in general. FBG Capital uses external academics, scientists and engineers to evaluate the technology of their projects if there the project even have anything to evaluate. In direct conversation, most of the teams of such funds show little to no understanding of token economics, decentralized systems, and distributed ledger technologies. To provide long term value, VCs need to have anything of value that they can offer. This is hard work, building new valuation models for cryptocurrencies and building real value is much harder than deceiving and using dubious tactics to generate revenue. In fact, over 50% of their income comes from marginal and day trading.
Frankly there was no financial incentive to have any such understanding in the first place. It was extremely easy to make money by hustling. Hustling is their only ability.

What now?
Funds are dried up, they pushed all their remaining liquid assets into various Shitcoin project early and mid this year. With no retail to dump on it on or founding teams who were in it for the pump and not the long term technology. These investments never went liquid, most of them destroyed the market and got REKT anyway. We heard from various sources that many of the biggest Crypto Funds are struggling to survive. Many are faced with the problem that the ICO Teams do not want to list on exchanges, but the funds desperately need the liquidity to pay their employees. The result is an over flooded OTC market with ICO tokens selling at seed prices.
Looking hashgraph 100% unlocked for 3.5 cents, or Oasis Labs for seed price? Its all popping up in the OTC telegram channels.
Others like Multicoin Capita land Polychain Capital, some of the best funds in the world have also reported losses. Galaxy Digital LP, a fund owned by Mike Novogratz has reported losses of over $175 million. Also, a total of nine funds including Alpha Protocol and Crowd Crypto Fund have decided to close down. Kyle Samani, the Cofounder of Multicoin Capital, says that new capital has slowed for even high profile funds theirs. Right now, the market has no compass. Things that worked in the past are not working — the reason being is that they worked not because of the genius of the strategy, but because retail investors had FOMO’ed in and were taking the dump. Smart forward-looking players will recognize this.
You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time
Strategies that the Asian VC cartel and Chinese ICOs used to generate Fomo among Western retailers: Top Ranking on So-and-So’s Spreadsheet 5 China funds’ logos on the website Random PHD with 8 years of blockchain experience on the team They have signed a partnership agreement with (reality is they usually have a buddy that owns a local franchise) They have a 50-million user base from another company they are bringing over to use their payment token. (Stuff like this is usually debunked with any amount of real diligence — except if you are MachineZone and doing your own Reverse ICO.) And recently they started a new tactic, opening on secondary exchanges with 0.5% circulating supply and then going on top exchanges. Just to then generate last bit of fomo to dump on. This behavior is really disgusting.

We are at a point where everybody understands that things can’t go on like this. Most people are screaming for regulations and are hailing the STO, without having any understanding of securities laws and their implementations. A few other people believe that common sense is the way to go. Self-regulations and more responsibility. The ICO Venture Cartel as we know it is running out of fuel. Their deceiving tactics are not fooling anybody anymore. If you want to know who is going to win look to the project that regular people are talking about. The ones that people can maybe invest 1 ETH into a project are worth getting excited about. The ones that show us cases that bridge over to the “real world” outside of blockchain. Those that show understanding for token economics and decentralized networks. CEO’s that talk about the inherent problems with centralized solutions in every industry in the world. People that are actually passionate about decentralized ledger technologies and spend day and night working to make this our future. In the last episode of this series we’ll highlight all the aspects investors should watch out for, to avoid getting dumped on by Crypto funds and what ICOs should watch out for when approved by such 3 letter Asian Crypto funds. Please share this and other related articles to ICO communities to help us finally get rid of the players that are parasitically leaching off the system and adding no value at all. If you liked this article please make sure to check out the episodes 1 – 4 here.
Want to know more about it, join us on our Discord and Telegram channels and get into the discussion, or join our 8000 member community on our ICO DOG Investment Platform:
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How do I mine Dogecoin?

How do I mine Dogecoin?
Let’s take a lucky guess that you’re here today because you’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrencies and you want to get involved, right? If you’re a community person, Dogecoin mining might be the perfect start for you!
Bitcoin was the first in 2009, and now there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies. These new coins (that operate on their own native blockchain) are called altcoins or alternative coins. One popular altcoin is Dogecoin. It can be bought, sold and traded, just like Bitcoin. It can also be mined!
So, what is Dogecoin mining?
You’ll know what hardware and what software you need to get started. You’ll also know whether or not Dogecoin mining is for you!
So, where would you like to start? The beginning? Great choice. Let’s have a quick look at how Dogecoin got started.
A (Very) Short History of Dogecoin
In 2013, an Australian named Jackson Palmer and an American named Billy Markus became friends. They became friends because they both liked cryptocurrencies. However, they also thought the whole thing was getting too serious so they decided to create their own.
Palmer and Markus wanted their coin to be more fun and more friendly than other crypto coins. They wanted people who wouldn’t normally care about crypto to get involved.
They decided to use a popular meme as their mascot — a Shiba Inu dog.
Dogecoin was launched on December 6th, 2013. Since then it has become popular because it’s playful and good-natured. Just like its mascot!
Dogecoin has become well-known for its use in charitable acts and online tipping. In 2014, $50,000 worth of Dogecoin was donated to the Jamaican Bobsled Team so they could go to the Olympics. Dogecoin has also been used to build wells in Kenya. Isn’t that awesome!
Users of social platforms – like Reddit – can use Dogecoin to tip or reward each other for posting good content.
Dogecoin has the 27th largest market cap of any cryptocurrency.
Note: A market cap (or market capitalization) is the total value of all coins on the market.
So, Dogecoin is a popular altcoin, known for being fun, friendly and kind. It’s a coin with a dog on it! You love it already, don’t you?
Next, I want to talk about how mining works…
What is Mining?
To understand mining, you first need to understand how cryptocurrencies work. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer digital currencies. This means that they allow money to be transferred from one person to another without using a bank.
Every cryptocurrency transaction is recorded on a huge digital database called a blockchain. The database is stored across thousands of computers called nodes. Nodes put together groups of new transactions and add them to the blockchain. These groups are called blocks.
Each block of transactions has to be checked by all the nodes on the network before being added to the blockchain. If nodes didn’t check transactions, people could pretend that they have more money than they really do (I know I would!).
Confirming transactions (mining) requires a lot of computer power and electricity so it’s quite expensive.
Blockchains don’t have paid employees like banks, so they offer a reward to users who confirm transactions. The reward for confirming new transactions is new cryptocurrency. The process of being rewarded with new currency for confirming transactions is what we call “mining”!
It is called mining because it’s a bit like digging for gold or diamonds. Instead of digging with a shovel for gold, you’re digging with your computer for crypto coins!
Each cryptocurrency has its own blockchain. Different ways of mining new currency are used by different coins where different rewards are offered.
So, how do you mine Dogecoin? What’s special about Dogecoin mining? Let’s see…
What is Dogecoin Mining?
Dogecoin mining is the process of being rewarded with new Dogecoin for checking transactions on the Dogecoin blockchain. Simple, right? Well no, it’s not quite that simple, nothing ever is!
Mining Dogecoin is like a lottery. To play the lottery you have to do some work. Well, actually your computer (or node) has to do some work! This work involves the confirming and checking of transactions which I talked about in the last section.
Lots of computers work on the same block of transactions at the same time but the only one can win the reward of new coins. The one that earns the new coins is the node that adds the new block of transactions to the old block of transactions. This is completed using complex mathematical equations.
The node that solves the mathematical problem first wins! It can then attach the newly confirmed block of transactions to the rest of the blockchain.
Most cryptocurrency mining happens this way. However, Dogecoin mining differs from other coins in several important areas. These areas are;
  • Algorithm: Each cryptocurrency has a set of rules for mining new currency. These rules are called a mining or hashing algorithm.
  • Block Time: This is the average length of time it takes for a new block of transactions to be checked and added to the blockchain.
  • Difficulty: This is a number that represents how hard it is to mine each new block of currency. You can use the difficulty number to work out how likely you are to win the mining lottery. Mining difficulty can go up or down depending on how many miners there are. The difficulty is also adjusted by the coin’s protocol to make sure that the block time stays the same.
  • Reward: This is the amount of new currency that is awarded to the miner of each new block.
Now, let’s compare how DogeCoin mining works compared to Litecoin and Bitcoin…
Mining Comparison
Bitcoin uses SHA-256 to guide the mining of new currency and the other two use Scrypt. This is an important difference because Scrypt mining needs a lot less power and is a lot quicker than SHA-256. This makes mining easier for miners with less powerful computers. Fans of Litecoin and Dogecoin think that they are fairer than Bitcoin because more people can mine them.
Note: In 2014, Litecoin and Dogecoin merged mining. This means they made it possible to mine both coins in the same process. Dogecoin mining is now linked with Litecoin mining. It’s like two different football teams playing home games in the same stadium!
Mining Dogecoin is a lot faster than mining Litecoin or Bitcoin. The block reward is much higher too!
Don’t get too excited though (sorry!). Dogecoin is still worth a lot less than Bitcoin and Litecoin. A reward of ten thousand Dogecoin is worth less than thirty US Dollars. A reward of 12.5 Bitcoin is currently worth 86,391.63 US Dollars!
However, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Dogecoin mining difficulty is more than one million times less than Bitcoin mining difficulty. This means you are much more likely to win the block reward when you mine Dogecoin.
Now I’ve told you about what Dogecoin mining is and how it works, would you like to give it a try?
Let’s see what you need to do to become a Dogecoin miner…
How to Mine Dogecoin
There are two ways to mine Dogecoin, solo (by yourself) or in a Dogecoin mining pool.
Note: A Dogecoin pool is a group of users who share their computing power to increase the odds of winning the race to confirm transactions. When one of the nodes in a pool confirms a transaction, it divides the reward between the users of the pool equally.
Dogecoin Mining: Solo vs Pool
When you mine as a part of a Dogecoin pool, you have to pay fees. Also, when the pool mines a block you will only receive a small portion of the total reward. However, pools mine blocks much more often than solo miners. So, your chance of earning a reward (even though it is shared) is increased. This can provide you with a steady new supply of Dogecoin.
If you choose to mine solo then you risk waiting a long time to confirm a transaction because there is a lot of competition. It could be weeks or even months before you mine your first block! However, when you do win, the whole reward will be yours. You won’t have to share it or pay any fees.
As a beginner, I would recommend joining a Dogecoin pool. This way you won’t have to wait as long to mine your first block of new currency. You’ll also feel like you’re part of the community and that’s what Dogecoin is all about!
What You Need To Start Mining Dogecoin
Before you start Dogecoin mining, you’ll need a few basics. They are;
  • A PC with either Windows, OS X or Linux operating system.
  • An internet connection
  • A Shiba Inu puppy (just kidding!)
You’ll also need somewhere to keep the Dogecoin you mine. Go to Dogecoin’s homepage and download a wallet.
Note: A wallet is like an email account. It has a public address for sending/receiving Dogecoin and a private key to access them. Your private keys are like your email’s password. Private keys are very important and need to be kept completely secure.
There are two different types; a light wallet and a full wallet. To mine Dogecoin, you’ll need the full wallet. It’s called Dogecoin Core.
Now that you’ve got a wallet, you need some software and hardware.
Dogecoin Mining Hardware
You can mine Dogecoin with;
  • Your PC’s CPU: The CPU in your PC is probably powerful enough to mine Dogecoin. However, it is not recommended. Mining can cause less powerful computers to overheat which causes damage.
  • A GPU: GPUs (or graphics cards) are used to improve computer graphics but they can also be used to mine Dogecoin. There are plenty of GPUs to choose from but here are a few to get you started;SAPPHIRE Pulse Radeon RX 580 ($426.98)Nvidia GeForce GTX ($579.99)ASUS RX Vega 64 ($944.90)
  • A Scrypt ASIC Miner: This is a piece of hardware designed to do one job only. Scrypt ASIC miners are programmed to mine scrypt based currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin. ASIC miners are very powerful. They are also very expensive, very loud and can get very hot! Here’s a few for you to check out;Innosilicon A2 Terminator ($760)Bitmain Antminer L3 ($1,649)BW L21 Scrypt Miner ($7,700)
Dogecoin Mining Software
Whether you’re mining with an ASIC, a GPU or a CPU, you’ll need some software to go with it. You should try to use the software that works best with the hardware you’re using. Here’s a short list of the best free software for each choice of mining hardware;
  • CPU: If you just want to give mining a quick try, using your computer’s CPU will work fine. The only software I would recommend for mining using a CPU only is CPU miner which you can download for free here.
  • GPU: If you mine with a GPU there are more software options. Here are a few to check out;CudaMiner– Works best with Nvidia products.CGminer– Works with most GPU hardware.EasyMiner– User-friendly, so it’s good for beginners.
  • Scrypt ASIC miner:MultiMiner– Great for mining scrypt based currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin. It can also be used to mine SHA-256 currencies like Bitcoin.CGminer and EasyMiner can also be used with ASIC miners.
You’re a beginner, so keep it simple! When you first start mining Dogecoin I would recommend using a GPU like the Radeon RX 580 with EasyMiner software. Then I would recommend joining a Dogecoin mining pool. The best pools to join are multi-currency pools like Multipool or AikaPool.
If you want to mine Dogecoin but don’t want to invest in all the tech, there is one other option…
Dogecoin Cloud Mining
Cloud mining is mining without mining! Put simply, you rent computer power from a huge data center for a monthly or yearly fee. The Dogecoin is mined at the center and then your share is sent to you.
All you need to cloud mine Dogecoin is a Dogecoin wallet. Then choose a cloud mining pool to join. Eobot, Nice Hash and Genesis Mining all offer Scrypt-based cloud mining for a monthly fee.
There are pros and cons to Dogecoin cloud mining;
The Pros
  • It’s cheaper than setting up your own mining operation. There’s also no hot, noisy hardware lying around the house!
  • As a beginner, there isn’t a lot of technical stuff to think about.
  • You get a steady supply of new currency every month.
The Cons
  • Cloud mining pools don’t share much information about themselves and how they work. It can be hard to work out if a cloud mining contract is a good value for money.
  • You are only renting computer power. If the price of Dogecoin goes down, you will still have to pay the same amount for something that is worthless.
  • Dogecoin pools have fixed contracts. The world of crypto can change very quickly. You could be stuck with an unprofitable contract for two years!
  • It’s no fun letting someone else do the mining for you!
Now you know about all the different ways to mine Dogecoin we can ask the big question, can you make tons of money mining Dogecoin?
So, Is Dogecoin Mining Profitable?
The short answer is, not really. Dogecoin mining is not going to make you a crypto billionaire overnight. One Dogecoin is worth 0.002777 US Dollars. If you choose to mine Dogecoin solo, it will be difficult to make a profit. You will probably spend more money on electricity and hardware than you will make from Dogecoin mining. Even if you choose a Dogecoin pool or a cloud pool your profits will be small.
However, if you think I am telling you to not mine Dogecoin, then you’re WRONG! Of course, I think you should mine Dogecoin!
But why? Seriously…
Well, you should mine Dogecoin because it’s fun and you want to be a part of the Dogecoin family. Cryptocurrency is going to change the world and you want to be part of that change, right? Mining Dogecoin is a great way to get involved.
Dogecoin is the coin that puts a smile on people’s faces. By mining Dogecoin you’ll be supporting all the good work its community does. You’ll learn about mining from the friendliest gang in crypto. And who knows? In a few years, the Dogecoin you mine now could be worth thousands or even millions! In 2010, Bitcoin was worthless. Think about that!
Only you can choose whether to mine Dogecoin or not. You now know everything you need to know to make your choice. The future is here. So, what are you going to do?
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Walking On The Moon: How We Can Make Dogecoin's Market Cap Reach $ 50 Billion In The Next 5 Years, Even Before Bitcoin Does

Several things have happened in the beginning of this week. We shibes crowd-tipped the Jamaican Bobsled team. Our actions brought us publicity in the media. The value of dogecoin has skyrocketed, and more shibes have subscribed. But we are still in the beginning of our journey to the moon.
I want to walk on the moon. But not in 20 years. That's too long. I believe it's possible to do so in the next five years. As a micro-transaction medium that allows us to deal with minute transactions, dogecoin is in a better position than Bitcoin to gain mainstream adoption. It doesn't have the problem of decimals (1 cent =0.00001 BTC). It's based on a fun meme, hence easier to talk about. Transactions are processed faster than Bitcoin. It appeals to the youth and it's based on the practice of tipping. It has a growing community, approaching 40,000 shibes as I post. Dogecoin has what it takes to reach a multi-billion market cap.
Dogecoin can reach a multi-billion dollar market cap in the next few years if we shibes play our cards right.So what do we shibes need to do to get there?
1-We need to become dogecoin evangelists and ambassadors within and outside the internet. Don't just focus on tipping strangers on Reddit, focus on your friends. Do your friends in class or at work know about dogecoin? Do they see you wearing a cool T-shirt with a dogecoin or doge label on it? Teen shibes, have you tipped your parents, brothers and sister as a way of appreciating them? Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, it's how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp grew.
2-We need to make doge-tipping a cultural phenomenon. It's possible. Look at Anonymous. They hack. But they hack for a social cause. Talk of organised disorder.They punish governments when they error, they expose rapists and they fight out for the oppressed.
And just as we have the Doge as our symbol, they have the Guy Fawkes mask. This makes them look cool. We can become an organized movement like them, but instead of using our computers to hack, we can use our computers to tip on cool projects.
Don't forget the Arab spring. Millions of people used social media to oust dictators like Qaddafi and Hosni Mubarak. And how the Harlem shake became a thing for some time last year. Shibes, we must act smart and find a way for dogecoin to become "the next trend".
3-We need more social causes to support. By helping the Jamaican Bobsled Team, we've become heroes. We need more things to support. But we also need to be selective. We have to find causes that are unique, original and can get us in the media, just like the story of Jamaican Bobsled Team got us media attention.
Last year, people funded victims of Boston Marathon bombing as well as those affected by hurricane Sandy. This year, opportunities to be heroes will still happen. Let's just make sure dogecoin will be heavily used this time, then we shall be able to stamp dogecoin's name all over the internet.
4-We need to tip whether the value of doge keeps going up or down. Over the past few days people seem to have halted tipping using dogetipbot because of the value of dogecoin going up. THAT'S A MISTAKE. Remember that tipping is what brought us to this point and it's what shall take us to the Moon. If the rise in dogecoin's value is causing you to halt tipping, then buy/mine as much dogecoins as you can so that you can comfortably tip without losing many doges. Just don't stop tipping.
5-We need to always remember the true impact of tipping. When you tip, you are educating the world about dogecoins. You are making people feel appreciated, just like many of us shout WOW when we are dogetipped. That person will also learn to appreciate others by tipping.
This means that they will buy dogecoin which will increase it's value. As the saying goes, it is blessed to give than to receive. We gave the Jamaican Bobsled Team $30,000, and the value of dogecoin more than doubled.
6-We need to make Vehicles that enable tipping and we need to fuel them. Dogetipbot has been an effective tool for tipping on Reddit. However, many folks are not on reddit. 'Tip with dogecoin' is the next Facebook 'like', or the next Twitter's 'tweet' or the next reddit's 'upvote'.
Over the next coming months many developers will make applications that enable tipping using dogecoin on other places on the internet. I know someone will make an Android app that will enable us to tip others instantly from the phone.We need to fuel them by using their apps and informing others about them. If we don't, other developers will be discouraged from building on dogecoin.
By the way, my friends and I are building a Rocket to the Moon. We've started developing a blogging platform code-named PlatformX (not actual name) -homepage screenshot- where people with creative minds like writers, photographers, artists, curators and other bloggers can showcase some content for free while hiding other content. It will be simple to use, but the underlying software is sophisticated.
You can enjoy their work for free, and if you like it, you can tip to unlock and view more awesome work. We shall reveal the actual name of PlatformX and announce it here when we launch. However we'll need Beta testers when our site is up and running, if you're interested please send an email titled Notify Me When You Launch to [email protected].
7-We need to punish those behind scams. Someone opened a twitter account pretending to be the Jamaican Bobsled Team, asking for donations. Make no mistake. Bad people out there will try to exploit our wonderful act of tipping.
These people need to be exposed and embarrassed.The best way to deal with scams is to educate every newbie what to watch out for. The burden of proofing a tipping cause is authentic lies on those who organise crowd-tipping events.
At platformX, we anticipate some people shall create hoaxes by tricking others to tip unlock when they have no content or wrong content locked. We have a plan in place to stop and embarrass these offenders, just wait and see.
8-Finally, once dogecoin gains widespread popularity, bigger players like Coinbase and CoinMK will start allowing us to buy doges using dollars instead of BTC. This will make it easier to purchase dogecoin, and it will drive the value up.
So, fellow shibes, we have a job to do. We have making tipping a cool thing, a daily occurrence, a cultural activity, a trend. We need to make dogecoin the most popular medium for donating and dealing with micro-transactions in the internet.
I suggest that the guys who organised the Jamaican Bobsled Team doge-fund should lead the way. They should make a website where after determining unique projects they could post them and we could fund, but not many less we lose focus.
Many projects at a go divide the total amount of donations. One cool project at a time is enough - unless an emergency (like a sharknado in New York) occurs which could then be added to the current project. This way we could fund one project in huge sums, and this will help us get more attention in the media.
As I post this, we are approaching 40,000 shibes. Think about what will happen if we make dogecoin the main medium for donating projects? Imagine what the value of dogecoin shall be when we reach 10-100 million shibes funding many projects that amount to billions? A cultural phenomenon! TO THE MOOOOOOON everyone.
If this makes it to the front page of dogecoin subreddit, WOOOOW.
Edit:I had misspelled [email protected], sorry for the inconvenience
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Free crypto currency Energi airdrop worth $200

Hello everyone here is another crypto currency airdrop for Energi easy $200 dollars in crypto currency you can decide to hold onto it and let it build in value or sell it for USD using coinbase you can link a payal account once you sell the crypto you can transfer the USD to your paypal. 7 years ago if you had bought just $5 in bitcoin today it would be worth 4.4 million dollars these new crypto currency's have the possibility to do the same....
check out the Energi airdrop here
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The $22,484.00 Butterfly Labs Mini Rig bitcoin miner is a huge, broken, unstable piece of shit.

(This was a rather controversial article posted on and became quite popular, even moving to the top of /bitcoin. It's since been mysteriously edited on the site [maybe by g-g-g-ghosts!] so it's being reposted here for posterity's sake. Some numbers may be off by now, but it was all accurate at the time of posting.)
Butterfly Labs has a long and horrible history with their mining rigs. They started taking pre-orders over a year ago, with a ship time sometime in late July. After numerous delays in production, shipping problems and general incompetence, the only thing they’ve managed to get out the door are some of their tiniest miners, the Jalapenos. And those mainly ended up in the hands of reviewers and blogs in order to keep pumping the Butterfly Labs hype train and securing millions of dollars of pre-orders still in limbo.Lucky BFL forums user Luke-JR however scored a sweet Mini Rig from Butterfly Labs (it’s just a coincidence he’s a driver developer for them I’m sure). This rig was originally promised to produce 1500 GH/s hashing power at 1500 watts for $30,000, but has since seen it’s hashing power slashed to a third of what was promised and it’s power consumption increased 75%, now just offer 500 GH/s at 2400 watts. They’ve promised to make good on pre-order buy sending out 3 rigs to match the initial hashing rate, so now it’s only 1500 GH/s at 6900 watts, a reduction in GH/Watt by a factor of 5.
So what does $22,484 buy you? Take a look!
Minirig is here! Today, my Minirig arrived.
FedEx apparently dropped it somewhere along the way, and the weakest part of the case, the thin metal part around the back of the PSU, broke.
I’m not sure how sturdy the back side was supposed to be, but its two pieces aren’t quite together either.
The power supplies (EVGA 1500W) also created havoc interfering with the neutral on the power line. This disrupted X10 communication significantly enough that the pool overflowed because the system controlling it was unable to turn off the pump. Workaround: This PSU supports 240V, so we rewired the outlet. 240V does not use neutral, so now all should be okay.
Edit: 240V workaround is only partial. Still having problems
But the good news is, it all seems to be working for the most part.
Next up, installing it in the window so the heat goes outside
A twenty two thousand dollar box of electronics that is broken out of the box, that required the guy to do a sketchy electrical workaround to get partially working, that he is going to install in a window… and he’s happy about it?
In case you didn’t notice it, the delivered unit is different than the picture on the website. They had to install 2 power supplies instead of 1 and had to modify the case to fit. Also, if you didn’t notice, the LCD/Phone thingy in the front has been replaced by … a piece of cardboard spray painted black. Wonderful.
You could maybe chalk this up to a careless Fedex postman, but when you’re shipping something that costs as much as a mid-sized sedan, how bought putting a little more effort into packing? Dell and HP can ship bigger and heavier servers across the world without this kind of problem.
The unit had to hit its huge power draw increase by putting dual EVGA consumer grade power supplies in the unit. We’re talking almost a 75 amp load (6*1500/120), disregarding power factor. He could very well overload the circuit panel and trip the main breaker for the house.
Let’s take a look inside this guy.
This is from an earlier version of the Minirig (note the single power supply) This is apparently from an earlier FPGA but it will give you a good glimpse at what kind of craftsmanship you can expect from a computer that is half the average household income in the United States.
Consumer grade PSU and cheap USB hubs glued to the inside case.
Electrical tape and random velcro glued to the insides
A closer look at the USB hubs. Plugs are hot glued to stay secured.
Electrical tape everywhere, splices and voided hardware are the theme.
You can view the entire album here.
Despite all that, this thing can still mine bitcoins and it should be profitable. Keep in ind that many people jumped in on the preorders a year ago when bitcoins were still hovering around $6.50 per. Meaning customers paid 1562 bitcoins for that particular piece of shit, which at today’s value is $156,200. Aston martin money. How long will it take them to make their money back (as apposed to just hanging on to them)? If the difficulty didn’t change, they would make 37 bitcoins a day and recoup the initial investment in 124 days. Difficulty is jumping pretty much 20% every 12 days or so, so in the next week before adjustment, they’ll make 259, the next 12 days 369, the next 12 days 312, then 256, then 213, etc.
So by day 127, they’ll be halfway to breaking even, but by day 151 they’ll be making less than 5 bitcoins a day, and even if difficulty stopped rising at that point(which it won’t), it would take another 435 days for a total of 586 days to break even. If difficulty kept rising at the same pace, by day 200 they’d be making 2.4 bitcoins per day, and it would take 1024 days to break even with no difficulty increase. Assuming 25 cents per kw/h, and $100 a bitcoin, it would cost 0.43 of a bitcoin per day in electricity which means the unit would no longer be profitable on a power usage basis by day 307, at which point it will have produced 2620 bitcoins.
Bear in mind this is only for the first few units, and that’s running 24/7 pumping out around 24,000 BTU, so yes, medical bills from heat stroke will be on top of that.
But Alas, the chips don’t run nearly as well as they’re supposed to, frequently running too hot and giving multiple hardware failures. Coindesk noted in one of the first ever runs of the Minirig by hosting provide gigavps that it was running much too hot and erroring out.
At the time of posting, gigavps warned that the unit would be repeatedly shut down while ckolivas, who was assisting, modified the machine’s software to optimise performance. After some tweaking, the device was said to have been left to run continuously for two hours, and was shown to have an average hash rate of 478.1 GH/s. As you can see in the table below, ASIC number four (of a total of eight hashing chips) ran significantly hotter (86 degrees) and consequently gave the highest hardware (HW) error rate.
So, what happens if you just decide you don’t want this, you don’t want to wait over a year to get a $22,000 broken piece of shit? Nothing, because BFL won’t let you cancel your preorder because they’re now “shipping”, i.e. they sent out one unit to their own company shill.
Which is of course illegal regardless of what Butterfly Labs may say.
So in summary: Don’t buy anything from Butterfly Labs … ever.
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Why I still believe in Monkey Capital even if you don't.

Hey guys,
First off, sorry for the long post. I think something as intricate and complex as this deserves some space. If you want to discuss this, please make sure you read the whole thing.
Secondly, I am writing this as an individual who has invested in Monkey Capital. I have not been asked to write this, nor does anyone involved in Monkey Capital know that I am writing it.
My name is Mathias and I am currently doing a PhD in next generation solar cell technologies. I work in quite a prominent field within solar cell research, and I have recently been offered to continue my work as a postdoc at Oxford University.
PhDs do not pay much in Australia, clocking in at about 2/3 of the minimum wage if you work 40 hours per week. Many of us put in more hours than that, which brings our average hourly salary even lower. Unfortunately, the salary for a postdoc at Oxford is just above that of a primary school teacher, and after almost ten years of studying, I am quite tired of being poor and having to consider whether I can afford medium luxuries such as an organic diet and craft beer.
Because of the pretty average PhD salary (they call it a living costs stipend in order to get away with it), I have been selling my weekends working at a bar for the past three years now, having about 2-4 days off a month, working an average of 60 or so hours a week. With all this effort, I had managed to save up a few thousand Australian dollars, and, reading about Ethereum, I decided to speculate in it. I opened a Coinbase account, transferred thousands of my saved up dollars, and I fortunately managed to double my money on Ether's rise.
Somehow, I came across Monkey Capital, and without fully understanding the white paper or knowing much about hedge funds and finance, I figured it would be an interesting place to put some of the money I had made on Ether. I waited patiently, watching the clock count down on the homepage, and one day a chart of Coeval vs. Bitcoin appeared. I immediately joined the Slack and learned that people had been trading Coeval for days, at massive gains! I quickly bought some with some Bitcoin I had on Coinbase, at 0.25 BTC, and saw the price skyrocket. I sold the rest of my Ether and bought more Coeval at around 0.375 BTC, and within two days my Coeval was worth $2,000 more than what I had bought them for.
I remember thinking that that amount alone would take care of most of my money problems until I finished my PhD, and that I could maybe even quit my bar job and spend my weekends on more meaningful work, or maybe just on being a normal human being, who didn’t have to sell his time off to make a living. One of my close friends was having problems with one of her housemate trying to screw the others over for thousands of dollars of rent, and I told her that I would now be able to cover that for her without problems if it did come to that.
Then, all of the sudden, things started coming apart. The price of Coeval started dropping. I put it off as a correction, and it did go back up a tiny bit, but it kept going down more than it went up. Out of nowhere, 20 million Monkey tokens appeared on the market, and nobody knew what was going on. The first round of dividends, to be paid out in September, would only be paid to that newly release MNY, and not the one that we would get for our COE. Furthermore, the released MNY was “pregnant” with more tokens, and the ones we’d get from the COE were not. People roared and complained about scams and cheating and not enough communication from the management. Then, around another 180 million MNY appeared over the course of a few days. The people buying the original 20 million were, rightfully, worried about their dividends, the price of both MNY and COE kept plummeting, and the terms of everything seemed fluid, seemingly changing daily or hourly.
This obviously brought a lot of anger from people spending over $1,000 on a COE token that now seemed to be worthless, considering you could get tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of MNY for a single COE. The Slack channel was flooded by accusations and profanities, and the Monkey management started kicking people out in what felt a bit like a purge of opposing opinions. This obviously only led to more anger outside of Slack, on Steemit and Reddit, and with no dedicated communications team, many of the accusations went without being addressed properly.
On top of this, problems with the Waves exchange of some kind meant that people were losing coins, and bots were able to use the spread in buy and sell price to suppress the small amount of growth the COE/MNY coins would have been able to enjoy, and the price just kept on falling and falling.
As of today, I have turned about $20,000 into just under $1,500. That’s American, not Australian dollars. I’ve worked so many long and hard shifts to save up the money to buy Ether with. I’ve spent so many hours stressing over whether to sell or hold when Ether went up, and even more as it crashed, taking a lot of my plans and dreams with it. And now the value of my coins has plummeted to less than 10 %. And will probably keep dropping for days or weeks to come.
So why aren’t I joining the army of angry people yelling scam and fraud, reporting Daniel and the Monkey team to the authorities? The answer is that I still believe in the project, and I am convinced that Monkey Capital is not a scam.
‘Why do you believe that this is not a scam after all of this? You’ve lost so much money on this!’ you might ask. Well, first of all and most compellingly, if this really were a scam, the Monkey team would have been long gone. The first batch of Coeval was released and bought up, then traded and re-traded. Since the price started dropping, very little new money would have entered the system. Most MNY was bought with Coeval, with a small amount bought with Bitcoin. Adding another token ahead of the announced release would not add more value to scammers, since they would have known that they would mostly be traded with the Coeval people already had.
Instead of running away with the takings, Daniel and the rest of the team have seemingly been hard at work setting up deals and getting funding to the point that no ICO apparently is necessary. Admittedly, the details of the deals have not been released, but it has gotten to the point that a guy flew from the US to Bangkok to meet with the team to discuss setting up call centres related to Monkey Capital. You could say that it is a scam with the aim of attracting more people to buy more coins so that they can use that capital to buy companies and make more money, but that’s pretty much exactly what the white paper stipulates. It only becomes a scam if no dividends are paid.
Secondly, you may say what you want about Daniel, but he has character. I have seen him vehemently defend the project as if it were his own child, while at the same time advising people against investing everything they have in it. He has always advocated spreading out risk to everyone who asked him. He has even offered and given personal loans to people who took out bank loans to invest, so they wouldn’t get themselves into uncontrolled institutional debt. I’ve seen him offer to lend people money to buy Coeval, only to ask them to pay it back when the price reached 4 BTC. He is constantly communicating with people on the Slack channel, even when people tell him to go to sleep and rest up for the benefit of everyone. To me, he seems like a genius who has a grand plan in his head and is charging ahead with it, and the rest of us are always trying to keep up with his thinking. Clearly, he should be focusing on running the business and communicate the grand ideas, while having someone in charge of the day-to-day communication, and I believe someone has recently been hired to act in just that role.
Clearly, if this were a scam, he would be spending most of his effort convincing people to put in more and more money before an ICO, then run a full on scam-oriented ICO with lots of promises, only to disappear. The cancelled ICO is a huge bit of evidence that extracting as much money from any fool stupid enough to invest is definitely not the idea behind this business.
The storyline for this ICO, if you want to call it that, has been far from perfect. Clearly, big mistakes have been made, especially in communicating drastic changes along the way, and that has led to people being scared and weary of the future of the project. I am sure that most people reading this will have a story similar to mine, hoping for a way out of wage slavery the daily grind offers, and just enjoy a bit more financial freedom. All this uncertainty leads to fear and doubt. Despite the uncertainty, though, the core values and overall idea behind Monkey Capital have not changed. Raising funds to invest in physical companies and pay dividends to the coin holders is still the goal. This has never been done before in the cryptosphere, and problems will always be abundant when new roads are paved in uncharted territory. That being said, I believe that the right course is set and the team running this is capable of pulling it off. It will take time, probably more time than what we are used to in the world of crypto, but that is the nature of setting up something of this magnitude.
If you are convinced that this is a scam, so be it. Everyone who believes that it is has already left, so you are not protecting anyone from spreading negative opinions about it. New investors will see what has happened and make an informed decision based on facts and performance, and presenting scare scenarios does not add to informed decisions. In my opinion, there is plenty of circumstantial evidence to show that this is very, very far from a scam, but you are very entitled to believe otherwise. Just please don’t try to screw things up even more for those of us who are still in this. If your goal is revenge on Daniel, you won’t get it. He will be fine if this tanks. I, however, will not be. You are not working against Daniel or Monkey Capital, you are working against me. So please let me have a chance at my dreams, and stop trying your hardest to make Monkey Capital look bad, regardless of the nobleness of your reasons.
Do I regret investing in Monkey Capital? My only regret is not waiting a few weeks, to be able to buy everything at dirt cheap prices now and ride that Monkey rocket to the Moon of Financial Freedom!
I am happy to discuss my experiences with anyone who wants, feel free to contact me or write comments on here. Please keep profanities to a minimum, I’m not here to throw shit, and please double-check your spelling and grammar, though. We are all adults trying to get ahead here, and it is so much harder to take you seriously if you can’t properly construct a sentence or spell basic words.
I wish you all the best,
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**DigiByte giveaway for our Doge friends**

. [ GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED ] . Become part of the fantastic DigiByte community today and the team at DigiByte Store will reward you with your first 50 DigiBytes for free to start you off. Keep reading to find out how. . About DigiByte . DigiByte is a professional & transparent decentralized cryptocurrency that has been designed to address several of the weaknesses of Bitcoin & Litecoin. It is a secure world-wide decentralized payment network, inspired by Bitcoin but with many enhancements and extra features. You send & receive DigiBytes much like PayPal & Western Union transfer money but with vast improvements, including lightning fast transactions with minimal or no fees. . We are now seeing the death of the common home based Bitcoin miner, and the emergence of large ASIC mining companies. The development team felt this centralization of hash power goes against the main principles upon which Bitcoin was created. Given this reason and others they have decided to use Scrypt with DigiByte and implement the innovative DigiShield which is quickly being adopted by other coins such as Dogecoin to protect against multi-pool attacks. . Why use DigiByte? . 1) Speed: DigiByte is blazing fast! Much faster than Bitcoin & Litecoin, and fast enough to buy coffee from a merchant in just a few seconds with the press of a button on a smart phone! . 2) Transactional Currency: With 21 billion coins, DigiByte will primarily become a worldwide currency traded for goods & services, and not a volatile speculative commodity like Bitcoin. DigiByte has a natural ratio of 1BTC:1000DGB to Bitcoin. This means that if Bitcoin is worth $1,000 DigiByte should be worth $1 -$10; a perfect price for buying goods & services. No one likes to look in their wallet and see that they have 0.001 coins; 1,000 DigiBytes are much more appealing. . 3) Community: DigiByte was planned and designed for over a month before launch. Since then, the community around DigiByte has continued to grow and contribute to its success. . 4) Fair Launch: DigiByte was announced more than 3 days ahead of time. It was delivered at the exact minute advertised with a countdown timer for a fair launch. Over a half million dollars in hardware were thrown at the network in the first few minutes alone. . 5) Transparency: The pre-mine of DigiByte is publicly posted and is used to further the long-term success of DigiByte. . 6) DigiByte Name: You store data in megabytes & gigabytes. Why not store money in DigiBytes? . Pre-Mine Details: . 52.5 million DGB for giveaways over first two months to encourage adoption of DGB. Giveaway address will be publicly posted on website with a public record of all transactions. . 52.5 million DGB for development expenses to further DigiByte and help it become a mainstream currency. Development account address will be publicly posted on website with a public record of all transactions and their purpose. . Our goal is to be transparent and accountable with the 0.5% pre-mine to ensure a bright future for DigiByte. (Pre-mine is now effectively only 0.2%) . Pre-Mine Accounts: . Giveaway Account: Address available on Initial Balance: 52,500,000.00 DGB Current Balance: 00.00 DGB . Development Account: Address available on Initial Balance: 52,596,000.00 DGB Current Balance: 45,000,000.00 DGB . About the DigiByte Store . The DigiByte Store was set up primarily to make DigiBytes easily accessible to as many people as possible around the world, by allowing people to purchase their desired amount of DigiBytes in their preferred currency, securely by using a PayPal account. The purchased amount of DigiBytes will then be sent to the chosen wallet address supplied. This service makes it easy and safe for anyone that is new to cryptocurrency to get their hands on their first few coins. It also provides a more convenient option to experienced users as they no longer have to deal with the hassle of purchasing through exchanges. . The giveaway! . For you to get your hands on your first 50 DigiBytes free of charge you need to follow the few simple steps below: . 1) Download a wallet to put you DigiBytes in either from or Wallet download links are available on the homepages of both sites. Choose the correct download for the platform you are using e.g. Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Android (For smartphones and tablets etc.) . 2) Once you have downloaded a wallet you need to open it to let it synchronize with the blockchain. This will happen automatically when you open your wallet and may take a bit of time the first time you open it. . 3) Copy your wallet address from your wallet by clicking on the ‘Receive coins’ button, highlight your wallet address by clicking once on the wallet address below and then click the ‘Copy Address’ button at the bottom of the page. The address will look like a long string of letters and numbers. . 4) Paste your wallet address into an email and send it to [email protected] to get your 50 DigiBytes sent to your wallet. . If you have any problems please contact [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you further. . To get your hands on more DigiBytes why not visit the DigiByte Store to top up your wallets. . Why not subscribe to the DigiByte subreddit ( to stay up to date with the exciting new things that are happening. . Thank you for your support Doge friends! . The DigiByte Store Team
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Merchants list Vertcoin (updated with new members).

The descriptions are different in length and content dependant on the information your website offers. First purpose is to keep the descriptions short. Many websites delivered an own description which I partly quoted. If there is a need to change please let me know.
You'll find this list of merchants already accepting Vertcoin on Vertcoin homepage. In these shops you can pay with Vertcoin and maby with other cryptocurrencies. If you like to get added let me know and make sure that Vertcoin acceptance is apparent in your shop.

Debit Card

Uquid Prepaid Debit Card "enables businesses to streamline commission, business, incentives, travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Cyroline is on "the tireless hunt for the special in the fashion world, the perfect fusion of individual styles, quality and sustainability." In physical stores you can pay with Vertcoin in Germany: Lübeck, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart.
Zazzle is a "marketplace, you'll find customizable products, art and create-your-own products just waiting for you. We're PhD's, professional artists, manufacturing gurus, patent holders, inventors, musicians, and more. Everything we do is an expression of love." As a nice special Z provides Vertcoin shirts.


PexPeppers is specialized in "finest chili sauces, jellies, salts, seeds & more." Based in Pueblo, Colorado, USA PexPeppers is selling all over the world.


Vertcoingames: "Play Roulette, Dice, Blackjack and Video Poker using Vertcoin. Great games with fair, casino level payouts."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Coincards provides Giftcards and was created in July of 2014.
Crypto De Change provides Gift Cards and Silver Buillons since July 2013.
Giftoff is a "digital gift card retailer with the largest range on offer in Europe. Since 2014 we’ve been enabling digital currency users to shop with major retailers like, Steam and Marks & Spencer. We stock over 70 gift cards and accept over 40 digital currencies as well as UK credit and debit cards."


* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
  • FastTech, Hong Kong & Guangdong, China
"FastTech is the techno-centric destination for all your geeky needs and more. FastTech is committed to become the most loved and trusted electronics marketplace by offering superior shopping experience, timely shipping, and stellar customer service."
KPV provides Vaporizers, "electronic devices that help you vaporize your material into vapor for cleaner inhalation. People looking to quit smoking cigarettes are the main reason behind vapes."
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"We are a tech-driven online retailer located near Salt Lake City in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Since our beginnings in 1999. Overstock has evolved from a fledging startup to a billion-dollar online retailer as a result of a hard-working and creative team."
RB gives "independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, we connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans." RB provides a huge sortiment of designed products like bags, wall art, home decor, apparel, stationary & more.

IT support

GeekBox "offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to basic computer setup, repair, virus removal, server setup, network setup, consulting, purchasing, cloud computing advice, gaming system and electronic repair." As a nice special GeekBox IT provides a Vertcoin T-shirt.


Crypto Affect provides "Clothing for the hodler", crypto related fashion.
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
C&P provides crypto related fashion and is "shipping worldwide with live rates and tracking."
Crypto Compound provides "crypto-themed items" like fashion, mugs & more.
* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"Cryptobird is a partnership to start a full crypto based webshop with high quality fashion to contribute to a wider cryptocurrency adoption around the globe."
Cryptoble provides "apparel and more". Here are crypto related shirts & mugs.
Hodler Tees is a cryptocurrency centered t-shirt company based in Frisco Texas! (USA) We sell all things crypto related from hats to t-shirts and even posters!
"At Nakamoto Clothing, we're passionate about designing and curating a selection of apparel to help grow this movement of change. And we're electrified AF!", international shipping.
WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library. It was founded by its publisher Julian Assange in 2006. The shop provides shirts, posters and asseccoires.
Spreadshirt provides shirts and more. Based in Greensburg, USA, the owner comes from the Netherlands.
Teepublic provides apparel, home goods, shirts, stickers, mugs & more.
Shillshop provides stickers in outdoor quality and is "based in The Netherlands, all the products we sell are also produced in The Netherlands to make sure you'll receive the highest quality!"
VTCmarket is founded by the Dunn twins Raf & Tom: "We’ve started off with T-shirts and are working on expanding with other products and merchants"

Multimedia services

RDS is Central Virginia’s drone service specialists. From preparation to content delivery, we perform all work to perfection. We can act as both an aerial film consultant or as the remote pilot in charge on your next projects.

Printing, Graphic, Web Design

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
"Catdi is a commercial printing company with additional specialization in web design. Offering cost-effective commercial printing, direct mail, graphic design and web solutions to small businesses. Proudly Serving Houston and surrounding communities for over 10 years."

Professional Law Services

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Bitcoin Tax is "calculating capital gains/losses for any crypto-currency. Do you know the cost-basis of every coin you own? Are you tracking the profits and new basis when you spend or sell? Can you work out the best way to identify your trades to optimize your taxes? Let us do it for you."
Burrell Law "Our New York City-based attorneys provide a broad range of transactional legal services" Every large business was once a small business. We are here to help you find a solution for your legal needs.
The Crypto Lawyers - "we are a team of U.S. qualified lawyers dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and organizations navigate the legal intricacies of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We commit ourselves to strategically and aggressively represent our clients in their transactional and litigation matters."

Video Games

Cavemen Studios is a developer of video games. "Having over a century of combined experience on how video games tick, we've finally decided it's time to start creating our own products."
"Keys4Coins is one of the first pc game stores who only accept cryptocurrency as payment. Our store is simple to use and you can shop anonymously. Only an e-mail is required so you can receive the license."
"Our aim is to provide the fastest, easiest place to buy Xbox Live Gold subscriptions with cryptocurrencies"

Wallet & miscellaneous

Jzzsxm's Online Store provides a 1.5" diameter metal Vertcoin Medallion. Each medallion costs 2 VTC and comes with a metalized label containing a wallet address QR code of your choice affixed to the back.
LaserLightning provides one etched wooden Vertcoin with the Vertcoin logo burned into one side, and your custom QR code on the back. These coins are approx 1.5 inches in diameter.
Designed Vertcoin public and private wallets that can be used as paper wallets or given as gifts.

(NSFW) Adult shop

* NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * NEW * 
Toys4Sex is Australia's Online Adult store retailer intended for men and women. Toys4Sex comes with a specially selected range of products that has made its mark within the Australian adult market place.
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One Million Dollar Bitcoin By Year 2020 #Bitcoin Unstoppable Cryptocurrency I PREDICT $1,000,000 BITCOIN! This is my theory for ... BITCOIN TO $23,000 IN 2020? YES!!! 500 MILLION DOLLAR ... Bitcoin Investors Expect Supply Shock in 2020, StillMark's ... Bitcoin At $1 Million By 2020 Is Still Possible And Might ...

Bitcoin News is the world's premier 24/7 news feed covering everything bitcoin-related, including world economy, exchange rates and money politics. Bitcoin News; The Million Dollar Homepage Reborn as an Ethereum Smart Contract and DApp. October 5, 2017. 596. Share. Facebook. Twitter. ReddIt. Telegram. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Advertisment. Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? It was an interesting, if not novel concept. But it has since inspired many copycats and imitators. And now we see that its legacy lives on in, of all places, the ... YouTube\Real Vision. The price of bitcoin could hit $1 million in five years, up from about $11,000 now, thanks to an "enormous wall of money," a former Goldman Sachs hedge-fund chief said in a ..., the self-proclaimed “Million Dollar Homepage” for bitcoin, is now offering “unique advantages” for advertisers that purchase pixels for life on their advertising homepage.. Disclaimer: This article was provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz. Bitcoinist is not affiliated with the firms represented by Bitcoin PR Buzz and is not responsible for their products and/or services. The "Million Dollar Homepage" for Bitcoin Offers Unique Rewards for Advertisers and Visitors New "Million Dollar Homepage" for Bitcoin, offers many ...

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One Million Dollar Bitcoin By Year 2020 #Bitcoin Unstoppable Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin News ARE MILLION DOLLAR BITCOINS IN OUR NEAR-FUTURE? RAOUL PAL THINKS THE BITCOIN PRICE WILL BE $100,000 OR EVEN $1,000,... Jun.13 -- Alyse Killeen, StillMark Co. founding partner, discusses the landscape for cryptocurrencies with Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal, Caroline Hyde and Tayl... Today in crypto! Bitcoin going to $23,000 according to new report, Ethereum struggles as another defi platform collapses! 💥 DEBIT CARD - $50 FREE https://... In this episode of Crypto clout we discuss cryptocurrency and the recent news we have been seeing where people have been saying everything from Bitcoin $1,000,000 or Betting on The one Hundred ... A look on the bullish side of Bitcoin and despite a turbulent 2018 why we might see an incredible future for BTC. The excitement is building around Bitcoin a...